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2011 NFL Draft Mike Mayock Cam Newton Blast Irresponsible

Just when it looks like the rhetoric leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft was subsiding, NFL Network's Mike Mayock got on The Dan Patrick Show to start it back up again. Mayock's statement - that "I just don't know if he cares enough" - about Newton was plainly irresponsible, given he'd not shared it with the Heisman Trophy winner, and wasn't based on any substantial evidence.

Rather than issue any really valuable view of the National Champion, Mayock managed to dig up concerns that much of the criticism of Newton prior to the 2011 NFL Draft is because he's black.

NFL Network Analyst and legendary NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp hit the ceiling, saying "What has Cam done that people feel he doesn't want to be great?" It's a good question to ask Mayock, but the Twitter-verse wasn't waiting. It erupted in protest; here are some of the tweets:

AubOrange Justin Lee
Does Mike Mayock have any "gut feelings" about any of the white quarterbacks?

Mike Mayock needs to get a fucking clue. Cam Newton throw 14 more red then Gabbert and ran 4 over 1500yds and 25 tds he the 1st place winner

Akeiro85 Akinola Fashola
I'm sorry mike mayock your my boy but give cam newton a chance! @nfl I hope he goes no.1 and proves all his haters wrong!

Swandawg62 Dan Swanson
@PaulPabst Warren Sapp just sprung a leak over Mike Mayock's comments on today's show regarding Cam Newton. Go… (cont)

@QBKILLA I'm glad u called out Mike Mayock on Cam Newton, if it was Gabbert he wouldn't have said that shit.

It's interesting that the USA Today picked up the anti-Cam Newton statement by Mayock, but not Warren Sapp's counter-blast. This space attacked the USA Today for a very racist take on Newton a few weeks ago.

This 2011 NFL Draft just may be the first one with so many openly race-tinged points of view expressed about one NFL Draft prospect. Sad.

Stay tuned.

2011 NFL Draft Prospects with Checkered Pasts

Here's a list of NFL prospects for this upcoming draft who have had run-ins with the law during college. Will the Bengals or Raiders draft every single one? Are Bengals and Raiders are criminals jokes getting old? Only time will tell.

Kenrick Ellis - DT - Hampton: booted from South Carolina for multiple violations of unspecified team rules. IT's rumored that the team rules violated were due to multiple failed drug tests.

Cam Newton - QB - Auburn: Arrested after being found with a stolen laptop from a UF student. He painted over the laptop and wrote "CAM NEWTON" on it, which must have been to show it was his. Later left UF to not be suspended/expelled for academic cheating/

Ryan Mallett - QB - Arkansas: Arrested for Public Intoxication in 2009 after transferring from Michigan. Has rampant rumors of "drug addiction"

Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado: failed a drug test back in 2007, and had two charges of minor in possession during his time with the Buffs.

Mitch Mustain - QB - Mizzou: After transferring to USC from Arkansas, he was arrested for selling prescription drugs on CraigsList.

Chris Rucker - CB - Michigan State: Went to jail when he received the second DUI of his Spartans career last October. The newest one he was also given a warning for leaving the scene of a property damage accident. Also suspended with many other Michigan State players in connection with an on campus brawl.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos - WR - Iowa: Arrested on 7 charges, including: four counts of possession of controlled substances, two counts of unlawful possession of prescription drugs and one count of keeping a drug house. During a search they found police found cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs (pamoate, diazepam, hydromorphone hydrochloride and zolpidem tartrate pills), scales, $3,000 cash, and other items used in selling drugs.

Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri: Was involved in a drunk pizza parlor brawl that left his brother, teammate Tyler Gabbert with a broken nose, and LB Andrew Gachkar requiring stitches in his hand. Underage at the time, no charges were brought up even though they had "varying levels of intoxication".

Robert Aurich - LB - UMD: Arrested after being shitfaced wasted in which he kicked and shoved police who were trying to get him out of a bar. He even challenged the police, "Do you think you can take me to the ground? I’ll beat you up right now."

