Saturday, November 01, 2008

Texas Tech Stuns Number One Texas 39 to 33

This was one of the most amazing college football games I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of them.  In a thrilling pass-o-rama, Texas Tech's Mike Leach showed the nation what an incredible passing game he's developed on ABC television and I watch it.  Wow.  Texas Tech 38, Number One Texas, 33 .  A game that people will talk about for years to come.

Internet Overtakes Newspapers As Source Of Political News

According to a study by the the Pew Research Center , the internet is now the major source of election news.  The study shows that the Internet is beating newspapers in audience draw.  Also, but no surprise, Fox News draws a Republican audience, whereas CNN and MSNBC were mostly Democratic.  Here's what they report:

Many more Americans are turning to the internet for campaign news this year as the web becomes a key source of election news. Television remains the dominant source, but the percent who say they get most of their campaign news from the internet has tripled since October 2004 (from 10% then to 33% now).
While use of the web has seen considerable growth, the percentage of Americans relying on TV and newspapers for campaign news has remained relatively flat since 2004. The internet now rivals newspapers as a main source for campaign news. And with so much interest in the election next week, the public's use of the internet as a campaign news source is up even since the primaries earlier this year. In March, 26% cited the internet as a main source for election news, while the percentages citing television and newspapers remain largely unchanged.

Paul Cobb On Chauncey Bailey, Mayor Ron Dellums & Oakland


Paul Cobb is a long-time Oakland, California writer, activist, community organizer and now publisher of the Oakand Post. I met Paul at his office in Downtown Oakland to talk about a wide range of subjects, but the two I was most interested in talking about were who killed Chauncey Bailey and what Paul thought about the current Mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums.  

Bailey was an Oakland journalist who was supposedly murdered by people associated with Your Black Muslim Bakery (YBMB) on August 2, 2007.  But Cobb and others believe that the chain of events that led to someone, perhaps Devaughndre Broussard of YBMB,  murdering a journalist in the line of duty is more complicated and may lead to people and institutions one would not expect. 

Cobb's assertions regarding the relationship between Bailey and members of the Oakland Police Department would seem to match the concerns expressed in this website article by the Chauncey Bailey Project.  The person who shot Bailey was wearing a ski mask so true identification was never done.  Broussard confessed to the killing, but this to may be a coverup.

Related blog post on Bailey's passing:

In our talk for this video, Paul got in some interesting information.  Without coming out and saying it directly, Cobb believes that an Oakland Police officer had some role in Bailey's eventual death.  He says this twice in the video.   In this video, Cobb also said that California Attorney General Jerry Brown took Bailey's research files from him and never returned them.  A view that's controversial, considering that Mayor Dellums has asked Brown to investigate the matter of Bailey's murder. 

Cobb talks about Barack Obama and what his friend the late Dr. Martin Luther King, would think about Barack's historic success in becoming as of this writing the first African American presidential nominee of either party.  What Cobb says is not just that he would be proud, but it is the culmination of his dream.

Those are some of the highlights of a man who's life goes back to his personal relationship with Martin Luther King.