Friday, July 09, 2010

Mean Girls 2...It's official! By Sierra Blanchard

Mean Girls 2 is officially happening. So exciting!! Meaghan Martin, Maiara Walsh, Jennifer Stone and Nicole Anderson have been cast to become the new plastics. The first movie was great...these disney darlings have a lot of work ahead of them on this straight to television sequal!

Just Jared got the scoop on who will play who in the second installment of Mean Girls. Walsh is set to play the lead plastic opposite JONAS L.A. Star Nichole Anderson as Hope(another plastic), Camp Rocks very own mean girl Meaghan Martin as the lead Jo, and Wizards of Waverly place's mortal Jennifer Stone as Abby (the target and subject of ultimate plastic Meanness).

The story line is based around the new girl Jo who befriends an outcast Abby in exchange for Abby's wealthy father paying for the college of Jo's dreams. They team up to take on the mean girls. Who will come out victorious? Friendship or popularity? I know that I will be watching to find out! Will you?

Lindsay Lohan: Stick close to Kim Kardashian by Nikky Raney

The recent news regarding Lindsay Lohan makes it even more important that she sticks by a close friend, and Kim Kardashian is a great friend to Lohan to have during this tough time.

Christine Quinn corrupt NYC by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Daily News editorial section has a scathing piece exposing Christine Quinn finding any way possible to grab power, abuse power and the piece exposes a list of shameful City Council Members who claim they are against "lulus" -- extra pay and take the money anyway.   Lulus like slush money  is not kosher and leaves a lot of room for abuse of power.

Christine Quinn belongs in jail for aiding and abetting Mike Bloomberg in denying us a referendum and pushing through a 3rd term.  Read Benjamin Lesser's powerful piece on her and other city council members getting what sounds like kick backs for tax payer money they allotted to shady developers.

Read the last 2 paragraphs which expose corrupt Christine Quinn.  How much money has she and her staff burned through - tax payer money hiring top defense lawyers that specialize in White Collar Crime including Sullivan & Cromwell, same firms as Goldman Sachs hired. I called John Liu's office and asked him to please put the costs on NYC gov website or his comptroller website and asked if we can have an APP for our Iphones on NYC gov "spending" or I prefer another term re: tax payer money.

The powerful editorial by The New York Daily News also points out the fake hypocrites -- all talk saying the right thing but  their actions prove they are full of -- insincerity.

From The New York Daily News article:

"Ten members told Citizens Union they support an end to lulus but took the money anyhow. They are Fernando CabreraMargaret ChinDaniel DrommJulissa FerrerasHelen FosterSara GonzalezKaren KoslowitzDarlene MealyRosie Mendez and Diana Reyna. They are hypocrites."

I went to the Jane Jacobs Street Signing where I caught the corrupt Christine Quinn passing herself off as Jane Jacobs and I protested her corrupt dealings.  It was almost one year ago and I was about to turn 47 and I was wearing a recession bikini top.  If you go to the YouTube link of me protesting Quinn in the text portion you can find a series of articles I posted that expose Christine Quinn's corrupt dealings.  There are so many I probably don't have Jim Dwyer's piece and The Village Voice's expose.

Now I am about to turn 48 years old and NY may be heading in to a depression as the clowns of Albany have refused to get the budget gap closed.  The budget was suppose to be balanced April 1st of this year and again we are moving towards a government shut down.

I wish we could throw all these politicos in jail and as New York sinks further in to a an economic crisis that many rich won't feel the same is true for corrupt politicians who find every possible way to give themselves money for all their hard work.

From Albany to City Hall, for politicos, denial is the new crack cocaine.