Brandon Hogan - CB - WVU: Arrested for DUI after driving on the wrong side of the road last September, and disorderly conduct/public urination back in April of last year.

Niles Paul - WR - Nebraska: Arrested for MIP and Public Urination last June, and for DUI, Driving under a suspended license, and MIP  in April of 2009.

Kyle Theret - S - Minnesota: Arrested for DUI after police saw him strike a parked car and pulling away.

Terrance Toliver - WR - LSU: Arrested for disturbing the peace by fistic encounter; disturbing the peace by public intoxication and resisting an officer March of last year.

Mike Hartline - QB - Kentucky: Arrested last December for second degree disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication in a public place, and failure to notify the department of transportation of an address change after a woman called police saying that he had assaulted her.

Scooter Berry - DL - WVU: Arrested for Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct in October of 2009.

Jock Sanders - WR - WVU: Arrested for DUI when he crossed the yellow lines in February of 2009, and before that for an assault outside of a club.

Justin Houston - DE/OLB - Georgia: Suspended 2 games by the Bulldogs for failing drug tests.

Noel Devine - RB - WVU: Arrested in 2008 for assault in a battery that occurred outside of a club. Allegedly stole one of Deion Sanders' vehicles, a Cadillac Escalade, and drove it to the airport after he had been living with Sanders.

Rickey Thenarse - S - Nebraska: Arrested last December and suspended for their bowl game when he was found passed out in a car and charged with DUI, impeding traffic, and driving on a suspended license.

Trevor Hankins - P - Arizona State: Arrested for DUI last November when he made an illegal U-Turn when he "lost his wallet"

Mikel LeShoure - RB - Illinois: In 2008 a fight with teammate Wide Receiver Jeff Cumberland left him with a broken jaw, and he was suspended for violation of team rules the very next year.

Martez Wilson - LB - Illinois: Was involved in a bar fight, which he eventually lost via stabbing.

Quan Sturdivant - LB - UNC: Along with NCAA Violations, he was arrested for marijuana possession. Charge was eventually dropped in a deferred prosecution agreement.

Mark Dell - WR - Michigan State: Suspended along with Chris Rucker and many others in connection with an on campus brawl.

Scott Lutrus - LB - UCONN: Arrested for interfering with an officer after he fought with an officer after they were called to an on campus fight. Charges were later dropped.

Obie Ezeh - LB - Michigan: Arrested for OWI after he stuck a light pole.

Titus Young - WR - Boise State: Charged with MIP, suspended for most of 2008 season for violation of team rules.

Jabaal Sheard - DE/OLB - Pittsburgh: Charged with  charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct when he got into a fight, threw a man through a window while police batoned him, jumped on the bloody man and started pounding him before being subdued with Pepper Spray.

Jon Baldwin - WR - Pittsburgh: Charged with misdemeanor indecent assault stemming from an incident with a female on a bus.

Adrian Clayborn - DL - Iowa: Charged with misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury after he confronted a Taxi driver who honked at him during a traffic jam.

Judge Nelson LIfts Lockout,..but is it really Over??

A commentary(short) By Dr. Football(Dr. Bill Chachkes)

Late today Judge Susan Richard Nelson effectively ended almost 6 week long Lockout between the NFL players and the NFL owners. Almost as soon as the result was public, the NFL released the following statement:



"We will promptly seek a stay from Judge Nelson pending an expedited appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. We believe that federal law bars injunctions in labor disputes. We are confident that the Eighth Circuit will agree. But we also believe that this dispute will inevitably end with a collective bargaining agreement, which would be in the best interests of players, clubs and fans. We can reach a fair agreement only if we continue negotiations toward that goal."

