Saturday, March 08, 2008

HillaryIs44 Is Ran By Alex Rodriguez - Politico's Ben Smith

The anti-Barack Obama website called HillaryIs44 has existed for some months without anyone knowing who ran it. But thanks to Ben Smith of The Politco , that's not true anymore. The person's name is Alex Rodriguez. Somehow, Ben figured out that it was him and either played a hunch, formed a lie, and then watched as Alex Rodriguez took the bait, or he really did know.

In either case, the jigs' up.

Kellyanne Conway's Racism Shows Again - This Time On Larry King

Republican Pollster Kellyanne Conway's a person who just can't watch her mouth, and what comes out of it is not good at all. On November 24th of 2007, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann taggged her "The Worst Person In The World" for this comment:

"'It is,' she says, 'one day going to blossom into two air traffic controllers who don't speak great English because political correctness has made us appoint them to those positions. We're going to have two planes crashing in the sky. And that's not a dramatic example. That's what happens with slippery slopes.'"

Let me chime in here and explain how stupid that is. Not every air traffic controller in the World speaks perfect English, and in some cases they don't speak much at all, yet there's not been a major air accident tied to a language difference. I guess Conway didn't know that. Keith was right to tag her, but what she said on Larry King's show Friday March 7th 2007 at night makes her a far worst person in the World.

This is what she said:

KING: Kellyanne, you think he (Senator McCain) is enjoying this Obama-Clinton fight?

CONWAY: He ought to be. I have to slightly disagree. I don't know that he showed his temper. It's not like he hauled off and let her have it, or called her a monster or a liar like the other two are doing. But she really didn't have a follow-up question, Larry. He sort of politely gave her an opening to change the subject and she was tongue-tied in doing so.

John McCain is in New Orleans tonight addressing the Council on National Policy. It's been reported these are just the cream of the crop conservatives. This is what he's doing behind the scenes now while Hillary and Obama argue about whether she should let him sit on the back of the bus of her presidential ticket, or he argues whether or not she lied us into war in 2002.

So there he is doing something out of the headlines. For all the arguments that John McCain's not a part of the headline and the byline and the story line now, he's going to suffer. Hey, if the headlines are who is a monster, McCain's better off being in New Orleans, addressing these top of the line conservatives.

SIMMONS: Larry, we have to address that. We have to address that. This back of the bus comment is beyond the pale. I think Senator Clinton, whatever our disagreements are between the two candidates, Senator Clinton has never done or said anything that would imply that she would rather have Barack Obama sitting in the back of her campaign bus.

CONWAY: No, as V.P. You aren't paying attention.

SIMMONS: No, you are not speaking clearly, because that's out of line.

CONWAY: No, she doesn't want him to be the first black president. She wants him to be her V.P. She said that this week. She would consider putting him on her ticket, but I guess he wouldn't consider putting her on his ticket, would he?

KING: Did you use the term back of the bus?

CONWAY: I did. I just said --

KING: Meaning? CONWAY: Meaning that she wants -- she has said she would have Barack Obama as her V.P. Thereby she is denying something that many Republicans are not denying, that Barack Obama has a very strong chance of becoming this country's first black president, that someone like me respects.

That's called "foot in the mouth disease" and it's no wonder Conway was not seen after this segment. I can see the show producers smacking their heads and saying "What the....Get her outta here!"

And they did.

One online publication will cry that this is an example of political correctness run amok. But I will assert that any such argument is an example of the blind acceptance of racism.

One has to ask of all the possible statements Conway could have made, why in living hell did she have to use that one? Moreover, she doesn't even realize how incendiary her statement was. She just kept talking on and sticking her foot way down her mouth.

Good for Larry King to catch her statement however. Bravo.

Jason Calacanis' "How To Save Money Running A Startup" Misses Mark - Sort Of

Jason Calacanis' How To Save Money Running A Startup Misses Mark - Sort Of

There's a firestorm going on and at the hub of this is none other than Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis. Jason wrote a blog post called "How To Save Money Running A Startup" which has upset a number of people because it seems to reduce his employees to slave status.

Having ran Sports Business Simulations for over five years and without a million dollar or more investment -- we started with just $25,000 and later a loan from me to the firm of $18,500 -- I think I have a good list to "sort of" add to what Jason wrote.

Well, OK, more modify what he wrote.

First, don't hire employees, bring in independent contractors. The reason is that you do save money on liability issues and health insurance and equipment. Look, you're a startup, that's what startups do.

Second, don't promise a level of pay you can't achieve. If you know what you're going to have coming in, use that as a basis. Then offer percentage revenue deals to the contractor. In five years, I have yet to experience a controversy because I said I could make a payment I could not indeed do.

Third, work out of your house. You really don't need a large office and telecommuting is all the rage, so use your house or apartment and have a dedicated workspace. For extra space, use the kitchen and dining room.

Fourth, learn to love the Internet Cafe. There a lot of places to go to just get out of the house with your partners in work and get coffee, work on the computer, and admire the single talent when your mind wanders -- and you're single yourself.

Fifth, think of your co-workers as just that, co-workers; not slaves, or insects, or idiots, or expendable units. But you have to seek out people who themselves are entrepreneurial. Be very careful not to find people who want you to provide an employment structure because they will sap your energy dry. Remember, you're a startup. Start with contractors, make great deals, and grow the business first.

Sixth, make sure to find people who don't use company party time to get royally smashed and have you wonder why you contracted with them in the first place. Remember, startups are known for parties, but that doesn't mean you have to have a high booze tab.

Seventh, Jason's right about the cell phones.

In closing, you too can grow a startup with my advice. But don't stop with me, ask around. And remember that startups are fun!

Racist GOP Congressman Steve King Opens His Big Mouth

That's about all I'll say regarding GOP Congressman Steve King of Iowa. He's racist in my view, and thinks that the old trick of using Barack Obama's middle name, thinking that there are racists out there who will agree with him. Maybe someone will let him know this is 2008 and not 1808.

Barack Obama Wins Wyoming Caucus

CNN's Jessica Yelin announced that Senator Barack Obama won the Wyoming Caucus. I'm watching now and he has 58 percent versus 41 percent for Clinton. There are 18 delegates at stake.

Samantha Power On The "Clinton Is A Monster" Statement - Video