Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Breaking Bad" Is Great Television - Just Saw It

Ok, so I'm flipping channels and up comes the start of a program which features this shaved-headed, bespectacled man sitting next to a rather attractive , yet plain-looking woman. They're listening to a rather boring school PTA meeting presentation when we suddenly see the man slowly place his hand under the table and run it up the skirt of the woman. She takes his hand and places it away from her -- for a second. Then she takes it and moves it slowly up her skirt.

Just when it seems the hand will meet its destination, his name is called by the presenter, and he and she, and we, are snapped back to reality.

Welcome to "Breaking Bad."

"Breaking Bad" is a new show on AMC (American Movie Channel), which took the genius move of hosting it, is a story about your typical high school chem teacher who discovers he has lung cancer and elects to use his talents to create meth for sale on the open market. That's where things get interesting.

You'll have to tune in for the rest. Check it out.

Sean Hannity's Messed-Up Obama Reporting Features Security Threat

Yes, you read my title correctly. Fox News' Sean Hannity should be FIRED. Yanked off the Fox News telecast by his legs, upside down , by the Secret Service and in full prime-time view of the American Public.

Sean Hannity's a total jerk of a TV personality who thinks it's cool and good ratings to assist by association in placing a respected U.S Senator in danger, which is what he has done by featuring one man, a friend of Sean's who's a white supremacist named Hal Turner and who Sean's frequently had as a guest, and who also threatened Obama.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sean Hannity is -- as newshounds put it -- "ever-vigilant-against-black-racism but ever-sympathetic-to-white-racism". But to the point of allowing a person he's friendly with to threaten the life of Barack Obama? This is nuts, and Sean's just plain horrible.

Hal Turner's had bomb-making tips on his website and has written such dangerous and really sick words as ""smart Frenchman Burned The Place Down To Prevent More Savage Negros From Gaining Access To France" and who's page is linked to from a Neo-Nazi groups website. And add to that, he's not even supposed to have a webpage, because he's been rejected by so many people. Maybe the Secret Service should take this down.

And with all of this, Sean Hannity has a relationship with this idiot? WFT?!

(I'd link to Turner's page, but it makes me barf to even write the link code to do it. But on second thought, if it helps the FBI and the Secret Service, I'll do's the link.)

This means Fox News speaks for Hal Turner.

I can't believe Fox News is to desparate for rating that on top of the whole short skirts, upskirt legs habit they've launched on the part of their female hosts, they harbor as a TV personality a guy who has no problem -- none at all -- giving voice to someone who wants to eliminate Barack Obama.

I can't figure out which is worst: Hannity or Turner, or Fox News itself. I guess I'll take all three of them put together.

According to Newshounds, Hannity, this total piece-of-shit fuck in my free-speech opinion regarding a public figure who's played agent to the threat of Barack Obama, has " has never renounced Turner." Moreover, according to McSweeney's Internet Tendency , Hannity has helped Turner overcome a drug problem and has invited him to the set of his TV show. Think about it. Sean Hannity maintains a friendship with a person in Hal Turner who -- again according to McSweeney -- advocates killing African Americans, and I'm way not making this up.

It's about time Sean rejected Turner on his show, or get booted from his show. But really, it's about time Fox News got some real balls and kicked Hannity off the air, regardless of the appology. It's totally un-American to have a person who's arguably a threat to national security on the public airwaves. Get his stupid, ignorant, racist ass off television now.

Now for those of you who think Hannity has a point about "The real Barack Obama," you're smoking something other than a very good Mike Ditka Cigar. According to Newshounds, which "watches Fox so you don't have to" ...

Obama has renounced Farrakhan and the radical organization the Weather Underground, of which two former members developed a seemingly loose association with Obama 40 years later. Naturally, those renunciations were not good enough for Hannity. But Hannity, to my knowledge, has never renounced Turner.

Obama’s “connection” to Farrakhan is tenuous at best. Obama’s pastor’s daughters awarded Farrakhan some kind of lifetime achievement award. It’s worth noting that Obama has said he disagrees with the award. But that did not satisfy the ever-vigilant-against-black-racism but ever-sympathetic-to-white-racism Hannity.

Obama’s connection to Ayers is also sketchy. It has been reported that Obama met with the two former radicals, Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadette Dohrn, in 1995; Obama served with Ayers on the board of an anti-poverty group; Ayers donated $200 to Obama's 2001 state senate campaign;

I'm glad Patriot Boy called the Secret Service about Hal Turner; the Secret Service should keep a watch on Sean Hannity, too. I've seen the real terrorists, and they're Hal Turner and Sean Hannity.

There are some who say Hannity is a moron , but I say he's just plain a threat to our country. Please get him off the air; he's done far more damage than Don Imus ever did, and Imus got the boot. Hannity should get the jail.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger puckers up to Kim Klein

Arnold and Kim, originally uploaded by genexmagazine.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger puckers up to congratulate Kim Klein, the winner of the Fitness International Competition at The Arnold Classic. The Arnold Classic is an annual bodybuilding event the Governor established well before he became Governor of California.

Dick Morris: It's Over For Hilary Clinton

In Real Clear Politics, former Clinton aide and now enemy Dick Morris writes in a real clear way that it's over for Hillary Clinton:

"The real message of Tuesday's primaries is not that Hillary won. It's that she didn't win by enough.

The race is over.

The results are already clear. Obama will go to the Democratic Convention with a lead of between 100 and 200 elected delegates. The remaining question is: What will the superdelegates do then? But is that really a question? Will the leaders of the Democratic Party be complicit in its destruction?..

I don't think "The Superdelegates" will do that, because by the time we get to Puerto Rico, many of the undecideds will have moved to support Obama anyway. I think what will be written after all of this is just how much the Mainstream Media missed this story of Obama's rise, so intent were many in that camp on crowning Hillary Clinton.