So who has really won, If both sides claim a victory? Well, the fans for one have at least a temporary stay of execution with regard to the 2011 season. The Judge is saying that once again, the owners are wrong to expect "indentured servitude" to continue, that Athletes DO have rights as humans. Rights to a safe(at least as safe as possible) work place, and maybe it's finally time for the Pre-1993 Players to get some help with medical costs and a better pension........


So what happens now? Most likely if the NFL loses on appeal(maybe) and they are forced to begin "offseason activities" as usual, within a few days after the next ruling the 2010 rules will be in place for player movement and free agency will begin in at least some form.... Giants Defensive Lineman Osi UMenyiora said in his released statement “A win for the players and for the fans." Several Teams' Players Association reps are telling players tonight that until another judge grants the NFL a stay, they can go back to their facilities and work out and get treatment....

Then the owners and players can get back to the table and get a new deal done before training camp......


Oh how I hate when the legal system invades sports....

Mcdonald's Beating Arrest - Chrissy Lee Polis Hate Crime Victim

This, yet another update in a beating case that this blogger calls an American Tragedy. An arrest has been made in the McDonald's Baltimore County Beating of Chrissy Lee Polis. A girl by the name of Teonna Monae Brown was taken into custody and charged with first - and second - degree assault. And investigators are still, as of this writing, working to determine if Brown should be convicted of a hate crime.

Frankly, now that Chrissy Lee Polis has talked to the media, it does look clearly like a hate crime from this space and because she's transexual. (I also have to add that, in an earlier blog post, I used the term "tranny," but while it was taken by some as derogatory, it was not used that way or intended to be; the term was learned by this blogger by someone who is herself transexual - part of the wonderful diversity of San Francisco Bay Area life. Regardless of the term, what happened to Chrissy Lee Polis on April 18th is at issue, and that was completely wrong.)

The question in all of this is "Where are Teonna Monae Brown's parents?" According to reports, Brown is but 14 years old. She's obviously a juvenile. Her parents should shoulder some blame for her actions.

McDonald's Is At Fault

I totally disagree with the people who say McDonald's Restaurant is not at fault, and Chrissy Lee Polis herself, who said "They stood there - six McDonald's employees - and all did nothing." So, since they work for McDonald's Corporation, the firm has to pay the price. Moreover, Ms. Polis herself wants to sue McDonald's.

So those who say that McDonald's should not be at fault - tell that to Chrissy Lee Polis.

There's a lot of ugliness coming from this, from people looking to blame anyone black, to people making awful comments on YouTube about Chrissy Lee Polis herself, to... Well, it goes on.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and stop and think. Because there's little of that, that has been done here thus far.

As I've said before, and will say again, a lot of teenagers act like this in 2011 - not just black teenagers. Moreover, a lot of the profiles of commenters on report them to be between 17 to 28 years old - just around the same age range as the girls involved in the Chrissy Lee Polis beating, from attacker to victim. And the majority of commenters are typing pretty vile stuff. But it's come to the point where there comments are countered by those from more reasoned minds.

Finally, anyone who claims this blogger can't deal with what happened and call society for what it is, doesn't read my stuff:  Oakland uptown beating shows young black male problem.

Stay tuned.

Big Talent From the Small Schools

(the 11th Installment of the "Pro Draft Report" presented by Football Reporters)

Big Talent from the Small Schools

By Jay Horn-Special Contributor-Football Reporters Online

The 2011 Draft is jam-packed with talented players from non-FBS schools. 56 players from ‘small schools’ (Divisions 1-AA, 2, 3, and NAIA) where invited to this year’s NFL Combine. The conventional wisdom is shifting from the day when scouts only looked at a couple standouts from these lower-tier divisions. Recently, a number of impact players have come from “less” than the Division-1 farm system.

In 2008, Brandon Carr from perennial D-II power Grand Valley State broke in as a starting cornerback for the KC Chiefs after being taken in the 5th round, in 2009 RB Bernard Scott was a 6th round pick from Abilene Christian who dazzled the NFL in his rookie season with big kick-off returns and steady production in the backfield for the Cincinnati Bengals. Also that year, WR Johnny Knox, Scott’s teammate at ACU, has been extremely productive since entering the League as a 5th round pick with the Bears. Another ACU product, OT J’Marcus Webb, was taken in the 7th round and has earned a starting role with the Bears as well.

