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Glenn Beck attacks Scott Brown over "daughters available" remark

The assumed love fest between Massachusetts Senator-Elect Scott Brown and Republican Conservative Wingnuts is over. On his radio show Wednesday, Glenn Beck attacked Senator-Elect Scott Brown for mentioning that his daughters Arianna and Ayla were available during Brown's acceptance speech Tuesday night. Here's the video from Glenn Beck's show:

Here's Scott Brown's "my daughters are available" blast, including his basketball challenge to President Obama:

Glenn Beck said "I don't understand the thinking of Scott Brown last night with his two daughters, when he said this: (Plays clip) 'And just in case anybody's watching throughout the country, yes, they're both available." Then Beck said "Speaking of his daughters here. Hey. Hey. Stop. Stop. Stop. Okay. Alright. Bad enough. Bad enough. Hey! My two daughters on a meat market. If this isn't the shoomp and spears coming out of the cave where a guy - I would never have done this. You could see a stupid guy saying something like that, and then goin 'Aw geez. What did I just do'? (Off camera guy) "As a dad, you go the opposite way." (Glenn Beck) "Stop looking at my daughters. Ok. They're standing behind him. He says this. Now you know immediately, my wife would have pieces of my body in a drawer this morning, just on this. My daughters would never have spoken to me ever again, had I said (that). 'Dad! National television! What are you doing?'" (Off camera voice) "Do you know how many psychos there are out there?" (Glenn Beck) "Awww my goosshhh. Alright. Collection of my parts in drawers, scattered throughout my house.

"But he didn't stop there," Beck continued. (Plays clip of Scott Brown talking) "'Only kidding. Only kidding. Arianna definitely is not available. Ayla is.' (Glenn Beck) "And did you see my naked in Cosmo? Listen. I want a chastity belt on this man. I want his every most watched in Washington. I don't trust this guy. I'm just tellin' ya. This one could end with a dead intern."

Glenn Beck is referring to the murder of Chandra Levy, the Washington intern that was sexually abused and murdered while jogging. Levy was intern to U.S. Rep. Gary Condit of California, then later had an affair with Condit. Since Condit was closely and romantically linked to Levy, the story wrecked his political career. A suspect, Ingmar Guandique, was indicted and arraigned in 2009; he pled not guilty.

Since Scott Brown's speech, The Times Online reports that his daughter Ayla has been "inundated with messages from men". On her reaction to her father's quip, Ayla said "My jaw dropped. I was like, that definitely wasn't in the script. I definitely had a talk with my Dad." The New York Post reported that Ayla said "I had about 20 people last night say, 'So, I'd like to take you for a coffee or a drink.' "

Looks like Glenn Beck was right.

Stay tuned.

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