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UPDATE: Revis, Jets Agree To New Deal « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY

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UPDATE: Revis, Jets Agree To New Deal « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY

Google Blogger Real Time Traffic Stats Better Than, Worldlogger, owned by Google, has added something this blogger has wanted to see for a long time: a "real time" traffic statistics system. It's a real improvement for, and can go a long way toward revolutionizing blogging. The question you may be asking is "what's real time traffic estimation."

Real time traffic estimation, or "real time web analytics," is where a software program updates estimates of such common web traffic measures as unique visitors and pageviews. A good system can do this within four to six minutes of the installation of a blog post.

This blogger discovered how useful real time blogging was almost by accident. Yobie Benjamin, who's a fellow CityBrights blogger at, turned me on to something he helped develop called in an effort to track down an Internet stalker. Yobie shut down his system, but I happened to find another one that had a license to use his software. It's called But a month after installing the code, became a tool for another effort: real time blogging.

Real Time Blogging, or "Trend Blogging" is developing a blog post in response to what the top searches are on a service like Bing X-Rank or Google Trends. Using real time traffic reporting allows you to see how your blog traffic responds to your posts ability to "hit" the keywords people are using to find out about a subject in a search.

I started doing this last November of 2009 and just after the discovery that I generated 1.1 million unique visitors at for the month of October 2009. By November, that increased to 1.5 million, and in December, 2.2 million unique visitors.  From October to May of 2010, I've generated over 7.7 million visitors at

Jesse James and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
The use of continued until the day it was announced that Jesse James was cheating on Sandra Bullock and with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. That was Wednesday, March 18th, 2010.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James ruled Google Trends; I wanted to join them.

On that day I wrote six blog posts on the news, and amassed over 280,000 unique visitors before 4 PM EDT, according to staff. I blogged between 7 AM and 11 AM EDT, and by my later estimation, generated over $500 in ad revenue for for that one day, none of it I saw but I helped save some jobs (more about that later in this post).

But the flip side of that, is my videos, even though the latest one wasn't about Bullock at the time, realized a dramatic view increase. All of this was a fantastic development for Real Time Blogging. There was just one problem: MAJOR FAIL stopped tracking traffic data at 4:13 PM EDT, and at 102,000 visitors. In fact, the traffic report updates were slower and slower, until by that time they were a full three hours behind real time. Without an accurate real time traffic gauge, I had stopped blogging around 11 EDT, as stated, really to let the system catch up. But the graph reporting dashboard was literally stuck in place.

This email I received from support explains what happened:

Your site is normally fine but the spikes that you have are HUGE. Not just today but every couple weeks you have a gigantic spike. This one does look to be your biggest yet. You currently have 4400 users on your site at once. We're just absolutely not designed for that level of traffic occurring on a single site. The server is processing the backlog but it's falling further and further behind real time because this is just too much. Your site is currently accounting for almost 50% of the total traffic being logged to your site's database server. Each server is allocated around 8000 sites.

That means your site is logging as much traffic as the other 7,999 sites on the same server put together, and your spike is affecting the other 7,999 sites on this server.

So I'm sorry to say, I don't think we'll be able to track your site anymore. I had to disable it for now so that the server can catch back up.

We can handle sites up to 500,000 daily page views, but that's assuming that traffic is spread out somewhat evenly throughout the day. Your traffic comes in huge spikes in just an hour or two, which doesn't work very well with our service.

I'd recommend checking out They don't have nearly as many features as we do but they handle higher traffic and they are real time.

For me that was a major blow. The information on my impact on was new and surprising. What I didn't get was why they didn't try and work with me, upgrading me to another service level?

So, Real Time Blogging hit a misstep. Fortunately, it was a temporary one.


I happened on after just searching around and evaluating different services. For all of it's poor customer service,'s dashboard was terrific. So that became my model for the next service to use. I did investigate but I did not like their dashboard layout. I don't want dials and numbers; I want graphs and numerical charts and keyword readouts. had none of that. At first.

What did have and has is a team of people who really want to help you. They are the direct opposite of from a customer service perspective. But the design wasn't what I wanted; Worldlogger took my input and those of others to make a terrific interface. It was lacking in one area at the time: keyword reporting.

Which words are causing what level of traffic at what time is a critical part of Real Time Blogging. Worldlogger lacked that. Even with that, Worldlogger's people were so incredible to work with, I stuck with the service as they were constantly improving it.

Focus Turns To

About two months later I refocused on what had been a year-long process: getting on Google News.  The argument I made to Google execs was that aside from meeting their basic requirements, all of my blog posts on started at   That realization sealed the deal.

Then, Blogger announced Real Time Traffic Stats and the new course for was set.

