Monday, February 01, 2010

Oscar Nominations Livestream here at 5 AM PST / 8 AM EST

After months of movie watching, opinion sharing, and speculation tracking the day that the nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards is here. Oscar Nomination Ballots were due January 23rd at 5 PM; they've been collected by Price WaterHouse for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Special screenings to determine the nominees have been done and the Academy members have spoken. Now, the event featuring Anne Hathaway and AMPAS President Tom Sherak, is coming in the morning and you can see it live here:

Watch live streaming video from academyawards at

It starts at 5 AM PST / 8 AM PST. This blogger has never tried to predict which movie was going to be nominated, and will not take up the practice in 2010. Stay tuned.

Grammy Awards Time

With the 2010 Grammy Awards now officially over, speculation as to how they can draw the same ratings have begun. There was a huge 35% increase in numbers from 2009. The fashion was extravagant as usual, (Ciara wore over $250,000 in Cartier jewelry). Pink awed the crowds, she was incredible and soulful. And Beyonce proved herself as the Queen of the 2010 Grammy Awards by taking home six, a record breaking feat. I was pleasantly surprised that they allowed performers such long set times although this meant that Beyonce (unfortunately) had enough time to do her best impression of Alanis Morisette. Yes, I am confused about that one too... But all in all the show proved to be a success. Most importantly, by celebrating Michael Jackson with a stunning tribute sung by Usher, Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, and a glowing Jennifer Hudson.

Now onto some other exciting news! If you are regular readers of this blog then you might have noticed videos and posts by yours truly recently. I thought a little bit of an introduction might be beneficial. I have been blogging for a long time and keep it appealing and fresh over at And I am now extremely happy to be contributing something new to

I love everything pop culture. But what does that really mean you ask...? Well, it means that I am equally excited about who’s a hot mess on the red carpet as I am in what the next exhibit at SF MOMA is… I want to know what the international gross of Avatar is thus far as well as where the hell Brandy went (where are you girl?)… You know, I’m talking REALLY important stuff here.

But honestly, Life is meant to be fun! And this is Hollwood gossip, not brain surgery. I'm sticking with what I know, and I plan on delivering it to you with a smile and some sass.

A little more about me.. Likes- dance parties (even if they’re solo), Bette Midler, traveling, exploring San Francisco with my camera, Martin Short, Kant & Boas, spending Saturday with Jack Daniels and my friends, then Sunday with the New York Times, Dislikes- Ignorant people who don't like to have fun, when they tuck the sheet under the mattress at hotels, bananas, kiwis, indoor voices.

Have any questions or misplaced internet aggression?? Email me at SomeRedCat at gmail dot com & stalk me at


Super Bowl XLIVL: Saints Coach Sean Payton takes Bill Walsh approach

In 1982, when the San Francisco 49ers traveled to Detroit to play the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI, Head Coach Bill Walsh dressed as a hotel bellman helping his team with their bags. The idea was to loosen up the Niners as it was their first Super Bowl.

Today, in 2010, we have the New Orleans Saints in their first Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIVL. And its apparent that Saints Head Coach Sean Payton saw the NFL Films movies of the late, great Coach Walsh. According to the NFL Network today, Coach Payton dressed as a hotel doorman along with several members of the Saints organization as the team was coming off their bus.

All to keep the Saints relaxed.

It worked for Bill Walsh and the San Francisco 49ers in 1982; the Niners won Super Bowl XVI 26 to 21. But 2010's a generation away and Coach Walsh wasn't up against the Colts Offense in Super Bowl XLIVL.

Stay tuned.

Herb Caen lives through the SF Chronicle and New Media

Carl Nolte's take on Herb Caen is a worthy read, but for San Franciscans who've never heard of him - and the numnber's growing year-by-year - it's going to reach a small audience and then be quickly forgotten. That's sad, because Herb Caen is very much alive.

Herb Caen is alive in those of us who wanted to be like him, and still do. Who wanted to share how they saw San Francisco with the World. In the past, media wasn't fragmented; today it is. But because of that, he's everywhere.

Had he lived, Herb Caen would have still been a columnist, but a grouchy one, because his minders would not have had any idea how to get him plugged into New Media, and he most certainly would have resisted for a time. But his young fans would save him.

