Thursday, October 07, 2010

Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity : another 99er opportunity to be heard

Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity may well be another golden 99er opportunity to be heard, and is sure to be a ton of fun.

Do you live in the NYC area, or can you get to NYC for a free bus ride to the rallies? If so, Huffington Post is offering free bus rides from NYC. Kian Fredrick of UWAG, who also organized 99er transportation from NYC to the One Nation rally, is also organizing 99er transportation to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

If you are a 99er and you want to join other 99ers for this rally, follow the directions below from Kian:
Next Rally in DC: Sat.,10/30: DEADLINE to sign up: This Friday, October 8.

1. Sign up for free buses from NYC to DC for 10/30 Jon Stewart “Restoring Sanity” Rally:

*Please note: General sign-up at HuffPost is for a seat on a bus only; they make no distinction between who is/is not a 99er. You MUST sign up at HuffPost for a free seat on a bus. DEADLINE: THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8.

2. Let us know you are going so we can include you in the 99er group:

*Please note: FlashMobs4Jobs sign up is NOT for a bus seat, but to be included in the 99er group and receive special information and instructions for 99ers only. Unless you also sign up at FlashMobs, the 99er group will have NO WAY of KNOWING you will be there. For the next few hours, the FlashMobs site may still say 10/2 Sign-up; we’ll be updating it very soon. Sign up anyway; it is time-stamped, so we’ll know which list to put you on.

You must sign up at BOTH sites to have a seat on a bus and to be included in the 99er-only group. All information is kept strictly confidential.

3. Please help to get this information out to any/all 99er social networking sites ASAP!

If anyone hears of buses from other parts of the country, please post that info on the FlashMobs Facebook page:

I’ll also see if I can find info re: cheap places to stay in DC and post it there. Thanks, Kian.

As Kian states, “We must take advantage of any opportunity to spread the 99er word.”

Followers of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are likely advocates for the long-term unemployed and will be supportive of 99er efforts. Stephen Colbert is promoting his own Keep Fear Alive rally that will be held alongside the Rally to Restore Sanity.

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