Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atlanta Bar and Grill Max Lager's has Atlanta Beer Week

Max Lager's Atlanta 
You may remember Max Lager's American Bar and Grill on 320 Peachtree Street in Atlanta as a place I visited while in Atlanta for Mom and during the Winter Olympics? Well, I'm back and this time the place that feels like Cheers has something called Atlanta Beer Week on May 16th through May 23rd.

In the video above Jessica took her first attempt at vlogging and scored a "A" in talking about the event. She also told me there's going to be some kind of happening each day during the Atlanta Beer Week period, from Acoustic Sunset and Max Brews at 6:30 PM on May 16th to a tour or the "great beer nations" on the 23rd.

I just wonder how far around the World one can go?

At any rate, check out Max Lager's when you're in Atlanta, and as a note this promo was done even though I paid for the great food and drink! And I'd do it again. I always have fun at Alan LeBlanc's place in downtown Atlanta. And give Jessica the business, if you know what I mean!

Greyson Michael Chance: "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga

In this really fascinating World we live in, it's fitting that the Twitter tip on Greyson Michael Chance's totally shocking version of Paparazzi would come from Miley Cyrus' Adam Shankman, who just provided the link on Twitter with this:

must be seen to be believed
about 3 hours ago via mobile web

At first, this blogger thought it could not be that incredible, but Adam Shankman's right, it was a wowser. Here's Greyson Michael Chance on the piano doing Paparazzi. And be warned that Chance doesn't start right off the bat with the song, he kind of warms up into it.

Here's the video:

Greyson Michael Chance sounds like the next Justin Bieber, who was discovered on YouTube. As of this writing, Greyson's hot on Google, but not on Twitter, even though that's where the news started for me.

Stay tuned.

Chevron and Richmond kiss, make up, and think with new agreement

Last week this blogger wrote that Chevron and Richmond needed to "kiss, make up, and think. Well, it seems all the time both parties were doing just that.

Communications from the Richmond Progressive Alliance and from Chevron report the completion of an amicable agreement that stops the chance that Richmond will lose millions due to a June ballot measure that looked like it was going to pass, and Chevron stopped paying out $15 million more than it had annually given to the City of Richmond.

The Chevron press release neatly bullet-points the resolved issues:

• Chevron will pay an additional $114 million to The City of Richmond over the next 14 years.
• The City of Richmond will stop its ballot measure to change the Utility Tax and Chevron will remove its proposal.
• The City of Richmond will drop its appeal of the Measure T Ballot measure, which was ruled unconstitutional.
• Chevron would wave $1.2 million it sought from the City related to Measure T.
• Chevron will make community contributions totaling $8 million.

This ends the waring between groups and at times people in Richmond. Now, Richmond will have its largest employer remain and is able to focus on the huge problems of crime and education.

Richmond should use this opportunity to mend fences with Chevron over its renewal project. Clean air, more than a 1,000 jobs are at stake and the City should take the leadership position to support Chevron to get the project moving forward. It’s good for the environment, for working men and women of labor and for the City of Richmond.

A great job by both the Mayor of Richmond and Chevron Refinery Manager Mike Coyle. It also helps Mayor Gayle McLaughlin case as shes's up for reeelection this fall.

Stay tuned.

Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman Lap Dance Video - did they have sex?

The gossip headline that's all over the Internet is "Miley Cyrus lap dance video." It refers to a video that was obtained by and for them by an unnamed source. In it, there's a couple lap dancing that's identified as Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman.

It's at what reportedly was a Georgia wrap party for the movie The Last Song, where Adam Shankman was a producer of the motion picture. The event look like a Party in the USA featuring a 16-year old who Can't Be Tamed.

The video, which is featured in this space' video-blog commentary above, is racy and appears to be two videos merged into one. The first part has a man clumsily trying to grind dance behind a woman in familiar "Daisy Duke" style short shorts and a white blouse. That's Miley Cyrus. TMZ reports the man to be Adam Shankman. With these new images, it's clear Adam Shankman and Miley Cyrus had a wild time filming The Last Song.

