Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cal's Marshawn Lynch Signed By Buffalo - $18.9 million -


A league source tells us that the Bills have reached an agreement with running back Marshawn Lynch, the No. 12 selection in the 2007 draft. (Adam Schefter of NFL Network was the first to report this.)

Lynch will receive $10,285,000 in guaranteed money, and the total value of the package is $18,935,000 on a five-year deal. (Technically, it's a six-year deal that voids to five if Lynch meets a minimum playing time threshold.)

The key is the duration; Lynch is the fourth player taken in the top 16 who could have been required to sign a six-year deal, but who got in the end a five-year contract.

The former California tailback is expected to step in immediately as the starter, given the offseason trade of Willis McGahee.

Hillary's Flip Flop - Video Evidence By YouTuber "lovingj1"

New York Times Kit Seelye Responds To Zennie's Post

Last night, New York Times online writer Kit Seelye responded to my post on her error in failing to recognize that I was the same person who's video she linked to twice in her article on the CNN / YouTube debates.

I referred to the action as an example of institutional racism, which, while it's generally unintentional has terrible results of stereotyping or exclusion -- both of which happened in this case. In Ms. Seeyle's partial defense, she responded as if she was tired, but still, she's a professional journalist.

The comment exchange is in the blog post here.