Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America 2010 Winner: Rush Limbaugh dancing to Lady Gaga

The official Miss America 2010 Winner was Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron. But the real Miss America 2010 Winner was Rush Limbaugh dancing to Lady Gaga, which is becoming a YouTube and hit.

Rush Limbaugh cuts ..something (photo by Alan Colmes)

First, Limbaugh, the Couch Potato Conservative blowhard and radio star - who made news first by being named a judge in the wake of his blast of a female caller "April", telling her to get the "tampon out of her ears" (as he was insulting Haiti after the earthquake) - was named judge of the pageant.

Second, Rush Limbaugh, discovering he was happy to be alive in the wake of his unfortunate chest pain incident on New Year's Eve morning, got off a what can only by called a "dry heave" of a dance to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" during the pageant. It was a hilarious scene worthy of analysis on video:

All kidding aside, it's great to see Rush Limbaugh getting lose and enjoying life. No word on Lady Gaga's opinion of Limbaugh's dancing. But if you're interested in what a "dry heave" dance is, it was created by the writers of Seinfeld and done by Julia Louise-Dryfus as "Elaine" and seen here:

Stay tuned.

001 - Sfist Oscar blog post gets Zennie story wrong

UPDATE: Zennie62 video views according to TubeMogul.

If there's one thing I can't stand it's getting the story completely wrong about another person. Like "Lady Gaga is dead" or "Johnny Depp is dead" for example. The blog Sfist has taken things too far with respect to this blogger and I'm calling them on it. The Sfist making fun of my Oscar predicament was the last straw. They got it wrong.

Sfist never shows this side of Zennie

First, SFist refers to me, Zennie Abraham, as their "Old Pal, Zennie". Well, I'm asking them to stop it, or if I am their "Old Pal" then take the "Old Pal" to lunch. I've never met a single soul over at SFist and would not know any one of them if they walked past me, and they probably have.

I do not know Sfist Editor Brock Keeling by face or any of the other editors at SFist. I've invited Brock to lunch, but he's never taken me up on the invitation (until an email I got as I was writing this). Meanwhile, I feel that at times, and as I've added up, SFist is trying to selectively take some of the 800 blog posts I've written on alone and make me look like a black buffoon.

Yes, it started with my take on Star Trek and black men, which I stand by. At the time, there was a question of how minorities would be shown in a show that was known for its racial diversity and that I grew up with.

While the Star Trek movie was much better than I expected, and I'm a fan of it, the movie was still a wee bit off. What I want of the World is for people to think in terms of diversity first and that's a battle, along with advancing women in business and politics, that I will fight forever.

I try to help people by showing them, openly, how to make money with videos on YouTube. (How many times have I talked about the YouTube Partner Program?). I like helping people, as my friend Sarah Austin shows:

I wish Sfist would present that side of me.

SFist always of late uses a video that's of me doing something not serious (Zennie Abraham goes to White Castle) or if its a blog, about race (Harry Reid). SFist skipped over my blog posts on Haiti. They didn't even pay attention to my Haiti donation list. Matters about Oakland's draconian parking problem are not there at SFist. My interview with Craig Newmark was ignored by SFst. Why?

No. I'm not perfect. I'm a terrible proofreader. I'm at points undisciplined. I talk alot, to a lot of people. I hate tech event where there are a few folks of color. I hate it when people segregate themselves by race. I'm not an ideologue. I favor big business. And I'm perhaps too wonkish. But I am extremely creative. I do know how to write for the Internet. Bots love me and some people, too. It's the reason I'm the highest traffic generator at

I've generated over 1 million visitors at for three straight months including January, and discovered and developed a formula that allow me to cover both the national and World traffic generating content, then once I reach a point, mix in the local news with it.

I use the strategy for my own blog system and only Google's irrational protection of news websites over blogs keeps the same performance from being repeated by my blogs. If anyone were smart, they'd pay attention: does.

I'm trying to help advance media's future. We can disagree on a lot of things, but one thing we can all agree on is we need to fashion a course for news that's sustainable. News, like it or not, is now a commodity market. But the reason many news organizations fail is they treat it like its at their whim. The idea that "the editor knows best" is the reason many news efforts fail.

