Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran Elections: reporter reportedly shot in Tehran; bloggers arrested

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I was skimming the Twitter listings under the hashtag #iranelection and this came up:

charmedguy18 @liviarierref Do you know which reporter, representing what news agency was shot dead minutes ago? #iranelection #helpiran #tehran

It's difficult to get more reliable information on this tweet as the information flow is really too fast to deal with. And while that was happening, there were reports of others being shot as well. Meanwhile there are some writing "not to trust" Twitter, and undoubtedly agents of the Iranian Government. But it's clear that today is not a good day to be a reporter or a blogger in Iran:

RadoxTheGreen RT @dcb23: 23 bloggers/reporters known arrested in #Iran #Neda #IranElection #Tehran #gr88

CNN iReport a good source too

While everyone raves about Twitter, and rightly so, CNN's iReport website's also a great source of video and photo news and I don't write that because I'm an iReporter. The idea of the program has been and is to give people on the scene who have camera a camcorders a fast way to report the news as they see it and many are doing so in Iran. While the flow of content to the iReport has been slow of late due to the Iranian Government's crack down on all things Internet, there's still material, like this video posted just five hours ago as of this writing:

And this photo shows police actually smashing a car! You'd think they'd not even consider such actions, but this pict proves otherwise.

There are other videos, including many too ugly to post here; you understand the story by now, I think.