Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaq O'Neal To Cavs to Get LeBron James A Ring

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Thunder has struck. Shaq O'Neal is going to the Cleveland Cavaliers to help "The Golden Child", "The Chosen One", LeBron James, get his ring. That was a massive trade. Goodbye Ben Wallace, who's big hair and playing style have seen better days. Goodbye losing attitude. Say hello to The Diesel, king of The Gorilla Dunk bad rap, and NBA championships.

To say that Shaq changes the forecast for the Cavs is an understatement; they've got to be penciled in as next season's contender. Now, a final pitting the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Cavs will be the wish of fans now more than ever, even last season. Why? It's not just Kobe v. LeBron, it's Kobe v. Shaq all over again.

You know Shaq's thinking, "Great. I helped D-Wade (Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade) "Great. I helped D-Wade (Miami Heat star Dwawne Wade) get his ring. I got three for Kobe. Now, I'll get one for the Golden Child." I can't wait for the season to start; it's fun all over again. I know NBA Commissioner David Stern was involved here somewhere, had to be, it's too perfect for an NBA that needed a new injection of "star drama." Enter Shaq. Perfect.

Gov Mark Sanford's affair - feel sorry for him

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I've got to admit, I'm not a fan of South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford and mainly because of his refusal to use the stimulus money to help the people of his state and due to his constant "I'm better than you" approach to President Obama. I'd hoped Sanford would get what's coming to him. I was more than a little annoyed that Sanford allowed himself to be considered a 2012 Presidential candidate just for going against President Obama and nothing else (in fact the GOP's really lacking in leaders, ya know?) and hoped he'd trip.

Well, he did.

When the news about Sanford's disappearance came out, I assumed he just flew the coup, but when I learned that his wife had not got a call from him, I tweeted NBC's David Gregory - who was conversing about the matter on Twitter - that it smelled like an affair.

Bingo, I was right.

But I've got no joy in from seeing this latest train wreck this week. Earlier, on Monday, we had Perez Hilton's video meltdown and Sanford's press conference was Wednesday. While Sanford didn't tell anyone to go do something with themselves, given the gravity of what he did, the people he hurt who trusted him, and his wife, it was every bit the train wreck we saw.

But I feel sorry for him.

I do because of his honest presentation. I mean he just plain said, "Look, I screwed up. I hurt people and I'm sorry." He also explained that the affair was last year and he and his mistress Maria - with a name like and living in Brazil she's got to be a looker - have known each other for eight years. Yes, Sanford was critical of President Clinton during the Lewinsky matter. Yes, Sanford's reportedly not well-liked by some of his associates. But he was well-liked enough to become governor of South Carolina.

The only part of Sanford's press conference that bothered me was the statement "I spent five days crying." Well, come on, Governor Sanford was crying because he was leaving his mistress and all that fun you he had and returning to a life that he's not happy with. Look, he missed his four boys on Father's Day! What does that say?

Sanford is a man with a lot of issue to work out, but heck we all have them. I really do hope he gets a chance to right his ship without dire consequences. If there's anything we've learned from all these media show train wrecks, it's that no one's perfect and I get no joy in learning this about anyone. Ad and Video Rate Card for Blogs and Videos – Zennie62Media

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