Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Michael Jackson still alive? Take my poll

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This has been a hard day to say the least with the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, but harder still is the idea that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson may still be alive.

You read that correctly.

There's a video flying around the Internet that strongly claims to show Michael Jackson being assisted from the back of what looks like and apparently is a Los Angeles County Coroner's Office ambulance. The vehicle is captures on camera driving in a dark tunnel of sorts. A chain fence door closes as the camera approaches, keeping it from getting any closer to the ambulance.

The camera person has the presence of mind to zoom in and as the person did, a person walked around from the right and opened the door, assisting a small person dressed in a white shirt and black pants and what appears to be a kind of black shall covering their head. If it wasn't Jackson, the person was built like Jackson looks.

The person who put up the video at the YouTube channel LosAngelesCot24 wrote:

This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.

It's also the only video on that person's YouTube channel, below are other videos that report to show the bodybag Jackson was in moving. Frankly, it's hard to tell anything from those videos, but the LA Coroner video's another story.

Look at this photo:

Photo courtesy of
This is a real picture of the LA County Coronor's staffers placing what's supposed to be the body of Jackon in the van.  Look closely at the van itself.  Notice the doors and how the blue stripe comes to a pointed end at the nearside door on the car's left.  Also, take note of the top light over the doors.  And the same license plate on that side.
Now, look at this still from the video claiming to show Jackson's alive:

It has the same license plate in the same area, same painting scheme.  Basically it looks like the same vehicle.  I can't read the numbers on the license plate, so it's hard to tell if it really is the car, but someone should have these videos and photos analyzed.  Also, the L.A. County Coroner's Office should issue some kind of statement.  
What does this mean?
I really don't know what all of this means except that this is something that should be looked into if only to debunk it.  It's all over the news, from the Chicago Tribune to the website Associated Content and  Those outlets are trusted sources such that they do appears to believe this should be looked into.    
In the end, for some reason the words "Maybe now they will leave you alone" keep ringing in my head.   
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Mary Jo Kopechne - Ted Kennedy was punished; leave him alone

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For some reason that I attribute in part to lack of knoweldge and to crazy right-wing extremist, and to Internet trolls looking for the next nasty thing to write, the topic being searched is not "Ted Kennedy" but "Mary Jo Kopechne", and her name's all over Twitter and a top search term as of this writing.

That's a shame.

I find that the vast majority of people engaging in the subject just leave inane comments without any real knowledge of the incident or what Kennedy did and why it's over. Let me help here.

Mary Jo Kopechne was a campaign worker to Robert F. Kennedy and in 1969 (July) was one of several women invited to a party at the island called on Chappaquiddick, near Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. Jack Crimmins, Kennedy's driver had brought Kennedy's car, a black Oldsmobile, to the Vineyard as well as alcohol for the weekend: cases of beer, and vodka, Scotch, and rum.

Reportedly, Kennedy annouced that he was leaving the party and Kopechne wanted a ride back home, so rather than get driver, Kennedy elected to drive her himself. Now, reading between the lines, it seems the two may have been looking for a dark place to fool around in the car, but since they may have been tailed by a deputy sheriff and according to this research didn't remain parked when his car pulled up, they didn't find one.

Then Kennedy took a wrong turn at dark, unlit road without guardrails called Dike Road and put on the breaks, not knowing where he was, but accidentally drove into a body of water reportedly called Poucha Pond. The car was upside down; Kennedy said it was black and water was all around coming into the car.

He turned for Kopechne who too was struggling, and then tried to open the door but it would not budge. Finally, just when he thought that was it, with an apparent burst of adrenaline he escaped and swam to surface.

Kennedy said, and it was confirmed, that he did swim back underwater to look for Kopechne. Moreover, other associates did too, but the current was too strong for them to complete their mission. She passed on.

Fearful of his future, Kennedy failed to call the police, thinking that his friends who helped look for her had done so.

Kennedy: "I was the driver"

Senator Kennedy admitted he was the driver of the car and pled guilty to the charge of leaving the scene. Sighting his contributions to the community Judge James Boyle agreed with his lawyers request to suspend his sentence.

Kennedy made a mistake but made up for it

Accidents happen to everyone. It's sad to see people write about this who, if they were caught in the same circumstances don't know how they would have handled it, don't know what they would have done. If you're one of those people, the Internet trolls running around today, don't get upset if people treat you like you're treating Senator Kennedy after his death.

I for one, will not clap in glee at your tragedy.

Get this straight: Ted Kennedy had his day in court 40 years ago, was sentenced, and that was excused by the judge. You can't retry a case decades later and double jeopardy is a violation of Kennedy's constitutional rights.

Moreover, such efforts smack of the best of President Richard M. Nixon, who was obsessed that a Kennedy would come back to beat him in another election and showed a greater than normal interest in Chappaquiddick for the purpose of polluting an ever-gullible American public with false information on Ted Kennedy. That was Nixon's tactic: take the truth, bend it beyond recognition, then feed the result to people who don't care to vet it but will certainly repeat it.

Ted Kennedy was a hero

In 1964 when it was unpopular to do, Ted Kennedy worked to get rid of the poll tax. What was that? It was a charge on African Americans in the South of $2 just to cast a vote. In 1966 the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. Kennedy took a position to help blacks that was unpopular and within my time. I was born in 1962.

