Friday, August 14, 2009

Philly Daly News on Vick: HIDE YOUR DOGS!

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Ok, I've got to admit I really cracked up when I checked Google Trends, saw that the "Philadelphia Daily News" was a hot search trend, and learned that this was the reason:

Welcome to Phily - HIDE YOUR DOGS
That, as they say on the street, is really messed up. Of course there are other words for it, but some fans would respond, "That's not as messed up as what he did."   This response underscores what's in store for Michael Vick in the wake of his announced signing with the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday: fans expressing anger, shock, sadness, and happiness, in  portions pretty much equal to each of those words as part of this sentence.  
According to the same Philadelphia Daily News' website, some fans of the "Birds" have taken to Craigslist to dump their season tickets, while others seem resigned to the idea that Vick's a part of their city and now have dreams of the Wildcat Formation dancing in their heads. The big winners in all of this?  The websites covering this story, fan sites and forums, and that of the Philadelphia Eagles organization, all gaining huge levels of traffic because of the Vick news.  As for Vick himself, today's press conference should be an interesting media circus.   
Buckle up.