Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton Breaks Obama Promise, Goes Negative In Desperate Wisconsin Ad

A few weeks ago, Senator Hillary Clinton said that she would not go negative against Senator Obama after a brusing period which saw Clinton accused of racism and working to destroy the Democratic Party.

Well, after eight-straight primary losses, Hillary Clinton has apparently changed her mind. In an obviously desparate attempt to change the course of the Democratic Presidential Race, Clinton is running a series of attack ads in Wisconsin, whining about Obama's refusal to give Clinton the debate schedule she requested.

I think Clinton would do better by making appearances in Wisconsin, rather than the negative ads, which did not work. Barack Obama is taking his case to the people of Wisconsin, with appearances at The University of Wisconsin, as this speech shows:

Hillary Clinton Proves To Be A Sore Loser -

It is more important for Senator Clinton to come away from this with an idea of what to say to her followers, expecially after the terrible trashing she took by Obama. Here's the CNN acount in full

EL PASO, Texas (CNN) – For the second election night in a row, Hillary Clinton failed to acknowledge or congratulate Barack Obama after he won the day in dominating fashion.

On Tuesday in El Paso, hours after Virginia had been called for Obama, she stuck to her “Texas campaign kickoff” message and did not stray from an energetic, Lone Star-themed stump speech. She did mention Obama by name, only to chide his health care plan.

On Saturday night in Richmond, Virginia, Clinton spoke to a crowd of thousands at the state’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, but she ignored Obama’s quartet of blowout primary and caucus wins that day as well (Obama also won the Maine caucuses the next day).

The courtesy of conceding a primary or caucus loss — and then congratulating your opponent — is by no means required. But it has become standard practice during campaign season.

Clinton congratulated Obama and John Edwards after their first and second place finishes in the Iowa caucuses. Obama returned the favor in New Hampshire, saying Clinton “did an outstanding job.” That courtesy continued through the early states.

But as the race has shifted to a delegate chase with dozens of states in play around the country, the notion of congratulating one’s opponent seems, for Clinton, to have fallen by the wayside.

– CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby

Barack Obama Wins 8th Straight Primary - Takes Delegate Lead

Wow. After being considered the underdog, Senator Barack Obama won primaries in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Also, he won these presidential primaries with huge margins, on the average 60 percent and 74 percent in D.C.

These mark Obama's 8th straight primary win and at a time when some stated that Senator Hillary Clinton needed and would take at least one of these states, most likely Virginia -- but it did not happen.

Obama steamrollered Clinton.

What's even more interesting is to see the mood of CNN's anchors, the "Clinton News Network" which for months has tried to pave the way for Senator Clinton to be the president, and failed. I said it earlier this year, you can't prop-up a person the people don't want to be president, you just can't do it.

It's particularly nice to see CNN contributor Donna Brazile get angry regarding the Clinton campaign strategy, as she did this night. I was -- ok, am -- tired of her daily stomping for Clinton using CNN's airwaves. Now she's got to deal with the harsh reality of a total butt-kicking given by Obama for America.