Thursday, July 03, 2008

Even "Mini Me" Has a Sex Tape? Verne Troyer & Ranae Shrider On TMZ

ranae, originally uploaded by reallajoie.

Verne Troyer and Ranae Shrider apparently decided that his portrail of "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers' movies wasn't doing a thing for his "Q" celebrity rating, so they made a sex tape.

Yes, "Mini Me" is in a sex tape. Think about it -- or don't think about it -- "Mini Me". He and his now ex-girlfriend.

What's the point? Well, whatever the case, I'm not linking to TMZ for that crap. But the point of this post is to show what lengths people will go to just to gain attention.

Does anyone know how many "sex tapes" were made over the past five years alone? Whatever the count, a search of the term reveals over 9 million results on Google.

It's too the point that we just don't care anymore. And I feel sorry for Verne, but only because he was unbelievably stupid.

Brett Farve Should Remain Retired; Give Aaron Rogers A Chance

The news is all over the place regarding Brett Farve's rumored return to play in the NFL. But look, we've seen this dance before and frankly I'm tired of it.

Look, I've cried twice thinking that was the end of the line for this great legend of the game. But geez, can't we get a chance to miss Brett and wonder what if, rather than see him step on the field and perhaps not do well?

What's the point? To prove that one can play until their 50? To test the benefits of Viagra? I'm curious. What's the deal? Is it the money? Or just the plain love of being cheered and admired.

I think that's it.

Regardless. I can see the late Coach Walsh now, looking down from Heaven and thinking, "If I were there, I'd have cut him two years ago. What's going on with the Packers?"

Indeed, that's what we're all wondering.

Brett, let this tribute stand:

Agent Trick In Columbia Could Have Been Used To Get Saddam

I happened on this CNN website news headline reporting that the agents who rescued the Columbia hostages used "old-fashioned trickery" by pretending to be part of the FARC, then leading the band to safety, rather than where the hostages thought they were going, to meet international leaders.

That's fantastic. But my question is why could we not have done that in Iraq? I've long believed we didn't need to have a big military effort to do this; that we could send people to embed into the culture and work their way in.

In my view, the effort of the Columbian rescuers gives yet another reason why we should not have invaded Iraq, let alone started the Iraq War we're still in.