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Richard Cabrera: Who Is Prof Cabrera And Why Can't One Find Info On Him?

 UPDATE: Chevron attacks Cabrera's Voodoo Economics

Richard Cabrera is a supposed geologist and environmental expert based in Ecuador, and who's large damage estimates have played a major role in the case of Ecuador v. Chevron.  His first estimate of Chevron's alledged environmental damage was $16 billion, but he's increased that to $27 billion to take into account Ecuadorians who may have been striken with cancer.

And here's the problem.  No one knows where he got the new damage estimate from!  What was the multiplier?  Why?  But I have another really basic question: who is this guy?  I can't find anything in the way of a resume or a website listing from whatever university Prof Cabrera represents.  In the 21st Century, how the hell can someone claim to be "a World-class expert" if no one can find them online around the World?

A search for "Richard Cabrera, geologist "yields nothing not connected with the Chevron case yet carrying his name.  If the Chevron case isn't his first rodeo, then how can we be sure?   Just because a court appointed him in Ecuador?  He's supposed to be a World-known expert.

Cabrera's resume is something that must be investigated considering the gravity of the case he's involved in.

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