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Senator Barack Obama Ties Senator Clinton In Polls - Chicago Sun Times Not Happy

Senator Barack Obama's now tied with Senator Hillary Clinton in the latest USA Today / Gallup Poll. But that's not something the Chicago Sun Times wants you to know. They immediately came out with an article that tries to douse water on this news, by saying that all other polls show him behind her.

The trouble is those polls are old. The Sun Times reporter who wrote this, Scott Fornek, was either trying to help in some small way to cause Barack to lose the race, or he was just plain being sloppy. Whatver the case, I wrote this letter:

Hi Scott,

I read your article on Senator Obama's tie in the polls with Senator
Clinton. I'm writing because I'm plain sick and tired of how the
media -- including you -- distorts any positive news about Senator
Obama because it seems you don't want someone black and male in the
White House.

Look, the USA Today poll was just released; why compare it with older
polls which show him behind, but you report it as if these polls were
out on the same date. They were not. The point you should make is to
show how Senator Obama's campaign is picking up steam, because that's
what your own information shows.

Please stop trying to manipulate a message and just report the news.


Zennie Abraham, Jr.
Chairman and CEO
Sports Business Simulations

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