Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Frank Alizaga, Jr. Open Your !@@$# Eyes!"

I finally understand what this is good for. My friend Frank Alizaga, Jr. has a tendancy to show up whereever there's a camera. I'm just trying to get him to open his eyes. The latest picture of him was taken with his girlfriend Roberta and wound up in SF 7x7 Magazine. She had the right expression, but Frank looked like he had a few, which is generally true.

Or take this photo below:

While this one, taken at the San Francisco City Club, is better, it's great only because "Berty" has a nice wide eyed expression. Frank, on the other hand, just rose from slumber. I think.

Frank! Open your eyes, dude!

Carolina Panthers Cheeleaders Arrested for Sex In Tampa Bar

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