Last year, some of the NFL’s most exciting rookies came from ‘small schools.’ D-2 Tiffin Dragons RB Chris Ivory (who played only four games as a senior after suffering a broken leg) became a starter for the defending World Champion New Orleans Saints. GLIAC standout offensive tackle Jered Veldheer from Hillsdale, was taken in the 3rd round by the Raiders and was a fixture on the o-line starting at both center and tackle. Perhaps one of the best ‘feel good stories’ of this year was the success of former Chadron State and Harlon Hill winner RB Danny Woodhead. Originally drafted by the Jets and signed in 2008, Woodhead was cut, re-signed to the practice squad, then cut again and signed by the Patriots in 2010. He became one of the Patriots most productive offensive players, finishing the season with a career high 547 rushing yards on just 97 carries (5.64 per carry) and a TD. He also had 379 yards receiving on 34 catches with 5 TDs. His yards per rush was a Patriots team record and fourth in the NFL.

Who be this year’s Ivory, Veldheer or Woodhead? Here is a sampling of a few of the possibilities in the 2011 Draft:


OT Ben Ijalana – Villanova 6’ 3.6” 319 – 5.30 – 2nd-3rd round

WR Edmund Gates – ACU 5’ 11.5” 189 – 4.37 – 3rd - 5th round

RB Taiwan Jones – Eastern Washington - 5’ 11.4” – 4.40 – 3rd – 5th round

OG – Will Rackley – Lehigh - 6’ 3.3” 307 – 5.20 – 3rd - 5th round

C – Brandon Fusco – Slippery Rock – 6’ 4.1” 302 – 5.25 – 4th – 6th round

TE – Schuyler Oordt – Northern Iowa – 6’ 6.0” 261 – 5th – 7th Round

OT – David Mims – Virginia Union – 6’ 8.2 335 – 5.58 – 5th – 7th round

QB – Pat Devlin – Delaware – 6’ 3.3” 226 – 4.82 – 6th – 7th round


DT Kendrick Ellis – Hampton 6’ 5.0” 336 – 5.05 – 4th – 6th round

CB Korey Lindsey-Woods – Southern Illinois – 5’ 10.1 181 – 4.45 – 5th – 7th round

CB Buster Skrine – Chattanooga – 5’ 9.5 186 – 4.37 – 5th – 7th round

CB Ryan Jones – Northwest Missouri State – 5’ 11.0 197 – 4.42 – 4th – 6th round

DT Cedric Thornton – Southern Arkansas 6’ 3.5” 299 – 5.91 – 7th round - UDFA

Do Hotels Really Get Digital Media Marketing?

There's no quibble with the statement that social media, Internet marketing, blogging, micro-blogging, video-blogging (Save The Flip!) and SEO have all impacted the hotel industry, especially in the United States and Asia and Europe. But the ultimate case study example has not been done that shows how all of these siz aspects of digital media can be combined into one powerful event-related tool.

Or has it?

It has. And by this blogger at and now, several times, last year.

The reason I'm blogging about it, is because I'm not sure it was completely valued by the potential client this time around. I'm blogging about it because it's a novel sponsorship relationship that can really help a hotel brand's online visibility, especially if the hotel knows how to value it.

The approach calls for the following: a blogger with video channels, and interconnected Twitter, and Facebook pages, a large base of followers and subscribers, and a large set other social networking platforms, preferably interconnected, and a blog or website that's listed on Google News, Google Blog Search,, and other directories, and social bookmarking accounts on platforms like

This approach works best for big events, like Comic Con the Oscars or The Grammys, or The Super Bowl or the NFL Draft. What the hotel has to understand is they're sponsoring the blogger, giving the person a room for multiple nights, in exchange for getting the hotel's name associated with coverage about the event during that period when the event is “hot:” searched for so much that it's a top trend.