It's easy for some to sit on the outside, forty years later, after Kennedy has died today, and point a finger. But it takes a basic level of character and empathy that's lacking in Internet trolls to take a look at a person's great life's work after a mistake and give credit to them for a job well done.

Such should be done for Senator Kennedy.

Senator Barbara Boxer on Senator Kennedy

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I just received this email from the Office of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) containing Senator Boxer's statement on the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy:

Senator Barbara Boxer

Dear Friends,

I was heartbroken to hear of Senator Ted Kennedy's passing and my deepest sympathies go out to Vicki, his children and the entire Kennedy family.

I will always think of Senator Kennedy as the lion of the Senate. From his seat in the back of the beautiful Senate chamber, he used his powerful voice to speak out for the voiceless. He could always be counted on to champion justice, fairness and compassion — and to challenge all of us to do the same.

Personally, I will miss Senator Kennedy's warm and engaging presence, his bellowing laughter and the way he reached out to all senators in friendship.

No one will ever be able to fill his shoes, but we must honor his extraordinary legacy by continuing his life's work. The most fitting tribute we could give Senator Kennedy is to carry on his fight for a quality education for all our children, affordable health care that families can rely on, an economy that works for everyone and equal rights for all our citizens.

Barbara Boxer

Ted Kennedy to be buried 95 feet from RFK

I just listened to CNN's Barbara Starr explain that Senator Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy ,who passed way this morning after a battle with brain cancer, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery just 95 feet from his brother Robert F. Kennedy, and near President John F. Kennedy.

John, Robert, and Ted

Starr briefly mentioned the requirements for being buried at Arlington National Cemetery , so I checked for more information.

Part 553 of Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations sets the criteria for burial at Arlington. The website lists the "eligibility for internment" and the list mostly covers those who served in the Armed Forces and Presidents of The United States.

Senator Kennedy served in the U.S. Army from 1953 to 1957 and was senator, which qualifies him for burial at Arlington. Moreover, and this is not within regulations but according to CNN's Starr something the Kennedy family discussed with Arlington officials, his brothers are buried there and when his conditioned worsened last year, efforts were made to form a plan for burial at Arlington National Cemetary.

Video on CNN

Ted Kennedy's legacy: please don't tarnish it

After I learned of the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy I created my video blog on YouTube at around 1 AM today and later found a bunch of really nasty comments about Senator Kennedy on my YouTube channel's video page.

Comments referring to events of the past and assumptions about him based on reports of his battles with the bottle of long ago. I could go on about these, but I will not. I eliminated those comments and in some cases banned the people who wrote them. I ask you all to have respect for those who have passed on, even if one can't see you or know who you are online.

Show class.

Ted Kennedy has passed on to Heaven; let him rest on his journey.

Ted Kennedy did great deeds on earth and today many will remember those acts from one who was the third longest serving senator in our history. From the creation of the Violence Against Women Act to the Children's Health Care Act, Kennedy wrote 2,500 bills, 300 of which were made into law.

According to the Boston Globe, Kennedy specialized in the art of compromise, and learned that he would have to win small battles, in a process that for me recalls learning about "incremental planning" in college at Texas-Arlington and Berkeley.

Kennedy was 'relentless' here, introducing more legislation to achieve overall objectives than most any other U.S. Senator. And he managed to do this while not making enemies. Republican Senator John McCain just said on CNN that he "could do battle with you in the Senate, and then after all the speech-making was over, he could walk over, put his arm around you and let you all know we were friends."

Senator Kennedy was a great man.

For those of you who feel moved to write something nasty, I ask that you don't. Take at least one day, heck this whole week, to chill on your primal urge to be mean. Try being nice. What good does it do anyone, including yourself, to feel your negative energy, expressed in words, for all to see? None. So don't do it.

Please respect Senator Ted Kennedy in his passing. Please respect yourself and others today.

Senator Ted Kennedy dies - a great American in my life

I happened to wake up in the middle of the night, well, at around 1 AM, looked at my email, and saw the CNN news alert that Senator Ted Kennedy passed away of brain cancer at 77 years old. So I got out of bed and made this vlog.

I did so because Ted Kennedy was a big part of my life and generation. No. I never met him; always wanted to but I didn't place a high priority on making that happen. Frankly, the idea of Senator Kennedy passing on just wasn't one I could wrap my mind around.

But it happened.

Ted Kennedy is one of the greatest elected officials of our time. He's great because he cared and fought for people who did not have what he had. He's great for his staying power. And, yes, he's great because he was a Kennedy.

Senator Ted Kennedy

He's the last of "the brothers" to grace our time and my life. JFK was killed one year after I was born. Bobby Kennedy was murdered in 1968. JFK jr. - who I had high hopes would become, and really did achieve the level of, a force in "entrepreneurial politics" with the magazine "George" passed suddenly in a plane crash with his wife in 1999. Then there was Ted, the survivor.

Ted Kennedy for me will be remembered for a number of great acts and legislative works. One of them, The Violence Against Women Act that he co-wrote and worked to improve over the years.

But for me, Senator Kennedy will always be remembered for endorsing then-Senator Barack Obama as 44th President of The United States, when many believed he would back then-Senator Hillary Clinton. His move changed the course of the 2008 presidential primary and history, too. Barack Obama became the first African American president of the United States.

Ted Kennedy. A great American in my life. A sad day it is.