Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Early Voting At A Rain Soaked Alameda County Courthouse

John Cusack: No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies

First the past: Senator McCain, Governor Palin and assorted surrogates are delusional and breathtakingly corrupt. They disgrace themselves and their country as they lie, smear, slur and write it off as political manner.Yet the creeping truth must frighten them late at night: there is no currency left to buy the big lies.

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United Mine Workers of America Defends Obama, Slams McCain

UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts reams the McCain campaign for it's last minute desperate distortion of Obama’s coal record, which he defends as superior to McCain's.

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76 Nobel Laureates Endorse Obama

As of last Friday, the number of Nobel Laureates endorsing Barack Obama for president has risen to 76, saying Obama will end Bush-era trashing of scientific research, integrity, and competitiveness.In an open letter (pdf), the Laureates cite the politicization of science under the Bush administration, particularly in the fields of heath...

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Paid GOP Workers Say They Misled Wisconsin Voters

The dirty tricks just keep on coming.

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FiveThirtyEight: McCain's win chance down to 1.9%

With fewer than six hours until voting begins in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, the national polling picture has cleared up considerably. Barack Obama is on the verge of a victory, perhaps a decisive victory, in the race for the White House.McCain's chances of victory are estimated at 1.9 percent, their lowest total of the year.

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Turn off the internets and go vote!

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Report from Alabama: 7 AM

Report from Alabama: 7 AM poll open line around building. Estimated wait: 3 hrs in this deeply red state.