(For example, "nfl mock draft" is a Google Trends sixth ranked search as of this update.)

(I also figured out a way to incorporate Twitter tweets into the effort for 2011. Follow Zennie62 at

So, if someone does a search for "NFL Draft 2010" they're likely to find a news blog post with the hotel's name and website link in the first paragraph, as well as a video that also mentions the hotel as a sponsor. Moreover, for every celebrity or athlete that's at the event, the hotel's name and website enjoy that much additional exposure. Indeed, it's visibility that lasts well beyond the life of the event.

The one problem with hotels is some managers, interested in the quick-buck for the moment, either don't see or want to see the value of this approach. They generally want to know that your efforts are going to cause a hotel room sale the next day, when that's not how the marketing dynamic works.

What hotel people must understand is that the blogger is laying a platform online that's a lot like a billboard: you know there are a lot of people who can see it, you just have to make sure it's up and well-positioned so they can. Over time, the idea of using the hotel is placed in the head of the consumer.

It's up to the hotel to know how to track their exposure, or ask the blogger to set up a system for them to do so. One way is to make sure the hotel mangers sign up for Google Alerts, an app that sends an email of all of the blogs and stories that have the hotels keywords of concern pop-up. A good marketing effort can make a hotel's Google Alerts pop and ping like a pinball machine.

The second tool is the real time web traffic reporting system, so the hotel manager can see how web traffic is impacted, and under what conditions. The links from the blog will show up in the traffic report, as well as other location-based data about the potential patrons who saw the blog and clicked on it, then the website link.

The hotel could go a step beyond that and have a contest that asks the reader to do something: make a purchase of a room for a future event based on the use of a code associated with the blogger's event, or something like that.

But whatever the case, it's the hotel's job to track this for the next year after the event, because the blogger's planted this seed that will grow in some way.

The simple rule here is this: the more content produced, the more the hotel benefits from it. Period. In the case of one event last year, I produced 8 videos and 10 blog posts, that's 18 basic items of content that includes the name and website links of the hotel brand. And if the content is properly produced, it appears at the top of Google News for that topic for that day, creating buzz the hotel would have normally not seen related to that event.

What's bothersome to this blogger is that this approach is not completely understood and seen as a viable alternative to traditional forms of marketing sponsorship, and is well-worth the complementary room. The blogger benefits by being able to actually cover a story on-the-scene and make valuable content related to it.

What the blogger is also essentially doing is building a whole new website, a large one, to the hotel's benefit. A website of the size of 18 pages can cost upwards of $4,000 on the open market. It makes no sense to ask the blogger to pay the hotel for working for the hotel for a sponsorship openly presented to the public.

Getting hotel managers who “get” this is still “hit” or “miss,” as my experience shows. But the good news is many of the hotel's public relations people do.

Hopefully this blog posts helps to change some minds in the hotel industry.

(As a closing note, having a variation of this that calls just for banner ads, and not what's outlined here, is a no-no. The idea of this approach is that the hotel's name is seen in searches related to the event "forever" after the event. That can't happen with just a banner ad.)

2011 NFL Draft: Top 30 Centers Ranked

(This is the 10th installment of the "Pro Draft Report" Presented by Football Reporters
Top 30 Centers Ranked for the 2011 NFL Draft
By Rafael Garcia Sr. Contributing Writer-Southeast Region-Football Reporters Online

