Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Brokeback Mountain hits the Zeitgeist

As a movie buff who's seen The Godfather 27 times, and a good set of movies over 10 times, plus written two screenplays (no, not sold..yet) and recently seen King Kong twice (a terrific work), I feel compelled to see "Brokeback Mountain" because of the buzz around it. Yet, I'm not attracted by the fact the story is of two men in love. What I'm drawn to is that it's directed by Ang Lee, one of my favorites.

I think -- to be frank -- a very large part of me wonders why Hollywood seems to avoid producing movies that feature inter-racial relationships, specifically between white women and black men. In the two examples where such relationships were the focus of the flick (I like that), they were not "normal" relationships. In "Jungle Feaver" the relationship was painted as taboo. In "One Night Stand" both characters were married to other people.

By contrast, it seems that Gay White Male relationships are presented from a more sympathetic perspective. Now there's a huge difference in that we're talking about a lifestyle choice (being Gay) versus a physical type beyond the control of the person. But what is similar is both kinds of people have not been shown in mainstream movies much at all until the last 20 years. America has been presented with a huge set of movies with Straight White Male / Straight White Female romances.

What bothers me about this recent trend is it still seems as if White Female and Black Male parings are not well-considered by some even to this day. A social dynamic I regard as rather sick. It's as if America is saying "You can do anything, even date another man...but White Women and Black men?....Well....

That's stupid.

I suppose the only solution is to establish a well-financed film production company which aims to get movies wtih interracial themes made and distributed.

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