Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin Said To Be "Defying McCain Aides" - Remember My Video "Palin Stabbing McCain in The Back?"

Today, Politico's Ben Smith has an interesting top story (which I first saw at the Huffington Post) charging that Alaska Governor and GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin is "defying aides", specifically going against the message of the heads of the campaign and establishing internal divisions.  All to the point of setting herself up for a brighter future in politics. Remember my video on this?  I called it weeks ago:

McCain Campaign Has Paid Staff It Calls Volunteers - Was Ashley Todd Paid?

This video by The Uptake is about Florida McCain workers they call volunteers who have been paid, even though the staff in the video said they have unpaid volunteers.  Also two McCain staffers harrass the reporter.  My question is was Ashley Todd a paid staffer and not a volunteer?