Friday, May 01, 2009

Michael Vick To Be Spokesperson For PETA


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Yep, you read this right.  According to Atlanta Falcons former quarterback Michael Vick is reportedly "in talks" to be a spokesperson for PETA.  He's ready to do a series of ads for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals when he's released from jail later in May.  Vick wants to clean-up his image as a dog-killer and reenter society with the problems stemming from his dog fighting business a thing of the past.

You know, as silly as it reads and sounds, Vick may just be able to do it.  It depends on the commercial and how it's done.  If it comes off as Vick just proclaiming his love for dogs, I'm not so sure. (See my video) But if it's done as more of a documentary style, then yes.  That would work. 

Everyone deserves a second chance, and that's certainly true for Vick.  But let's be honest, too.  Michael Vick is very concerned he will not be able to achieve the lifestyle he once enjoyed again.  He wants the bling.  He also wants to play football and knows that's the only way he's going to have even a snowballs' chance in the hell he's created for himself to do that.

I root for Vick because I met him at a 1999 EA Sports Super Bowl party in Atlanta and when Vick was still in college but a star, and I was really shocked at how much a fish-out-of-water he seemed to be.  I really believe he surrounded himself with the wrong kind of people at a very young age and didn't know any better. 

Now he does, but what a price he's paid over the last two years.

More on this soon.

Gay Marriage Issue Will Revive The GOP


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Gay Marriage: the act of a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman will be the issue that revives the Republican Party.

Consider that for the first time, more Americans - including myself - support Gay Marriage than oppose it 49 percent to 46 percent according to the latest Washington Post / ABC Poll. But that near 50-50 split is common in many polls and shows that as the idea becomes more mainstream there's a healthy opposition to it.

We saw this recently in the comments by Miss California Carrie Prejean who said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and who parlayed her new fame into a gig working as a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage, while angering famous blogger Perez Hilton, who fired off a nasty retort using the "B-word."

That's the shape of things to come, but let's see where we really are because the media can make it seem as if Gay Marriage is already the norm, but it's not. As of November 2008, 29 states passed constitutional amendments barring the recognition of same sex marriage, so the majority of states still don't back it, even as Maine and New Hampshire seem set to approve it.

See, rather than becoming less of a wedge issue, it's more so.

As more people speak in favor of it, we have more who speak against it, and that's the political dynamic that could hurt us democrats.

We could have an election contest pitting two Black candidates, one Democrat and pro Gay Marriage, the other Republican and not, but basically having the same positions as his more liberal challenger. The way society is moving the GOP candidate could win. Recognition of this is already starting to split the Democratic Party, but the overriding economic problems are the glue that binds us for now. But for how long?

The real issue is the civil right of a person to marry who they want, not sexual orientation.

Look, about half the women I've dated said they were lesbian and still slept with me. Some of them are now married to men and have kids!

On top of that, we have websites like Ashley that encourage married couples to cheat on each other!

It all spells one big anarchnistic, me-ism mess. My prediction is that over the next 25 years this hyper-fluidity in relationships will give way to a desire for something predictable.

But the road to that place will be rocky, with political groups, lawsuits charging sexual abandonment, and a newly revived GOP.

Buckle up!

President Obama, Pick Kathleen Sullivan For Supreme Court Judge


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Supreme Court Judge David Souter plans to retire at 69 years of age, according to Nina Totenberg of National Public Radio and which she announced today. President Barack Obama has a great opportunity to begin to remake the Supreme Court by installing a real legal scholar who's work and life has impacted many people. That person is Professor Kathleen Sullivan.

Professor Sullivan, like President Obama, is a constitutional law scholar which means she focuses on the interpretation and implementation of the U.S. Constitution. The importance of that can't be understated as we see a flurry of new laws to control speech and behavior (think laws curbing the use of "cuss" words for example) and their conflict with civil liberties. And as the Supreme Court is the place for the consideration fo the U.S. Constitution, it's logical to have a constitutional law professor on the bench.

But who is Kathleen Sullivan?

Professor Sullivan is 53 years old and was born August 20, 1555 in Michigan. She went to Cornell, then to Oxford, where she was a Marshal Scholar, and finally earned her J.D. at Harvard Law School in 1981. It was there, the legendary Professor Lawrence Tribe called her the most extraordinary student he ever had. She's a co-author of the casebook "Constitutional Law" as well as several other books including "The New Federalist Papers."

The person named one of the 100 most influential women in business was Dean of The Stanford Law School from 1999 to 2004 where she recruited such legal luminaries as cyberlaw expert Larry Lessig, raised over $63 million, and established a clinical law practice in East Palo Alto to give students more real world experience. After her time as Dean, she established a new center of constitutional law.

As a private practice lawyer, Ms. Sullivan has a diverse client list, from Republican Senator Mitch McConnell to the City of Honolulu, ABC Television, Hearst Publications and the San Francisco Chronicle in the BALCO case, and Siebel Systems, to name some of them.

She is perhaps the best intellectually qualified person to replace Justice Souter. Her work, particularly in the New Federalist Papers, reveals a mind able to grasp and explain the interplay between technology, social change, and The Constitution. Kathleen Sullivan is the perfect choice and the fact that she's lesbian should not be an issue for anyone.