Monday, November 19, 2007

Obama Leada In Iowa, Stunning CNN in The Process!

Yep. Here's the news from ABC : Barack Obama's ahead 30 percent, 26 percent for Clinton, and John Edwards at 22 percent. Wolf Blitzer can't seem to stand that Obama's ahead of Clinton. They didn't mention that, or the Des Moines Register Poll, or the latest poll reporting Obama's lead at 4 percent.

Instead, CNN's Blitzer's focusing too much on other matters like the CIA leak, and totally ignoring Senator Clinton's major gaffe on Pakistan.

The Clinton News Network can't stand the news that Obama can win the Iowa Caucus.


In this video, Fox News interviews columnist Robert Novak, also called "The Prince of Darkness" who in this case spread darkness about Senator Barack Obama by stating that the Clinton campaign claimed to have news about a sex scandal about Obama. Novak -- in the video -- essentially that the source was not from the campaign but who was told by an agent of the campaign. In other words, his source has a source. It's called gossip and he's spreading it, but there's nothing there. Novak does compare Clinton to Nixon!

Mike Gravel - "Hillary, Your Lips are Moving and You're Lying'

In this video, Former Senator and U.S. Presidential candidate Mike Gravel -- who was not invited to be in the Nevada debate -- held his own event where he responded to the answers given by the candidates, well, ok, Senator Clinton here. He says she's lying about Clinton's position on Iran, saying "Hillary, Your Lips are Moving and you're lying. She's ignorant. The law that was past right after 9-11, coupled with the resolution that (U.S. Senator Joe Libermann) put in, gave the President the power to go to war."

It's not right that he was excluded; he'd have made the event informative and unforgetable as well as providing a great check for Hillary Clinton.

Vick Sells Virginia House At Big Loss

Report courtesy of in Atlanta, Georgia.

SURRY, Va. -- Michael Vick has sold the Virginia house that was the headquarters of his dog fighting operation.

The Daily Press reported Friday that Todd Builders Inc. of Carrollton, Va. bought the house for $450,000.

The new owner plans to put the house up for auction on December 15.

The $450,000 price was below the home's assessed $747,000 value.

But that doesn't take into account the property's notoriety, said Kyle Hause Jr., the real estate agent who handled the sale.

"Only one person can own the most famous house in America today," Hause said. "You can ask people from coast to coast which house has the most notoriety in the country today, and it's this house."

The house at 1915 Moonlight Rd. was the home of Vick's Bad Newz kennels.

Dog fights were held at the property. Authorities found dog fighting equipment and 66 dogs when they raided the house back in April.

3 Young Boys Arrested In Rape Case

This story is extremely disheartening and emotionally upsetting. It's unquenchable to believe that a crime of this magnitude could occur in any part of the country.

Report Courtesy of in Atlanta, Georgia.

ACWORTH, Ga. -- Police say they've arrested three young boys on charges they kidnapped and raped an 11-year-old girl in the woods near an Acworth apartment complex.

Police say the boys -- who are 8 and 9 years old -- are in a Cobb County youth detention center but could face adult criminal charges.

"Reportedly two 9-year-old boys and one 8-year-old boy took the girl into the woods against her will where she was raped," said Capt. Wayne Bennard of the Acworth Police Department.

Police reports show the girl went to authorities Saturday for the alleged attack, which she says happened Thursday.

The victim told police they had been playing outside the West Ridge Apartments before the attack.

"The three boys have been charged with crimes ranging from rape, sexual assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment," said Bennard. "The reaction is dismay."

The suspects are being held at the Cobb County Youth Detention Center.

Prosecutors said they have yet to decide whether to try the suspects as adults.

"That decision hasn't been made," said Kathy Watkins, a spokeswoman for the Cobb County District Attorney's office.

Gore / Obama Supporter - Gore Endorse Obama?

I asked the person in my video about Al Gore endorsing Barack Obama and had a hard time getting a straight answer out of her, but I did learn a lot about the Gore / Obama effort -- it seems that, as she said, it's there idea and a dream. But for me, it's really more than that as they have signs and shirts and a website.

They're really activists. The bottom line is that I can't remember an election where there were so many fringe groups formed around "dream tickets" -- can you?

Ron Paul Kicks Fox News Chris Wallace Into Abyss - Video

In this cool video that places Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul in the role of a Spartan as in the movie "300", Paul kicks Fox News Chris Wallace into an abyss. You've got to see it.

Tim Russert, LA Times Fixing Obama News - Media Makes Errors and Ommissions Regarding Barack Obama News

If you've wondered about those negative stories about Barack Obama and whether they were "fixed" here's your answer: yes they were. If you've ever wanted one place to see all of those errors and ommissions with regard to Senator Obama's presidential run, you've come to the right place.

It's all here. From the LA times excluding Senator Obama's specific statements on human rights and national security, to Time Russert's famous "fixed" Meet the Press questions that sounded as if they were written by the Clinton campaign, to CNN's misrepresentations of Senator Obama's statements about Hillary Clinton.

They're all here for you. Share this with a friend and tell them how the mainstream media's unfairly fixing news against Barack Obama. They can't laugh at you; it's all here!

Check it out.