Sunday, May 08, 2011

Forget Demand Media, Google Has It's Own Content Farm: Blogger

The media Internet buzz has been about Demand Media and how Google's newest algorithm change - designed to devalue "content farms" - would hurt traffic to the giant online publishing effort.

The fact is, Google's changes didn't really negatively impact Demand Media, and what many miss is that "content farms" in their purest form are not really the target of Google (regardless of what they say), but scraper sites, not websites with a lot of content written by people you never heard of, are. Scraper sites actually steal text word for word and must be attacked.

But that anti-little-blogger bias has blinded many from seeing the truth: Google has it's own content farm, and it's called Blogger.

As I stated to a Google exec at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 in New York, if Google installed a full permalink for blog titles, and allowed for a special Blogger-specific news site map for Blogger blogs to be on Google News, Google could, in one fell swoop, wipe out many traditional media seeking online traffic in the age of the demise of print media (as we know it).

That Google has not done that - choosing instead to protect traditional media and run away from would-be-meaningful legal battles - allowed firms like Associated Content and Demand Media to grow.

Google completely missed the boat. With Blogger users employing Google AdSense, the perfect chance to increase revenues from ads placed on Blogger blogs, and give Blogger users more chances to earn money was missed, and all for the action of saving the Associated Press, and courting Rupert Murdock, who once threatened to take his content off Google.

Who cares.

That Demand Media earned $76 million last quarter should give pause to any reasonable observer in or out of Google. And if Google CEO Larry Page isn't saying to himself "that should have been mine," he's missing the point.

Content farms are the future, and it doesn't matter if they're controlled by Demand Media, Yahoo, or rest, untapped, in Google's Blogger system, each time a person makes a blog or a blog post, and that's thousands of times a day, they contribute to this sea of content.

Google could do itself, and the many users of the platform, a massive favor and unleash the full power of Blogger, connected with Google News, and Google AdSense. Whatever fears of government intervention could be diminished by encouraging open competition with other content farms.

It's time for Google to cry havoc, and let slip the blogger dogs of war!

President Obama CBS 60 Minutes Interview On Osama Bin Laden In Full

CBS News 60 Minutes has the first, and perhaps for some time the only, full interview with U.S. President Barack Obama and just a few days after the successful raid, capture, and demise of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan last Sunday.

For that achievement, 60 Minutes is to congratulated. But it is to be flogged for an awful, illogical, and uncoordinated video effort that leaves it's 34 minutes of video interview on 60 Minutes Overtime on a website with an embed code that cuts the image in half, and a YouTube version that was split into three parts, and where the embed code is disabled.

In other words, I can have a half-assed version of the video on my website, or a click to the video on the CBS News website, or click to the YouTube videos, when what I want is just the embed code for the full 34 minute version.

Just because a brand does something doens't make it correct. In CBS' case, it was trying to gain traffic for its video ads, but the same ads could go on the YouTube version as well, and with the embed active, gain even more traffic from bloggers, like me, putting it on their sites.

So, I made this workaround:  each picture below is a link to that YouTube video at CBS News On YouTube.    CBS News, please stop doing this.

Now, about the Obama 60 Minutes interview.

The talk between CBS' Steve Kroft and President Obama, was one part highly informative, the other part complex dance.  It's Obama trying not to give too much information or gloat, versus Kroft asking questions that could cause the President to do both.   Obama wins.

Perhaps the most revealing part of the interview series is that the plan was finalized and approved just before the White House Correspondents Dinner, where President Obama looked comfortable, and took time to call out Donald Trump for his "birther" obsession.  Now I know why the President seemed so happy.

Also, it's clear President Obama's main concern was getting "our guys" out after getting Osama Bin Laden, more than any thing else.

Here are the videos, with a partial transcript and link back to CBS News:

Obama - Part One

Obama Part Two

Obama Part 3 - Final 

Partial Transcript, with remainder at CBS News:

STEVE KROFT: Mr. President, was this the most satisfying week of your Presidency?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Well, it was certainly one of the most satisfying weeks not only for my Presidency, but I think for the United States since I've been President. Obviously bin Laden had been not only a symbol of terrorism, but a mass murderer who's had eluded justice for so long, and so many families who have been affected I think had given up hope.

And for us to be able to definitively say, "We got the man who caused thousands of deaths here in the United States and who had been the rallying point for a violent extremist jihad around the world" was something that I think all of us were profoundly grateful to be a part of.

Watch part one, part two and part three of Steve Kroft's report.

