Saturday, July 19, 2008

Iran And U.S, Europe End Nuclear Talks Without Agreement

After refusing to sit down and talk with Iran regarding nuclear weapons, then criticizing Senator Barack Obama for saying we should do so, the Bush Administration finally joined the effort to talk with Iran about it's nuclear program.

The talks just ended, but were called "constructive and progressing" leaving the door open to future meetings. What the U.S. seeks is an end to the possible development of nuclear weapons, and so calls for assurances that Iran suspend enrichment of uranium.

That did not happen at the conclusion of the talks.

Michael Phelps | Olympics' Star Michael Phelps Is A Cool Muthafucka

I had the pleasure of meeting six-time US Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps today at Stanford, California when I was there for The Bank Of The West Classic tennis event, and was impressed that he was such a nice and normal person. So this video is about that and the cool video he made for me -- with my coaching -- at the Bank Of The West Classic.

Hey, Phelps may get all the ladies, but that's cool. Michael Phelps is a cool muthafucka. If you see him in Bejing, tell him that. Make a t-shirt saying that.

More athletes could take a page from his book, and just be cool and nice people.