First some house cleaning if that's possible here: Adam Shankman's a big deal in Hollywood circles. Adam's not just the producer of The Last Song, he co-produced the 82nd Annual Academy Awards with Bill Mechanic. The LA-born Adam has a long career as a dancer, actor, and choreographer.

Perez Hilton reports that their dancing at the party was in front of kids and so dirty that the parents took their kids and left.

Adam seemed to have choreographed some interesting moves with Miley Cyrus. In July of 2009, Shankman placed racy photos of himself in close sexy connect with Miley Cyrus. The photo was taken in the makeup room during a filming session for The Last Song.

When Adam got wind of the outrage over a photo pairing a 16-year-old woman with the 44-year old Shankman, he posted this tweet:

On Monday 22nd June 2009, @adammshankman said:
Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister.

But in light of this video, it's clear she was having fun in more than just the makeup room with Adam!

Given all of this, one can't help but wonder what else may have went on between them? Did they have sex? It's fair to ask the question. Yes, Adam's Gay, but that's no guarantee he's not going to be interested in more than a little bump-and-grind given what we've seen today.

Adam Shankman's Tweetless Today

Save for one tweet made 23 hours ago, Shankman has not issued a single new tweet today via his Twitter account. Normally, Adam's good for between four and 10 tweets per day, so clearly he's gone silent.

Meanwhile, what the general reaction on the blogs? Celebrity Smack Blog pretty much sums it up:

Now, Adam, who is 45-years-old and openly gay, might not be a “threat” because he is gay, but c’mon, that doesn’t give him a license to act all pervy on a 17-year old girl. Especially on video – IDIOT! I’m just sayin’. If it was a straight guy who had done that, people would seriously be on the witch hunt.

Then there's Perez Hilton, who calls her Miley Slutty.

To me it points to a nasty contrast in America today - not a double standard, but a contrast. While this issue is hot, last week Lawrence Taylor was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year old girl in suburban New York. Taylor, 51-years-old, cheated on his wife with a girl he was told was a 19-year-old woman. Now, $75,000 later, he's facing a court trial and claiming he did not have sex with her, even though a condom was found.

If LT had real confidence, he would have done what some other wealthy New Yorkers do, and that's have "arrangements" in their marriage that allow them to have the fun they seek with others. That takes a person with a very strong emotional stomach but it's far more common than many realize.

By contrast to LT, Adam's openly Gay and knew Miley was 16, and until today was open about their friendship. But Adam's a movie producer who's power comes from his position and personality. Let's face it, Adam's very well-liked by a lot of the right people and they protect him. Adam's in a less conservative and far more hedonistic culture than what LT lives in.

So Adam placed himself - excuse the pun - in a position where he could have fun with a 16-year old girl and be open about it and figure that he's Gay so it's OK. He can play across the pond if he wants to.

What Adam gets that LT misses is what the power of connections with powerful people can gain. Both have 16-year old girls in common and one now 17, but that's where any situational similarities end.

Stay tuned.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer kills ethnic studies, proves racism

Cruella de Vil srtikes again 
When the University of California at Berkeley first established ethnic studies as a requirement for undergraduates, this blogger, a grad student, was sitting in the Durant Avenue food alley at a Japanese restaurant when a white male student suddenly and loudly yelled "Why do I have to known anything about minorities?" Figuring that the boy was frustrated, perhaps sexually, and looking for a fight, I ignored him as did everyone else.

When he realized no one cared to talk to him because they regarded him as racist, he sulked.

In her attempt to kill ethnic studies, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is proving that she's very much like that young man but the difference is she's not in Berkeley.

Brewer's in Arizona, where there are a lot of people who want to talk to her and have the same psychosis that caused the formation of the illegal immigration bill that ultimately targets Latinos.

The bill is to prevent courses that teach "ethnic solidarity" by, get this, teaching about African-American, Mexican-American and Native-American studies as is currently done in the Tucson Unified School District. Of course, it's just fine to learn about White European American History because it's tucked under the title of American History.

Geez. If Brewer weren't Governor of Arizona, Brewer would be a joke. A very bad joke.

That Jan Brewer is Governor of Arizona should make any Arizonan very angry. Moreover that she's a Republican should send intelligent GOP operatives into orbit. Jan Brewer will almost single handedly kill the GOP's mid-term election chances.

