Sunday, February 20, 2005


Today, CNN's Carol Lin said that Bloggers are less than credible. But actually Blogging is replacing investigative journalism, which has been removed from the mainstream media by the explaination of "budget cutting." This started with CBS News President Van Gorton Sauter in 1981 and continues today.

So, with information technology at our fingertips, more and more people can ask questions, research, interview, write, and report. That's what journalists do, and that's what bloggers do.

Journalist also provide opinion and speculation, as do Bloggers. Here's my speculation about the story of Jeff Gannon or Jeff Gukkert, and how he gained access to the White House Press Corp. Remember, it's speculation, but I think it should be explored as no one seems to have an explaination. It may be possible he traded sexual favors for access. Hey, check it out, if only to refute it. Remember, he's alledgedly a -- or was a -- Gay escort. So, if a woman can get close to the President or one of his aides by being his straight mistress, why not a man as a Gay escort?

The questions are: "Who grants access to the White House Press Corp?", "How did they come to learn about Mr. Gannon", and "Have they hired Mr. Gannon for sexual services?"

Well, those are the questions. It's time to go to work.