KROFT: Was the decision to launch this attack the most difficult decision that you've made as Commander-In-Chief?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Certainly one. You know, every time I send young men and women into a war theatre, that's a tough decision. And, you know, whenever you go to Walter Reed [Army Medical Center] or Bethesda [Naval Hospital] and you see the price that our young people pay to keep this country safe, that's a tough decision. Whenever you write a letter to a family who's lost a loved one. It's sobering.

More here at CBS News.

Thor Movie Review - B Plus, The Avengers Is Next

Thor, the screen adaptation of one of this blogger's favorite comic books, and by the legendary Stan Lee, is out, and it's very good.

The movie that officially kick's off the Spring / Summer blockbuster season did not disappoint this fan, yet had enough of a good weaving of fantasy and "reality" to be interesting to the casual observer.

Chris Hemsworth plays a really good Thor, especially considering he's got nothing but cartoon versions to be compared to. The script and story craft a believable character, ever more grounded by Natalie Portman's Dr. Jane Foster.

Anthony Hopkins as Odin gives the flick a legendary, other-worldly presence. And the way the characters interact, under the skillful (love that word) direction of Kenneth Branagh, made for a watchable, enjoyable film.

3-D Is Here And Good

Over at, Mick LaSalle wrote that "If no one ever makes a great 3-D movie, audiences will tire of it. But if someone finally makes it work artistically - someone good, not James Cameron - that would revolutionize 3-D and pave the way for other directors. Then it would be everywhere. Either way, 3-D won't be as hot next year because of the diminished box office of 3-D movies."

LaSalle's wrong, and I'll spend more time explaining why in another post, but the 3-D in Thor was well-done in that it helped move the story along, and gave one a true "feeling" for the enormity of the space that Thor exists within.

A B-Plus

Overall, I give it a B-Plus, because Thor did not have that story element that makes a movie "Best Picture" material - it didn't have a message that relates to an issue of today or our history. The best movies have that. But, even with its "closed loop" take, Thor was very good.

Bring on The Avengers!

Happy Mother's Day! And San Francisco and Oakland News

Mother's Day is special, and not just to all mothers. Mother's Day is for sons and daughters, too.

As an only child and a product of a single-mom family, I have a unique place in life that brings me to visit my Mother each month. I'm fortunate to be able to do this.

But some who also can do that, don't. It's to them I say, call your folks. Call your Mom. See your Mom. Because when your Mom passes on, you will regret not having done so.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there!

Now, in San Francisco and Oakland news in brief..

Jennifer Solorio, like my Mom, a breast cancer survivor, will be the honorary bat girl at today's San Francisco Giants baseball game. She was selected from 1,500 applicants, at the website

And from emails...

Supervisor Scott Wiener, SF Rec & Park, Recology and Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. kicked off the start of increased waste and recycling services at Dolores Park in San Francisco on Saturday.

SF Rec & Park has been dealing with large numbers of visitors to San Francisco’s Dolores Park, especially on holidays and weekends, which has caused an increased amount of liter to be placed in and around park trash bins.

With the help of Supervisor Wiener, SF Rec & Park, Recology and Mission Neighborhood Centers, an extra park attendant will be added during peak park visitor hours to monitor and empty trash bins that have reach capacity.

The program will add 386 clean up hours at Dolores Park on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays through the summer months and ending in September 2011

This one from Oakland's Adams Point Group...



2935 Adeline St.

When: May 12, 2011, 6:00PM

There will be a tour of our new warehouse & operations, a ton of great food from local companies, drinks, music and fun people! And of course, a lot of mushrooms!

RSVP at :

For more information, please visit:

Grand opening of OAKOLLECTIV Pop Up Store

OAKOLLECTIV will officially opening its doors on Friday May 20th 2011, hours 4pm—6pm

Oakollectiv Pop Up Store is located on 1427 Broadway and will be housed in the old city owned Raiders store “the spot” in downtown Oakland.

OAKOLLECTIV is a collaboration of two experienced designers, Penelope Adibe and Rachel Konte, both transplants from Europe to the US. They have come together to create a Pop Up Designer shop in the heart of downtown Oakland.

The space will feature 3 local brands; AFROBUDDAH by Rachel Konte, NNEKA by Penelope Adibe and Guerilla Clothing by Guerilla CafĂ© (designed by Rachel Konte). They plan to bring a diverse mix of merchandise from women’s wear, vintage modern kitchen house ware and menswear to the store. All the entrepreneurs in the space have one thing in common; they are all Oakland residents and run their businesses locally.

Penelope Adibe and Rachel Konte are the curators and daily managers of the OAKOLLECTIV.

More to come! Happy mother's day!