Saturday, August 23, 2008

DNC Convention - Sushi Sasa

After the DNCC Media Party we went over to Sushi Sasa on 2401 15th St
which is really good for late night dining.

DNC Convention - Arrival

Arrived after a long flight and met these two Obama supporters at the
airport. There were scores of people serving in this capacity.

DNC Marketplace

If you're in Denver for the Convention and need gear, check out the DNC Marketplace tomorrow at the Civic Center Park. While you're there, be sure to see the ladies with Trion Promotion and Design. They have banners, pins, pens (with a cool pull out info banner about the convention), and temporary tattoos. The best part is that all proceeds from the sales of their merchandise benefit three charities: Pandas International, The Book Arts League, and Aurora Public Schools. If you can't make it to the Marketplace, they'll be buzzing around here and there, including at the media party tonight (Saturday). For more info on their company, visit

DNC Convention - United To Denver

I am standing at Oakland Airport gate seven and there is a delay
because they have to change the tire on the plane!


Just last night my Mom flew out on United 158 out of San Francisco to
Chicago and only eight minutes in the air the engine blew out.

I am lucky to have her here; what is up with United?

Arrived in Denver

I've arrived in Denver! I'm surprised that the airport is not more crowded. I understand from the wait staff at the Red Rocks Bar & BBQ that they really haven't been extraordinarily busy, either in the restaurant or in the airport. Though they are busier than they normally are at this time of year, they haven't been swamped. I imagine that will change as this day and weekend wear on, but so far, so good. The Denver Airport has folks, mostly retired looking, fanned out everywhere with "Questions? Ask Me!" blue signs. Arrival and baggage claim were very smooth, even on United. It seems that they're adequately prepared for the onslaught, at least so far. I'm waiting for Zennie to arrive later this afternoon, so I'll keep you posted if things get crazy!

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