Monday, February 26, 2007

Could Willis find Happyness wearing a different color Blue??

From Pro Football weekly's "the Whay we Hear It".....
Reese’s comments about McGahee offer new wrinkle to Giants’ RB outlook

The most intriguing thing to come out of new Giants GM Jerry Reese’s mouth at the Scouting Combine shouldn’t have come out at all. When asked about the possibility of acquiring Bills RB Willis McGahee, Reese did not refuse to comment — as he should have, given that McGahee is still under contract and that it could be considered tampering for another team to talk about a player’s availability. Yet, the comment that the Giants will do their due diligence on McGahee at least raised the intrigue level around one of the more interesting positions on the team heading into free agency. Sources with knowledge of the Giants’ interests suggest that the team will add at least one, perhaps two, backs this season — either through free agency, the draft or a trade. The latter had been considered the least likely until Reese’s comments, because the organization is believed to like Brandon Jacobs as a lead back, albeit one who will carry less responsibility than the recently retired Tiki Barber. Later, Reese even went on to say that, ideally, Jacobs would carry the ball 20 times and that another back might get 15 carries in a hypothetical division of labor before the Giants have even made any moves.

Ok so we know that The Giants are Panting like a wanton schoolgirl over McGahee and the Packers Ahman Green, and the Giants RB coach Jerheld Ingrham is something of a magic man when it comes to Backs with issues(can we call him the RUNNINGBACK wisperer??) But you can't call this "tampering" when the player himself has made it known that he wants a trade, the team he plays for has said they will make a trade, and the Giants didn't offer a contract number in thin air like the Jets did last year with the Deion Branch affair(which they were cleared of any wrongdoing BTW).
Still, not that Bright on Reese's part to tip his hand that way, and it's not something either of his two predecessors would have done. The Late George Young, who Had a hand in bringing Reese into the organization would have talked a 1,000 dollar an hour escort out of her 401K without telling her he was giving it to the little sisters of the poor, and Ernie Accorsi could be accused of many things, but one of them was not loose unless this was a big smoke screen....