Monday, January 05, 2009


More at the New York Post: “CONTROVERSIAL conservative Ann Coulter blew a gasket yesterday when the "Today" show abruptly canceled an appearance on the day her new book about the Obamas comes out.

The cancellation sparked reports that she had been "banned for life" from NBC and its two cable news networks.

Officially, NBC said that Coulter was bumped from the morning show because of "breaking news."

Behind the scenes, "Today" sources said they needed to make time for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's mission to the Middle East and President-elect Barack Obama's new plan for an economic stimulus package.”

-- YEAH! And she's angry? So what? That's what she gets for building a career by saying and writing outlandish and tasteless words about people just because their politics are different from hers.

Those days are over -- I hope! Let Ann whine. I love it.

Barack Obama taps Leon Panetta to run CIA

More at “WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama has selected Leon Panetta, a former congressman with little experience on intelligence matters, to serve as the next director of the CIA, according to Democratic officials familiar with the decision.

The selection puts the prominent Democrat in charge of an agency that has been at the center of a storm of criticism in recent years, ranging from intelligence failures leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks to the aggressive tactics that were embraced in its aftermath.

Panetta, who was chief of staff to President Clinton, is regarded as a bright political operative and highly capable manager. But if confirmed by the Senate, he would be among the few directors in agency history with no prior experience at one of the nation's spy services.

-- Or was this a trial balloon to see how Senator Diane Feinstein would react? Whatever the case, she was not happy to have learned the news via the New York Times.

Roland Burris Ego On Display In Washington D.C.

More at “WASHINGTON - Roland Burris and Democratic Party leaders headed toward a symbolic showdown at the door of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday as the former Illinois attorney general presses his claim to a disputed seat.

Burris said in an interview Monday evening that he intends to try to walk onto the Senate floor to be sworn in with incoming senators when the Senate convenes Tuesday despite declarations from party leaders that they will prevent the 71-year-old, longtime politician from entering the legislative body's ornate chamber.

The imagery of authorities stopping a graying African-American man at the threshold of political power promises to be a moment of high drama in a controversy that has joined the complicated politics of race with the sensational corruption scandal swirling around Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The governor, undeterred by criminal charges that he sought to sell the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama, picked Burris last week.”

-- I can't understand the ego of a man like Roland Burris, who knows damn well he's not going to be confirmed or accepted by the Senate and is just opening up a major can of worms. Burris can't be that stupid, which leads me to think something else is up. What, I don't know.

What bothers me even more is that Burris seems to be doing it in the face of his "good friend" as he put it President-Elect Barack Obama. If he were Obama's good friend, he'd have elected not to be Blagojevich's designated selection. Something's afoot.

Top 10 NFL Coaching Carousel Plot Lines. Who Lands Where?

One week after Black Monday, there are still six head-coaching vacancies, two open G.M. jobs, and no real sense as to who’ll get any of the positions. Here are ten takes on this year’s jobs that have come open, those that haven’t, and those that apparently won’t.

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Oakland Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Man, Handcuffed Man

BART-Police who patrol the Bay Area's subway system came to break up a fight. They had a 22 year old man named Omar Grant in handcuffs and on the ground when an officer shot him point blank in the head.

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Steve Jobs says a hormone imbalance to blame for weight loss

A mere day before the big shindig at the Moscone, Steve Jobs has come clean about his much-discussed weight loss in a open letter to the Apple community, saying that a hormone imbalance is to blame.

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Update: Twitter blames celebrity hack on 'individual'

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez wasn't really high on crack this morning, and the reason his Twitter feed said so wasn't the phishing scam that's been going around--it was a lone hacker, the microblogging service said later on Monday.

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Today (January 5th) Is The Most Stressful Day Of The Year

Today is the most stressful day of the year, according to researchers. A combination of the cold weather, economic gloom and end to Christmas festivities will leave workers battling the January blues.

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Fox News TWITTER account hacked? or Bill O'Reilly is gay?

A few minutes ago the official Fox News Twitter account posted “Breaking: Bill O Riley is gay” (referring to the host of the popular Fox show O’Reilly Factor), right after a legitimate message about making turkey lettuce wraps.

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Al Franken Clear Winner, Schumer Says Should Be Seated

Minnesota Senate Candidate Democrat Al Franken has been declared the clear winner in that state's Senate race, but it seems Republicans want to tie it up in court. I can see why because Franken represents the real 60th Democratic seat if you count Senator Joe Liberman. Dems should push hard to make sure this happens for Franken.

Cheney on Face The Nation - Rule of Law, torture

VP Dick Cheney went down a slippery slope when cornered by CBS's Bob Schieffer in the matter of the use and subversion of the rule of law. Cheney came close to saying that it's ok to interpret the law differently in a time of war. Watch the video more than once.

The Bush Administration will have this kind of thinking as its legacy.

Stop Twitter Phishing Now!

"Phishing" is the act of sending a "safe" looking email that asks you to give out sensitive information: your username and password. That practice has found it's way to Twitter. Here's what you should do if it happens to you.