Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michael Jackson Postpones London Concert; Skin Cancer?


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In a surprising turn of events, Michael Jackson, the self-described "King of Pop" has postponed his much-anticipated London concert series. While the official reason is not known, The Telegraph of London is reporting that Jackson is secretly fighting skin cancer.

(UPDATE): The Telegraph is now reporting - as of 5:25 PM PST - that Jackson's doctor's deny he has skin cancer.

The first concert of the "This Is It" tour that was set for July 8th is being moved back five nights to July 13th. The other concerts that were to be held this year, are now set for 2010 according to Billboard:

10th July will be moved to 1st March 2010
12th July will be moved to 3rd March 2010
14th July will be moved to 6th March 2010

Those who have purchased tickets and can't make the show will be refunded in full.

While some news outlets have reported no official cause of the concert delays, and others claim skin cancer which they say Jackson denies is the reason, The Sun explained in full on May 16th that Jackson is fighting skin cancer, but at the time he expected to go ahead with his concert schedule as it stood then. According to a source for The Sun, Jackson said he would fit the treatment around the concerts, but it seems Jackson may have changed his mind.

Today, May 20th, Jackson walked out of Bedford Medical in Virginia, which is known for its treatment of skin cancer declaring "I have nothing to hide."

The Concerts Are Jackson's Comeback

Jackson, commonly the focus of reports of bizarre behavior, is still a very popular singer for his library of hits that span four decades. I first saw him in August of 1972 at the Chicago Amphitheater when he was the child star of the Jackson Five. I feel like I've grown up with the man and love his music, even as I watched him alter his face to something south of Diana Ross, drop out of a number of well-publicized marriages, and allow his inner child to take over a bit too much. I hope he beats this cancer. I really do.

Michael Vick, PETA Wants Your Brain Scanned, What About The Rooneys?

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Michael Vick, you've spent two years in the slammer for running a business that revolved around dog-fighting and harming our furry friends. Now, you're confined to your home and reportedly a $10-per-hour construction job. Think you're going to be forgiven? Ha! Michael, you're going into a harsh United States of America, with far less religious people than there used to be. Think I'm kidding; just check out the Pew study that reports more people than ever don't declare a religion.

That's a bad thing because it means they don't subscribe to the concept of forgiveness, Michael. I don't care what anyone tells you, a person who has no religious background or interest is a person to be feared because they don't have a moral compass to guide them. (And if they tell you otherwise, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit!) So forget winning 20 percent of America over, they're long gone. That group has to have someone to hate to make themselves feel alive, and they're going to pick you as their target.

Oh, and PETA wants your brain scanned to see if you're a psycho. I'm serious.

PETA? You know them. PETA stands for "People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals," and their cause is certainly just and it's a great organization to be sure. But PETA has failed in its history to really get vocally involved in curbing dog racing, and remained silent when it was revealed that The Rooney Family, which owns the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers were owners of a dog racing business.

What? You didn't know that? Yep. They owned, ah, excuse me still own, the Palm Beach Kennel Club. And while PETA has expressed its displeasure with dog racing, it never mentioned the Rooney's activity or asked Steelers President Dan Rooney (and Ambassador to Ireland) to take a brain scan.

What? Folks tell you dog racing's less violent than dog fighting, so that's ok? I'd like to meet those people; yeah, right. According to PETA - yep, PETA - dog racing culture selectively breeds such that dogs who don't make "the cut" are killed. Just like the kind of activity you were punished for, right Michael?

Yet where was PETA when the NFL worked with the Rooneys to restructure their ownership agreement with investor partners and all of this dog racing business was revealed? Silent. Quiet.

And what did NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell say? Well according to ESPN and the Associated Press he said:

"The initiative frankly was that they had changed their business operations, and the gambling operations had gone more into gambling," Goodell said. "It was of greater concern to us than the original horse racing and dog racing. That initiated some discussions, and it really just had to get resolved for the club."

So let me get this straight: gambling was more deemed more problematical than dog racing? Now, I love the Commissioner - he's a treasure and a smart political operative - but maybe he should have said "gambling, dog racing, and horse racing are all activities we're concerned with and want the Rooneys to get out of as soon as possible," don't you think?

Me? What do I think? I'm outraged! I really am.

Where's PETA? Where were the calls for a brain scan of the Rooneys? And why the hell isn't anyone on their tail about this?

Michael, people will offer all kinds of reasons: they're rich; you're not. They're white; you're black. They're connected; you're not. Whatever the reasons it's not right. And while it's not just that they go unpunished for their activities and you get raked over the coals, you also can't point a finger at them. That would be wrong and you're not the right messenger. Keep your head high and pray to God for all the strength you're going to need to navigate through the sea of clowns and jokers you're about to deal with.

PETA wants your brain scanned. Do it. Get it over with, then visit Oprah. Then maybe, just maybe, someone will put the ball in the Rooney's court.

Just pray baby.

Get The Zennie62 Widget Made By Steve Kloft!


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Right out of the blue, I get this email from my friend Steve Kloft, who's an established Internet marketing guru, announcing he's created a widget containing links to my postings, my main blog, my Twitter tweets, and my YouTube videos!

Steve, thanks a million! That makes up for the 600 mb Bay to Breakers videos I'm still uploading, the nutso cyberstalkers , and all the crap I've had to deal with that comes with just expressing my opinion! But as I've said before, there are good people out there, fortunately I know them and they have away of just appearing when you need a boost: Steve's an example.

Here's the widget:

You can get your own copy at this link:

And thanks again, Steve! That was a bolt out of the blue!