Bionic Woman - Just Saw It; Michelle Ryan's Intense

I just found and watched NBC's new program Bionic Woman on Comcast ondemand. First, it's good actually great and intense. It has a lot of characters that are well intervoven. The trouble is that it moves too fast -- so fast that scenes that need more time to unfold to have real meaning last in seconds.

The version I saw is without commercials, so I thought maybe I was "fooled" by a shorter version. But then I thought of the Star Trek episode "Balance of Terror" and it seemed longer than the Bionic Woman even though they're both about 35 minutes of screen time.

The "problem" is the Bionic Woman's so rich with story, scenes, people, and tech that you want to taste a scene, only each one's too small a bite to enjoy. That's a problem the writers and Dave Eick, it's producer, have to work on. It's a nice problem to have.

Overall, I did enjoy Bionic Woman. It's not anythng like the Bionic Woman I remember as a kid. This is much darker and has subplots that you beg to be unraveled right then. For example, who's the Russian guy who seems to be Katie Sackhoff / Sarah Corvus's love interest and likes to sew his arm with string? (An apparent signal that this is some kind of bionic man?)

The special effects are a seemless part of the story -- no sound effects. The fight scene between Jamie Sommers and Sarah Corvus is very well done and includes one really cool and real-looking action scene where Jamie throws Sarah like she's a sack of trash.

What about Jamie's bartender life? How can she handle it and work for the organization that re-built her? And how can she make love to her boyfriend Will without harming him? That he was on top was a start -- it's where I'd like to be -- but the whole orgasm matter was skipped over. Ah, details.

I look forward to the Bionic Woman, but it's days could be numbered if the matter of this rapid pacing isn't adressed right away. But they've already got the episodes in the system, so we'll just have to wait.

I can't wait.
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