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Oakland Mayor's Race: Lawyers Forum Sept 10th; EBYD Website Fix Needed

EBYD.  Greg Harrland's running...
Yep. Another forum is coming up for the Oakland Mayor's Race. It's the Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club Forum on September 10th. Held at Everett and Jones Restaurant in Jack London Square at 12 Noon that day, every mayoral candidate has been invited to what's both a forum and an endorsement meeting.

East Bay Young Democrats (EBYD) Behind Current Events

On its website on the Oakland Mayor's Race, the East Bay Young Democrats explain that "there are three main contenders for the cities top position, and goes on to mention Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, Former Senator Don Perata, and Councilmember Jean Quan, and that's it. The web page was created before the June 10th mayoral forum at First Unitarian Church and never updated.

Here's an assist.

There are 10 candidates for Mayor of Oakland: Terrance Candell, Arnold Fields, Greg Harland, Marcie Hodge, Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, Don Macleay, Don Macleay, Councilmember Jean Quan, Joe Tuman, and Larry Lionel Young Jr.

This points to a still nasty, but really fun-to-fight tendency of at least two East Bay Political Reporters to favor just the three candidates and express a desire to ignore the rest. How this blogger know this will not be revealed. But let's just say a lot of people share a lot of things.

Oakland Mayor's Race candidates be warned: the mainstream media doesn't want to make the playing field a level one. That means you're going to have to approach the media, and not wait for them to call you. Chances are you'll be waiting until hell freezes over.

Las Vegas Seeks Oakland Athletics; Will Build 45,000-Seat Stadium

Mayor Goodman
Just when it seemed San Jose was the only city that wants the Oakland Athletics to leave Oakland and move to a planned new stadium there, enter Las Vegas.

According to Ballpark Digest, Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas, said his city has entered talks about building a 45,000 seat domed ballpark for an American League team and representatives of that team are involved.

While Mayor Goodman did not mention the Oakland A's by name, it's widely known in the media that Las Vegas has been a favored option for A's managing owner Lew Wolff, and as recently as last year.

Also, according to the Sports Business Daily, MLB Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly met with Mayor Goodman and "A's Execs" as recently as last year, a rumor that neither MLB or the Oakland A's would confirm.

Las Vegas Mayor Goodman said that the talks were in "the early stages" and that they may not go anywhere, saying "I’m not going to tell you that it’s imminent." Regarding the A's, Mayor Goodman said "I have been advised we are designated an American League city."

Given Major League Baseball's involvement in this movement overtures on the part of The Oakland A's away from Oakland, the view here is The City of Oakland should go directly for a lawsuit against Major League Baseball, rather than just San Jose or Las Vegas.

Vegas Ballpark Would Be Part of Large Development

In order to pay for a new ballpark, more than likely it would have to be part of a larger development in Las Vegas. It would more than likely be a new sport-oriented casino resort with 2,000 hotel rooms or more and a large shopping complex. The main question is the difference between retail absorption capability in Las Vegas and any new spending that would be drawn from outside Las Vegas by this new development.

If you want to run the business of a baseball team in Oakland, and see the impacts of relocation, run the Oakland Baseball Simworld conceived, developed, and programmed by this blogger.

Stay tuned.

True Blood - When the season ends? by Suzannah B. Troy

The True Blood Rolling Stone cover was a hot topic of discussion and than I heard these words we all have thought to ourselves...."What am I going to do when the season ends?"  I haven't looked at The Rolling Stones cover and magazine.   I know that is sacrilege.

I just can't wait until tomorrow which i predict will frustrate me as much as entertains me.

I feel about Alan Ball's HBO True Blood the way I feel about a really good mystery book I want to finish the book but don't want the book to end -- like the vampires lives, I want True Blood to go and on....

The conversation I joined was by two people that had no problem with all the blood.  I do.  They just love it.  Eat it up.  I don't.  I am grossed out but still the show is bloody good!    We all discussed who we would want to sleep with on the show and for right now I picked the actor who plays the male nurse.   I just think he is hot.   Of course that is subject to change and I love that really big werewolf.  

HBO says real "Truebies" sign up for the newsletter...

If only season 4 would start immediately after season 3 ends...  Here is a short coming attraction for tomorrow night with Eric as always being riveting.....      I am feeling anemic right now as all True Blood fans are waiting for Sunday Night.....!!!!!