My objective with and my new Georgia-based company is to show that a worthy competitor to blog sites like The Huffington Post and can be created using the platform.  There a lot of incorrect assumptions about that's growth can help eliminate.  Plus, I want to be able to capture that $500 per day of revenue (when it happens) for my media site. and The are great websites, but the fact is what I'm doing is light years ahead of what's being done on those sites and elsewhere.

Consider entering a blog post with a photo from a cell phone at a Cal Football game, then having that blog post hit Google News, Twitter, and Facebook minutes later, all while being at the game and not in the press box.  That happened Saturday and here's the post. Real Time Blogging goes mobile.

The Future Is Not For Everyone

Real Time Blogging is not for everyone. Journalists will hate it, and some who are aware of what I do already dislike it. But the bottom line is the revenue returns are better than anything news websites are doing now.

The future of media is Real Time Blogging. It can also save investigative journalism by generating revenue and eyeballs for it.

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Chilean Miners Rescue Op Called "Operation San Lorenzo"

Chilean Miners on video (CNN)
33 Chilean Miners, who have been trapped for 25 days and 2,258 feet below the ground in Copiapo, Chile, will be rescued as part of a plan called "Operation San Lorenzo."

The miners, who reportedly almost escaped being trapped in the mine itself as it collapsed, were discovered alive, and surviving via stretching a 48-hour food ration over a 20-day period.

Now, the miners are receiving food, supplies and communications equipment via three holes bored down to the area they're trapped in. Their first request? To Send toothbrushes.

The miners aren't all in one space; they sleep in various parts of the mine. A tunnel some distance away reportedly serves as their toilet.

Operation San Lorenzo Ambitious and Risky

"Operation San Lorenzo" involves using giant drills, one called The Strata 950 and the other the T-130 to bore through the rock. It's estimated that it will take four months to create a full hole. Engineers are reportedly examining how the hole can be expanded in such a way as to get the men out of there.

Stay tuned.

Beck admits he lied to the rally August 28th: it was easier than telling the truth.

As Steve Krakauer of Mediaite explains, Keith Olberman caught Glenn Beck's "white lie" told to the crowd at the August 28th rally:
...he didn’t actually hold George Washington’s first inaugural address. He just had it held in front of him.
Beck's discussion on his show, admitting the lie, seeks to make light of it because the full explanation is "clumsy" in a speech. So, he says, "They caught me."  He recounted a trip to the Archives, but...
" can’t touch them..."
Glenn Beck
Keith Olbermann caught him telling a lie. He wants people to laugh it off; Beck says it's no big deal in his quasi-retraction, the equivalent of artistic license.

At a certain level, Beck's doubters are unsurprised by the irony that he'd stoop to fabrication to maintain his credibility with his audience. The problem remains that Beck followers are unlikely to even hear the correction, let alone to believe it if and when they do. We'd all like to think that presented with a truth, logic will dictate what most people believe - but Beck's realized that oldest truth: that a lie can run around the world while the truth is still getting its shoes on.

"Tell the truth," Glenn Beck exhorted the crowd on the National Mall, "and then expect it from others." But not, for heaven's sake, from a Fox Network entertainer in pursuit of ratings. But he probably did at least go to see the Archives building, I suppose. He wouldn't lie about that, would he?

Thomas Hayes is a political strategist, entrepreneur, and journalist currently working for the Madore for Congress campaign in Minnesota's Second Congressional District. He contributes regularly to a host of web sites on topics ranging from economics and politics to culture and community.

Cal 52, UC Davis 3: Keenan Allen For The Heisman

Keenan Allen in High School 
When Cal Football Assistant Coach Tosh Lupoi convinced North Carolina and America's best high school defensive back Keenan Allen to commit to UC Berkeley rather than Alabama, no one had any idea that Allen would wind up on the other side of the ball at Cal, except perhaps Head Coach Jeff Tedford.

Now, Keenan Allen may be the best college freshman wide receiver in the nation.

With his 158 of the 517 yards of total offense Cal amassed against UC Davis in a 52 to 3 win Saturday in Berkeley, Keenan Allen should be marketed as a candidate for The Heisman Trophy. So, let's get the ball rolling (excuse the pun) now. It would make the second straight year Cal had a real, live Heisman candidate, with Cal starting the 2009 Season by touting Running Back Jahvid Best for the award.

If you missed Keenan Allen's amazing 48-yard touchdown, here it is:

And unless you think wide receivers can't win the Heisman, here's two names: Desmond Howard and Tim Brown.

OK, so it's just one game. But this blogger's counting on Cal Offensive Coordinator Andy Ludwig to design the right plays to make it happen.

It's on you, Andy; please, don't wide-receiver-screen him to death, deal?  (More on this, later.)

Cal's Keenan Allen For The Heisman.   You saw it here, first.