Tiger Woods update: wife changes story; Rachel Uchitel pics hot

In this Tiger Woods update from TMZ.com and other sources, Tiger Woods wife has a new story and there was no blood found on the steering wheel of his SUV, as it was first reported. Meanwhile alleged Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel pics have become the hot search online.

TMZ's update reports that their unnamed law enforcement sources explained Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren has told two different stories to two sets of police officials, the Windemere Police Department, and the Florida Highway Patrol.

The Windemere Police Department where the couple lives in Florida, got the first story where Elin Nordegren claimed to have smashed in a window of his 2009 Cadillac SUV with a golf club then pulled Woods out to safety. But the story she told to the Florida Highway Patrol is reportedly dramatically different and does not involve going back into the house to get a golf club and rescue him from the Cadillac. However what the new story is, is not known as of this writing.

Why the different stories? Well what's going on is all of the explanations reported by mainstream media have come from one source: Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren. By contrast, the stories pointing to Elin Nordegren have come from different but indirect sources, like a law enforcement official who talked to (in one case) Woods himself.

I talked to my uncle about this, as he's a retired police officer. He told me that on Friday he could immediately tell that the Windemere Police officers that appeared on CNN knew more than they let on. Now it seems Elin Nordegren's shifting stories may cause what we already know to be officially revealed by police officers if not today then by Monday.

The sad possibility seems to be that maybe, perhaps,  Elin Nordegren is concerned about a domestic violence charge and has altered her story because of that chance of such a charge.  There's also the 911 call: who made it has not been explained as of this writing and the tapes from it not revealed.  Moreover, TMZ.com reports that police tried to visit to ask questions today, but were turned away by Elin Nordegren, who then drove away from the house, as this AP photo shows:

And regarding stories, there's no new report, tweet, or content on what Rachel Uchitel has to say about this. But it's clear that her many photos - some of her in a two-piece bikini - are hotly searched for online today. I'll stick with the photo I presented earlier for now:

Flip statements aside, this whole episode threatens to expose the real lifestyle of Tiger Woods beyond the carefully crafted image we have of him. Even if he wasn't carrying on an affair with Rachel Uchitel, it's clear he knows some of the best nightclub managers and executives in the business. What he does with them when he's not doing anything related to golf is the big question. He's already stated he's away from home and Elin Nordegren and their two kids for long stretches of time. Now what he does during that time may be presented for public consumption.
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