In the old days, blacks were shut out of newsrooms. Today, in this tech-led culture, any one can make a difference regardless of race, color, or sex. That's what I'm trying to prove and I love it when some get pissed off about it. Tech can overcome racism and prejudice, if one knows what they're doing. Why Sfist can't present that is beyond me.

But the bottom line is SFist got it wrong. AMPAS (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)invited me to apply for a press credential for The Oscars. Anyone would be excited if they were given such an opportunity. The Oscar invite was to me a gauge - a measure - of the impact of what I've done. I have the metrics; I should be at the Oscars. But if not, I just want to know what I need to do to change that for 2011. There's nothing wrong with that.

001 - Mike Silver's in The Audi Efficiency Challenge charity drive to Super Bowl XLIV

My long time friend Yahoo! Sports Mike Silver's in The Audi Efficiency Challenge charity drive to Super Bowl XLIV. This is the email he sent on the event:

Hey everyone... I'm fired up to participate in the Audi Efficiency Challenge, beginning tomorrow in Washington D.C. and ending at the site of Super Bowl XLIV. It is a race to see who can make the drive (in a state-of-the-art, clean-diesel SUV) with the most fuel efficiency, and I am trying to win $20,000 for a pair of Type 1 diabetes-related charities, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Diabetic Youth Foundation. As many of you know, my 10-year-old son has Type 1 and it is a daily and constant challenge for our family and for those of the up to three million Americans with the condition. I hope you will check out my new website and offer any support that you can. There are direct links for both charities. And please spread the word! I totally appreciate it.

Mike Silver

001 - Domino's new pizza taste is just awful - an update

On December 20th, this blogger conducted his own informal taste test of the new Domino's Pizza formula. It was terrible:

I read that Domino's Pizza had a new recipe that aimed to "put away the competition" as CBS News reported. So I decided to order a sausage, bell peppers, and cheese version from the store on Grand Avenue here in Oakland.

Aside from the fact that the delivery person didn't understand how to use the intercom system where I live, and had to come twice, the pizza itself was just plain awful. Now, it was cold but warming it just worsened things. I'm sorry. I read that Domino's spend two years developing this new taste; what the heck were they thinking?

A pizza is made by the crust, the sauce, and the cheese. The Domino cheese, whatever it is, is so bad I don't even want to finish my pizza. And the sauce is so bland, it might as well not be on the pizza.

I'm now eating the Cesar Salad I ordered to go with it. In fact, I'd have been happier with just the salad!

Since then, commenters and emailer have responded to explain how much they like the new taste or to say I didn't have the new version of the pizza. So to prove that wasn't the case, I uploaded the video above. You can see that the box claims the new pizza is the one with Domino's Pizza'a new taste. And that was the pizza I called terrible.

Then, I received this email:

Hi Sir,
With refrence to our telephonic conversation ragrading your last experience with us at Domino's pizza I sincerely appologize for the inconvinience you had .
Just to make it up your next order is on us .
Again we appologize for inconvinience you had.
Best regards

Apparently Domino's Pizza Headquarters saw the blog post, contacted the Oakland Grand Avenue store, and the manager contacted me. He offered to provide another pizza made to order by my instructions, and on Domino's Pizza.

Since then, the call to order one has not yet happened, but Domino's Pizza has not stood still. Now, the fast food giant claims their last pizza version was terrible. The new marketing strategy has taken many by surprise. Econsultancy wrote:

Domino's Pizza has a confession to make: the pizza it has been selling for decades sucks. If you ever thought that the crust tasted like cardboard, or that the sauce tasted like ketchup, Domino's isn't going to argue with you. It knows.

Wow. But the problem I has was the new taste was worst than the old one. Of those who took issue with my blog post, I think most were Domino's Pizza plants: people hired by the firm to respond to my often-seen blog post either by commentary or email. Domino's has worked aggressively to get the word out that their new pizza is really better. They even have their own YouTube channel, with their latest pizza taste-test videos just having been uploaded one week ago:

Is all of this really the best approach? I don't know, but I'm going to take them up on their pizza offer.

Stay tuned.