And to that prospect, I say, "Hooray!"

Stay tuned.

Beau Biden, son of VP Joe Biden, recovering after stroke

Those who watched and especially those who attended the 2008 Democratic National Convention will remember Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, and who introduced him with a rousing speech at the DNC Convention, then joined his father on stage. Beau, the Attorney General of Delaware, fell victim to what was called a mild stroke on Tuesday and was rushed to a Delaware hospital.

Biden was transfered to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.   He's reportedly recovering well and in good sprits.

Beau Biden is just 41 years old and comes from a family that has what ABC News calls a "long history" of vascular problems, giving rise to the question "What is a stroke?"

A stroke is a interruption of blood supply to any part of the brain.  The best daily way to prevent a stroke is via diet and exercise, but heredity is hard to overcome. Beau Biden did not have the problem of weight but of heredity.

Still, taking at least one aspirin a day is a great step both on the path of recovery from a stroke and prevention according to The American Heart Association.

Here's to a speedy recovery for Beau Biden.

Stay tuned.

Sucuzhanay murder not hate crime? - Suzannah B. Troy

Welcome to Brooklyn, New York and to two trials where you can gather together the only select group of people on the planet who don't believe Jose Sucuzhanay was beaten to death because of hate and prejudice. Jose and his brother were walking arm and arm when these hate mongers decided they must be gay and therefore beaten to death.

First of all what is wrong with someone that they are out there with so much rage on the streets of New York that they are beating people to death, stabbing them or shooting them?

These two trials are a mark of great shame on the City of New York, as if the murder of an innocent man simply walking home arm and arm with his brother, daring to be happy in a city filled with a lot of angry, lonely dysfunctional people in need of anger management classes, possibly medication, a life have to take someone else's life and do so attempting to beat two brothers to death.

These jurors lacked empathy and they assume it could never happen to them. I am straight but I have been gay bashed. It could happen to anyone of these jurors....welcome to NYC.

These cowardly thugs were so outraged by two men walking arm and arm happily together that they had to attempt to beat them both to death and they started by yelling gay slurs but according to trials in Brooklyn that doesn't count as prejudice and one even resulted in a mistrial. Both these monsters need to go away for a long, long time.

To add insult to injury the jurors for both cases say hey it was not a hate crime. I guess it doesn't count until it happens to them. I remember I was in college and I was with my Mom on Canal Street having shopped at Pearl Paint and was walking arm and arm with my Mom and this group of idiots made a homophobic comment. Around the world the jury is out and there can only be one conclusion about the people posing as jurors on this trial.

I have had gay bashing including be a stalker sicko with a camera who is so deluded and lonely he calls me his stalker when in fact he takes photos of me -- my back -- without my knowledge and sets up a gay bashing gang bang attack with his anonymous internet buddies which I turned in to the NYPD and lawyers.

On this YouTube I show you a crime scene in the West Village and it appears a man was severely beaten in the West Village and it was said to be because he was gay. They had to taken him to St. Vincent's and put him in a coma because of brain swelling. I have no idea how he is doing now and what is the status of this case.

Bottom line is NYC has way too high a threshold for hate, anti-woman and anti-gay.

Emma The Amish Model on Howard Stern Show is sad tale

Howard Stern's getting a lot of Internet traffic and buzz from Emma The Amish Model, the latest guest on The Howard Stern Show. For some reason the combination of "Amish" and "model" draws more attention than "Denver Broncos Tim Tebow blasted by hot chick at bar."

But more important and more serious is her story. Emma The Amish Model was kicked out of her community for being a model. She left when she was 18.

Still, while she may not know a lot of things as Howard claims, I can't help but feel sorry for her. Is Howard going to get her a good modeling contract? What's the future for her?  What's she going to do without a family base?

It's sad to read that a person was shunned by her own family as was the case here. We don't even know her real name. Its just Emma The Amish Model.

While Emma The Amish Model's at the height of Internet buzz, it's sad. She's not a cartoon character, Howard. She's a person. If there's anything to capturing Internet traffic from this, it's to throw that message right back at Mr. Stern.

Geez.  At least Howard could have exhibited some real concern for her well-being.