1. Stefen Wisniewski C Penn State 6'3" 313 lbs. 40 Time: 5.26 Bench @225- 30x Sr. Wisniewski is very smart on and off the field. He excels in the classroom as well and teaches 10th grade English. He is the first Nittany Lion to start as a true freshman since 1999. He played guard his first two seasons and switched to center in his junior year. He is very sound fundamentally and knows how to use his body. He has NFL blood in him as his father and uncle both played on Sunday's before him. A very good interior lineman with good footwork. He will need to bulk up if he wants to play guard at the next level. He does not have that quickness or first step off the ball and he has to learn to use his hands better. He is also not the most athletic player on the field. He loves to do the work and could do very well in a zone blocking scheme. Loves to drive a player back with his leg strength to open holes for his backs. Very good at pulling in front of his backs too. He will become a great leader and expect him to play for many years in the NFL. Projected Round: 2

2. Rodney Hudson C Florida St. 6'2" 299 lbs. 40 Time: 5.27 Bench @225- 27x Sr. Hudson has been an All-American an won the Jacob's Blocking Trophy as the best offensive lineman in the ACC. He allowed only 1.5 sacks this year to go with just one penalty. Those are staggering numbers matched by no one in the conference. In the running game his blocking will need work because of his size. He is very quick off the snap and uses his size and leverage to make some big hits at times. Uses his hands to wrap and tackle blocker very effectively. Has very good technique when it comes to sealing off defender. Very good at the trap block using the defenders push to get to him and knock him to the ground. Is very quick to get to the point of contact and and get downfield to the second level.Has a tendency to bend too much and lose some balance in the process. He is undersized and could become a hidden gem at center in the future. His tendency to lunge cause him to miss badly on some tackles. He will have to bulk up to be able to sustain the punishment of the NFL. Projected Round: 2

3. Kristofer O'Dowd C USC 6'5" 300 lbs. 40 Time: 5.20 Bench @225- 31x Sr. O'Dowd is a very polished and experienced player. He is a very good run blocker that keeps his ground. He has above average leverage and is very good in pass protection. He is athletic and agile enough to get down the line of scrimmage. Has good size and is technically sound at his position. Gets off the ball quick and can get to the second level. He has battled knee and shoulder injuries during his collegiate career. Needs to improve his hand placement and learn to drive defenders off the line. He needs to improve his field vision as he has trouble locating quick pass rushers. Overall, he is very intelligent with great instincts and awareness. He has great work ethic and has played plenty of games against the best opposition in the land. He needs to become more physical and bulk up for the next level. His durability will be questioned. Projected Round: 4

4. Alex Linnenkohl C Oregon St. 6'2" 303 lbs. 40 Time: 5.36 Bench @225- 24x Sr. Linnenkohl may lack the height for his position, but that allows him to play with great leverage at the line. He is very good at getting around his blocks and getting to the next level. Shows agility in the pass game and possess decent athleticism. He is very quick off the line and uses his hands very well. Above average foot work, range and flexibility. Does not have the needed upper body strength. He shows that he has a good football mind and loves to hit defenders. He has a tendency to be overpowered by more physical defenders. His lack of power will make it hard to stick with his block for the whole play. He excels on the pull and pivot when trying to get his block. Looks to make an NFL roster in the future, probably in a zone-blocking scheme. Since he probably won't get any taller he will have to add a lot of bulk to sustain an NFL career. Projected Round: 5

5. Brandon Fusco C Slippery Rock 6'5" 305 lbs. 40 Time: 5.18 Bench @225- 26x Sr. Fusco is a very big and physical football player. His long arms allow him to dominate opposing players. He has great leverage and uses it exceptionally well in the run game. He has excellent footwork that allows him to make the block and get down field. He loves to put in the work and will undoubtably be a leader in the future. He does not have a lot of experience at his position and needs to improve on his pull. Does not possess the speed and agility, so he will need to work on that. Though he comes from a Division 2 school he is one of the highest ranked offensive lineman in the country. Once he gets to the second level and finds his block, defenders will not stand a chance. Durability should not be a question since he never missed a game during his career. As long as he continues to improve there is little doubt he will be a starter. Projected Round: 5