Here is the episode guide for Season 3 and it looks like the last installment is Sept. 12th.

Julian Assange rape charges dropped, Wikileaks founder cleared

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3 Julian Assange - Image via Wikipedia
In what has to have been a nightmare experience for him, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been cleared of charges of rape and molestation in Sweden, false charges issued by two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 30s. As reported at, the charges looked like the anatomy of a smear campaign.

According to Aljazeera, Eva Finne, Sweden's chief prosecutor, Julian Assange was "no longer wanted."

On Friday, it was reported that the two women, who knew each other, came forward to Swedish Police.  But the problem was they did not want to file an official report because of their so-called fears of his power.

What's fishy about that story is if the women actually knew who Julian was, thus "fearing his power," which is a joke of a claim, and knew what his controversial Wikileaks issue was about, why would they seek to file a false report of rape, especially since he up against the U.S Government?

If they were supporters of his cause, they would not have done that.  Period.

Under the circumstances,  because they're not named and did not file an official report, its fair to ask if the women were connected to the CIA?

Many news organizations will go back to the story that Wikileaks has over 70,000 documents on its website that are classified and concern the War in Afghanistan. But the dropping of charges does not begin to explain exactly and in detail why they were issued. And who were the two women who brought the story forward?

Charging someone with rape is a serious issue.  What's more troubling is that it was done at a time when Wikileaks and Julian Assange are the focus of the U.S Governments anger. Anyone who abuses the legal process to make a false claim should be punished.

Stay tuned for more on this fish story.

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange rape charge reads of smear

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3Image via Wikipedia
Is Julian Assange being smeared?
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who's website has over 70,000 classified documents related to the War in Afghanistan, has been charged with alleged rape in Sweden. But a new item of information strongly indicates the report may be nothing more than a false claim.

As reported earlier at, a translation from the Swedish tabloid Expressen claims that two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 30s, came forward to police. But read of the initial report in the tabloid Expressen indicates that the charges amount to heresay evidence without a real claim as there's no official report.

Here's the direct accounts from the translated version:
One woman he should have met last week between Saturday and Sunday in an apartment in Stockholm.
Other woman will he have met in Enköping on Tuesday morning, according to Expressen.
A source with insider tells how he met the women: - He met the victims through their assignments.

The prosecutor would at this stage only confirm the suspicion of rape, but would not provide more details: Women must be received by the City police in Stockholm yesterday to ask about their experiences with Julian Assange. They reportedly did not notify. Women are terrified and dare not participate. The police believe that in this case, the offender's position of power that women are afraid of. This raises for police and prosecutor, says a source.
A person close to the women says: The girls know each other and they both know that they have experienced the same thing. According to police, the prosecutor did not know the suspect Wikileaksgrundaren are visiting.

In other words, two women got together to point the finger at Julian Assange, but neither wants to file an official report. That means their claims are heresay evidence at best, if the Expressen is to be believed.

Stay tuned.

Muslim Miss USA: Move the Mosque! by Suzannah B. Troy

Photo: Reuters
The New York Post reports Miss USA, Rima Fikih who hopes to be the next Miss Universe says move the mosque.   She is more eloquent than that of course..  Rima Fikih told entertainment "I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on constitutional rights of freedom of religion," the beauty queen said in an interview with "Inside Edition" that aired yesterday.

"I totally agree with President Obama with the statement on constitutional rights of freedom of religion," the beauty queen said in an interview with "Inside Edition" that aired yesterday.
I also agree that it shouldn't be so close to the World Trade Center. We should be more concerned with the tragedy than religion."

My thoughts...
Americans overwhelmingly agree in religious freedom but this is about an open massive wound -- literally the WTC site were even recently body parts were found recently and loved ones are not near closure and still hoping for DNA, something more...

The other issue who funding and any terrorist groups linked to this mosque or any mosque here in the USA clearly are not welcome

If you want to build bridges, educate and heal why would you inflict so much pain which is clearly what that people behind the mosque intend hiding behind anti-Muslim which is not true.  The Mosques all over the downtown area including the East Village have not been victims of hate related to 9-11 that I am aware of .

Why would any religious group want to build where they know they are causing immense pain to loved ones that have overwhelmingly made it clear this is not the least not now.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to surrender to police over rape charge

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3Julian Assange - Image via Wikipedia
It's reported from the Google translated web version of the Swedish tabloid Expressen, that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is to surrender to Swedish police over an alleged rape charge reported earlier.

Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said that Julian Assange will remain in Sweden. Reportedly, police want to confront him with what is called "the data."

According to Expressen's Anna Skarin, two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 30s, came forward with the claim.

Wikileaks currently holds about 70,000 pages of classified documents related to the War in Afghanistan.
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Bryan Singer Talks X-Men First Class By Reginald L Cochran

After months of casting news and speculation, producer of X-men First class Bryan Singer has finally broke his silence about the film.

Bryan spoke with Harry Knowles over at AICN, and give him a great lengthy update on just what's in store for the upcoming prequel. Here is a good portion of what he said

"The film takes place in the 1960's. John F Kennedy is the President of the United States. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are on TV doing marches. There is a spirit of a hopeful future that was prevalent in that time. We will see how Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr met - and how they dreamt of a future with Mutant & Human kind.

They're going to be in their late twenties. Xavier will not be in his wheelchair to begin the film - but we will see how he wound up in a wheelchair. We're going to see Professor X when he still had hair. We'll see McAvoy and Fassbender's Magneto formulate what it is they are attempting by creating the X-MEN.

Now Bryan wanted us to know this is not the conventional "First Class" comic, but rather a new beginning for "X-Men". Set in the 60s - Vaughn is technologically inspired by James Bond's tech of the time. The costumes will be far more comic bookish than we've seen before, and while Scott and Jean aren't here,Cyclops' brother Alex Summers aka Havoc will be

With January Jones and Kevin Bacon playing Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw, as speculated, we'll be getting the "Hellfire Club". AICN commented that the "Hellfire Club" has always felt like something that it would be wrong to modernize, as it felt as though it were something specific to the swinging Hefner era of the 60s... and Bryan said"that's exactly why they're making use of the HELLFIRE CLUB... the dress and the costumes associated with that glorious period of the X-MEN... belong in the 60s."

"filming will begin with Xavier at Oxford University in the 60s. And Bryan is excited that the film is going to have a much more international feel than the prior X-MEN movies. They'll be shooting in England & the United States - and they'll be representing other locales around the globe as well, but would only tell me that Russia (aka The Soviet Union... CCCP) will be amongst them. He doesn't want to show all the cards just yet. But the International flavor will give the film a more James Bond vibe... I get the idea that this is going to be something quite special."

Well if i'm being honest I think this sounds like crap. To call this movie X-Men First Class and not follow the original comic is a complete slap in the face to fans. I'm also willing to bet that this film will also go the recent Star Trek route and include some time travel in it too.

I'm still hopeful that Matthew Vaughn could do some great things with this and they have a great cast so I like many others just have to take the wait and see approach.

X-men First Class hits theaters June 3, 2011

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange facing arrest over rape charge

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3Image via Wikipedia
Julian Assange 
Wikileaks, the website home of what is estimated to be 70,000 classified documents relating to the War in Afghanistan, has a new problem.

According to the Telegraph UK, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange facing arrest over what the news site in quotations lists as a 'rape' charge.

The warrant was issued in Sweden where Julian Assange was visiting. WikiLeaks reportedly keeps its servers there. Julian Assange also gave a speech there recently and agreed to publish bi-monrhly columns for a newspaper.

On Wikileaks Twitter page @Wikileaks, the issue was addressed:

Julian Assange: the charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing.
about 3 hours ago via bitly

The news also comes as Pentagon officials are considering filing their own criminal charges against Wikileaks for what they claim is theft of government property.

Stay tuned.
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Facebook & Tweeter Location Privacy settings by Suzannah B. Troy

FYI:  Long ago when I was a temp in offices....I came up for an idea for a movie for an agency that provides stalkers...a dark comedy about really narcissistic, ego maniacs so lonely they go to this agency to hire stalkers to make themselves feel important....Hey, here in NYC we have an agency for nude house cleaners...really!

Stalkers have become a playful term but in reality when using terms like "harassment" or "stalking" means going to the NYPD.  If you have read my blog than you know I have gone to the NYPD.

ABC's Mark Zuckerberg has important info on and here are two links to articles you must read:

This was all the buzz this morning.  If you are too busy to read just go to account.
Hit privacy settings and down below center is a blue link that says Customize Setting and go through the list.

For Twitter:  Highly recommended you do not give the okay that is prompted up top for each tweet to give your location....why -- there are some very, very lonely people out there....