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Michelle Wie channels Miley Cyrus in new blog

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The drive for young women to be like Miley Cyrus continues with golf star Michelle Wie and her new blog that's caused quite a stir online.  I received an email tip and had to check out the latest buzz on Wie, which I did with my friends who own the Lake Merritt Cafe in Oakland, CA:

Michelle Wie's  blog, called "A Black Flamingo: a mindless blog about life and the stuff that doesn't quite fit in" is the platform for her many talents, from painting to fashion and modeling:

so i took a calligraphy class in high school and i reallly loved it. i would love to learn how to do asian calligraphy again. classic asian art is beautiful. love

Folks Wie's art work is fantastic. I don't know what it would fetch in the open market, but I'm sure the price tag would be substantial.   She has everything from calligraphy to stencil and her talent's to be seen.   Then there's her modeling career:

Here Michelle Wie shows her Miley Cyrus side showing a lot of skin and the color black.  While I'm tempted to make fun of her desire to "show some skin" and do with my Lake Merritt Cafe owner friend in the video, I've got to note that Wie made the clothes she models herself.  By contrast, Miley's modeling what someone created.  Wie reports:

my cousin showed me how to use a sewing machine last week and its sooo awesome! so with my new knowledge, we ran to the fabric store and got some fabric. i got some leather looking material, black jersery fabric, and zippperrs. so i made a dress... i feel like with this one, you can either wear it without anything inside and be uber sexy with the exposed skin, or you can layer it up..
You go girl!

Seriously.  Wie's an amazing genius, who's full range of accomplishments should be on display for all to see.  At the age of (well, she's about to turn) 20, Wie's discovering that she's more than just a golfer, and she's pretty good at that too!

I wonder if Miley would consider sporting the latest in "Wie Wear."  


Stay tuned.

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