6. Tim Barnes C Missouri 6'4" 300 lbs. 40 Time: 5.18 Bench @ 225- N/A Sr. Barnes is very athletic and has the quickness needed to be a center. He is solid in pass protection and plays very aggressive football. He has good football smarts and could work in a zone blocking offense. Has a quick snap from center and his first step allows him to get to his defender. He shows good lower body work and agility. Very good at picking up stunts and moving in space. He will need to work on many things first. Film has shown that he stands straight up too much when blocking in the pass or run game. He must learn to use his leg drive much more. Does not work well against 3-4 defense. Needs to work on his anchor strength to hold off oncoming rusher. He has the potential to be a guard if he wants to. Projected Round: 6

7. Ryan Bartholomew C Syracuse 6'2" 300 lbs. 40 Time: 4.93 Bench @225- 34x Sr. He is a very solid overall player that excels in the passing game. His long arms allow him to keep his defender at a distance. He has very good lateral movement and has the power needed for his position. Has good footwork that allows him to be effective once he reaches the linebackers. He uses his legs to get the advantage against bigger defenders. Very good at getting into the proper position for the block. Has good field vision and recognition of the play. Has the tendency to not finish a play and needs to keep his head up more. He is very inconsistent in screen blocking. Needs to work more on his drive off the ball. His lack of height and weight may be an issue, but his strength and mobility are not. His combine numbers were very impressive, but he will need a whole lot more than that to make it. Projected Round: FA

8. Kevin Kowalski C Toledo 6'4" 299 lbs. 40 Time: 5.05 Bench @225- N/A Sr. Kowalski is a very smart player that possess the strength and power to stay at the next level. His recognition of blitzes and stunts are solid. He has very good footwork as well as getting the angles. He has the ability and experience to play guard. He has great work ethic on and off the field. He is very good at his reads and line calls. He is very solid at getting into position for the block. He is not very athletic and plays too high at times. He struggles with quicker defenders and needs to hold his block longer. He tends to lean into defenders too much and is a step to slow. Needs to improve his hand placement to offset his lack of size. Does not possess enough lower body strength. Projected Round: 6

9. Zach Williams C Washington St. 6'3" 309 lbs. 40 Time: 5.18 Bench @225- 28x Sr.
Williams is a hard worker who fights to get into position to make blocks. Effective puller who can blocks in space. Explosive blocks on the second level on screen passes. Picks up stunts and blitzes well. Very good awareness and field vision. Can get past defender and get to the second level. A waist bender with adequate at best strength. Inconsistent use of leverage. Lacks the foot quickness to slide over in pass pro against quicker rushers. Needs a better anchor in pass protection. Needs to work getting bulked up to be able to dominate at the next level. Projected Round: FA

10. Zane Taylor C Utah 6'2" 309 lbs. 40 Time: 5.61 Bench @225- 33x Sr. Taylor is one of the most underrated prospects in this draft. A very smart player with a good football IQ. He has excellent lateral movement and knows how to stay square. He knows how to use his hands and arms an possess enough upper body strength. Very good against the run and can drive his defender back. Good at the pull and getting to the second level. His footwork and effort make him a good open field blocker. Loves to play aggressive and as tough as nails. He works very hard at finishing off his block. His short arms won't help him and he gets beat by quicker defensive linemen. Needs to improve his field vision and reading the defense. He needs work against stunts, blitzes and stop lunging so much. He needs to learn his craft much more to stay on a team. Still, his versatility and upside should intrigue a few teams. Projected Round: FA

11. Jason Kelce C Cincinnati 6'4" 280 lbs. 40 Time: 4.93 Kelce plays hard nose, aggressive, don't stop till the whistle football. He loves to attack his opponent with his smack you in the mouth attitude. He is outstanding using his hands in pass protection and run blocking. Has the lateral quickness and good knee bend for a adequate base. Has a great anchor though his size may not show that. Has the strength to put his man down and get to the second level. Gets the good angle on stretch plays and can come off a double team as well. Very good snapper in the shotgun. In order to be more effective at the next level he will have to improve his base. Needs work on drive blocking and awareness. He needs to improve on help defense and his footwork. He is not very effective picking up stunts and blitzes. Projected Round: FA