Herb Caen is alive. He lives in the people who use camcorders and cell phones to capture moments in San Francisco. Remember the Muni Driver who was getting a massage? The person who recorded him had Herb's sprit. Even the Oscar Grant Murder had Herb Caen's involvement in the form of the people who held up cell phones and camcorders to capture it as it was happening. And Herb Caen is very much in me. I had him in mind when I created this Golden Globe Awards video:

And this video on New Media, which was a tour of San Francisco, featuring talks with San Franciscans, including Mayor Newsom:

But if you're thinking I'm trying to say I'm Herb Caen - no, not exactly. We're all Herb Caen. I'm trying to show that we are him, today. We just need the proper vessel to show it and Herb Caen's sprit.

Herb Caen is alive. The problem is the San Francisco Chronicle hasn't figured out how to reassemble him today. Here's how.

Using YouTube's "direct" feature and a special web page, SFGate can have a new section called "I am Herb Caen: Herb Caen's San Francisco." The idea is to go to places that Herb would have either gone to or may have if they're new and make videos about them and what the person sees and upload them to the page. The result over time will be a powerful platform of San Francisco from his point of view as San Franciscans and visitors see it, expressed in videos.

In fact, here's an idea: each video should start with the title "I am Herb Caen."

Stay tuned.

Ecuador President Correa takes doctors to Haiti, no donation, blasts donors

On Friday, January 29th, Ecuador President Rafael Correa went to visit earthquake damaged Haiti, with 12 doctors, and while making no monetary donation, blasted donor nations.

"There is a lot of imperialism among the donors. They donate first, but most of it goes back to them," Correct said at a joint press conference with Haiti's President Rene Preval.

That's the kind of politics Rafael Correa's known for. To mask the fact that Ecuador's not giving money to Haiti, Correa blasts those countries who have done so, which includes the United States.

To hide the fact that Rafael Correa wants to nationalize oil production in Ecuador, he asks for money to avoid oil extraction and production in what is considered an Ecuadorian biological preserve, then when he doesn't get the money, makes plans to do so with Ecuador's state-run oil company.

If Ecuador wanted to help Haiti, they would have spent money. With an economy projected to grow in 2010 and a budget in the billions, Ecuador could afford at least a few million for Haiti. And if Ecuador really wanted to protect the Amazon, it would not work to produce oil in it, itself.

Stay tuned.

Oakland's iGrow weed Superstore in video

CNN's Dan Simon pays a visit to the new Oakland iGrow Superstore. The weed house is 15,000 square feet and just next to the Oakland Airport on 70 Hegenberger Drive. iGrow is developed for medicinal marijuana cultivation and they have a doctor in the building.

At iGrow, you can learn how to grow marijuana, get a cannabis card, and by all the equipment you need to have a growing crop of marijuana.

With this, and the blessings of the City of Oakland, America has taken one more step toward the eventual full legalization of marijuana.

Stay tuned.

Green Day wins Grammy Award for Best Rock Album

Green Day, who's American Idiot musical is set to debut on Broadway, won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. At the Grammys, Billie Joe Armstrong and the Berkeley-born Green Day band did "21 Guns," from their album 21st Century Breakdown, which won the Best Rock Album Grammy.

Here, CNN captures the band practicing for their performance at The Grammys.

Green Day took the 2004 hit American Idiot and turned it into a popular play here on the West Coast. According to Wikipedia, American Idiot is about..

The album's protagonist, Jesus of Suburbia, emerged out of Armstrong asking himself what sort of person the title of "American Idiot" referred to. Armstrong described the character as essentially an anti-hero, a powerless "everyman" desensitized by a "steady diet of soda pop and Ritalin". Jesus of Suburbia hates his town and those close to him, so he leaves for the city.

As the album progresses the characters St. Jimmy and Whatsername are introduced. St. Jimmy is a punk rock freedom fighter. Whatsername, inspired by the Bikini Kill song "Rebel Girl", is a "Mother Revolution" figure that Armstrong described as "kind of St. Jimmy's nemesis in a lot of ways".

Both characters illustrate the "rage vs. love" theme of the album, in that "you can go with the blind rebellion of self-destruction, where Saint Jimmy is. But there's a more love-driven side to that, which is following your beliefs and ethics. And that's where Jesus of Suburbia really wants to go", according to Armstrong.

Near the end of the story, St. Jimmy apparently commits suicide. While the singer did not want to give away the details of the story's resolution, he said the intention is for the listener to ultimately realize that Jesus of Suburbia is really St. Jimmy, and Jimmy is "part of the main character that pretty much dies". In the album's final song, "Whatsername", Jesus of Suburbia loses his connection with Whatsername as well.

Stay tuned