Tuesday, July 13, 2010

California Wants Pricier Parking Fines

As if they weren’t already high enough, California is now considering raising the fines for parking tickets by an additional $3. However, due to already pricey tickets, state officials are facing serious resistance. Nevada City (which is actually in California), for example, has already seen $9.50 tacked onto parking tickets, and some say the costs are reaching a tipping point. “Parking citations statewide are now that much closer to the point when drivers stop paying their parking tickets altogether,” wrote Gene Albaugh in a letter to legislators. The League of California Cities is “urging members to oppose the fees, especially because they hamper cities’ abilities to attach local surcharges to tickets.”

Mel Gibson's racist misogynist rant career ending? by Suzannah B. Troy

The New York Post article seems to imply that Mel Gibson's career is over and out.  

If you have not heard the first rant here is the link on Radar Line and you click on the video posting.  It is disgusting.

It does not have the violent threats about burning down the house but first raping her mouth or as he puts it making her blow him.

Read The New York Post article to learn about Jodi Foster's movie with him in post-production.   There is no point in releasing this film but I am sure she will and it will fail at the box office.  Lenoardo DeCaprio may back out of a project and the odds are high he will.

Here is my comment posted on The New York Post article:

Mel Gibson's "Jesus" film was as dishonest and manipulative as he is. It is estimated a quarter of a million Jews were crucified by the Romans and he not only refused to acknowledge that horror but he went with the hate propaganda that even Rome finally rejected of blaming the Jews. Why would you need to blame the Jews. You take our Bible and you want to convert us -- than blame is very effective and big business as well. Gibson prospered from the film as honestly as the Nazis. Gibson has to blame innocent people and always minorities and he can no longer suppress is "inner Nazi". Why is that. Some of his own violent impulses he projects on to African American men but the rant taped by his ex-girlfriend exposes very violent impulses. He has always charmed his way out of everything and used his good looks. Now his outsides match his insides. He betrayed his wife and children - do you think the first time -- and  for a gold digger but she does not deserve the violence actions in word and misdeeds by this hate monger, anti-Semite, misogynist, racist, homophobe that projects his violence on to minorities.