12. Colin Baxter C Arizona 6'3" 311 lbs. 40 Time: 5.42 Bench @225- 22x Sr. Baxter is smart football player. Gives 100 % effort and is average in pass and run blocking. Needs to work on bulking up and his footwork. Injuries to his knee will worry some teams. Projected Round: FA

13. Ryan McMahon C Florida St. 6'2" 285 lbs. 40 Time: 5.16 Sr. McMahon is a very durable player starting 53 straight games during his career. He has a high football IQ with a lot of determination. His size will be an issue and he will have to work his tail off to play every Sunday for years to come. Projected Round: FA

14. Chase Beeler C Stanford 6'3" 285 lbs. 40 Time: 5.26 Sr. Beeler may be small for his position, but he is quick of the ball and to the block. Very good in pass protection with good vision and field awareness. Make good line calls and reads stunts and defenses pretty good. His size will be an issue as will his power. He will need more work as a run blocker. Projected Round: FA

15. J.C. Brignone C Mississippi St. 6'1" 304 lbs. 40 Time: 5.16 Sr. Brignone is a very intelligent player with excellent awareness. He is quick of his stance and is effective in pass protection. Does not posses the best athleticism or speed. Needs to work on field vision more. Gets bullied too much at times. Projected Round: FA

16. Alan Pelc C North Carolina 6'5" 302 lbs. 40 Time: 5.38 Sr. Pelc is very good on the angle block. Gets out of stance quick and prepared for the block in the pass and run game. Very limited player that needs to work on footwork, sealing off defender and his leg drive to name a few. Projected Round: FA

17. Howard Barbieri C Rutgers 6'5" 305 lbs. 40 Time: 5.34 Sr. Barbieri has very good size for a center in the NFL. Very strong with good hand work. Knows his assignments and gets to next level pretty quickly. He is another limited player that will need work on blocking, footwork and consistency. Projected Round: FA

18. Donovan Edwards C California 6'5" 295 lbs. 40 Time: 5.27 Sr. Edwards has good athleticism and technique for a big man. Reads and plays stunts very good. Gets to second level. Needs to be better at his footwork and using his hands in pass protection. Projected Round: FA

19. Ryan Pugh C Auburn 6'2" 300 lbs. 40 Time: 5.18 Sr. Pugh is another intelligent player that makes the right protection calls. Good at seeing the field and run block. He will need work on run blocking and his agility. Projected Round: FA

20. Julian Vandervelde C Iowa 6'2" 294 lbs. 40 Time: 4.90 Sr. Vandervelde is a good athlete with some quickness. Has good balance and can move laterally. Picks up stunts. His small frame will hinder him at the next level. Power is limited. Projected Round: FA

21. Colin Miller C Central Michigan 6'3" 299 lbs. 40 Time: 5.30 Sr.

22. Beau Warren C Virginia Tech 6'3" 292 lbs. 40 Time: 5.12 Sr.

23. Taylor Boggs C Humboldt St. 6'2" 294 lbs. 40 Time: 5.38 Sr.

24. Matt Allen C Texas A&M 6'3" 281 lbs. 40 Time: 5.23 Sr.

25. Brad Thorson C Kansas 6'4" 301 lbs. 40 Time: 5.29 Sr.

26. Brad Serini C Florida International 6'2" 296 lbs. 40 Time: 5.44 Sr.

27. Jordan Holmes C Oregon 6'4" 305 lbs. 40 Time: 5.58 Sr.

28. Chris Guarnero C California 6'3" 289 lbs. 40 Time: 5.34 Sr.

29. John Gianninoto C UNLV 6'3" 292 lbs. 40 Time: 5.25 Sr.

30. Ailao Eliapo C San Jose St. 6'1" 295 lbs. 40 Time: 5.25 Sr.