Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Playboy Super Bowl Party Was Fun; So Was The Super Bowl!

Yep. I attended my first Playboy Party and fifth Super Bowl. More with a click here!

NFL Game in UK already promised a Sellout

Ticket Requests Pour in for NFL in London- See my comment at the end
By Associated Press

February 7, 2007, 9:38 AM EST

LONDON -- The NFL's first regular-season game outside North America already looks like a big hit. More than 500,000 tickets were requested by about 160,000 fans in the three days following Friday's official announcement, the NFL said Wednesday.

The ticket request process ends Feb. 18, two months before tickets go on sale for the Oct. 28 game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley is expecting to seat between 85,000-90,000 for the game.

"Nearly all these requests have come from UK based fans," said Alistair Kirkwood, the managing director of NFL UK. "These figures do not take into account the allocation of tickets for Dolphins and Giants fans from the United States, so we anticipate a very quick sellout when tickets go on sale in early March."

On Sunday, more than 4,000 fans gathered in London to watch the Super Bowl at Super Bash, which is in its fourth year.

So how much will these tickets Cost? Let's book our hotels now........

Sporting News Final NFL Power Rankings for 2006-07

Final 2006-07 NFL Power Poll
By Mike Nahrstedt - SportingNews

Final rank, plus a look ahead to 2007


1. Colts. Sure, there's room at the end of that laser, rocket arm for another ring.

2. Bears. Who would you rather be, Grossman or Bartman? Man, tough call.

3. Patriots. Don't bet against the Pats ending an excruciating two-year title drought.

4. Chargers. Arizona desert would be a good spot for Marty to exorcise his demons.

5. Ravens. The core players are old, but you can say that about the Stones, too.

6. Saints. That glass slipper? It just might fit the next time around.

7. Eagles. Invincible was great, but wouldn't it be nice if it applied to McNabb?

8. Jets. You know, that Mangini guy, he seems to be working out OK.

9. Seahawks. Seattle remains the class of the NFC West. (Talk about your oxymorons.)

10. Chiefs. Need some DTs, OTs, WRs … stop me if you've heard this before.

11. Cowboys. Enough with the fuss over the coach. Who's gonna be the holder?

12. Broncos. When upgrading D-line, Denver should look beyond Cleveland this time.

13. Titans. Wouldn't Pacman look good in a Bengals uniform? I'm just sayin'.

14. Giants. Something tells me Coughlin ain't the guy to fix a fractured locker room.

15. Jaguars. If you have the answer at QB, please call 1-877-JDELRIO.

16. Steelers. NFL can never have too many coaches named Mike. Tomlin makes five.

17. Bengals. 2007 goal: More wins than arrests. Hey, you gotta reach for the stars.

18. Bills. Move Buffalo to the NFC, and suddenly it's playoff-caliber.

19. Panthers. DeShaun? DeAngelo? DeSomebody has to run the ball for DePanthers.

20. Packers. It would take a Lambeau-sized leap of faith to put the Pack in SB42.

21. Falcons. This just in: Vick is not a great passer. But isn't that what QBs do?

22. Rams. Let's just say Jackson ain't shakin' in his cleats about a Faulk return.

23. 49ers. Well, they'll be the best team in the Bay Area again.

24. Texans. A Domanick by any other name is still injury-prone.

25. Dolphins. Welcome back, Ricky Williams. T.O. can't handle all the lunacy alone.

26. Cardinals. You can put the Super Bowl in Arizona, but you can't put Arizona …

27. Redskins. Two scarcities in D.C.: allies for Dubya and W's for the 'Skins.

28. Bucs. Bucs need to make a deep playoff run or Chucky could be toast.

29. Browns. Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thy offense and defense, Romeo?

30. Vikings. Wouldn't Culpepper look good in purple right about now?

31. Lions. If it's lightning and Millen is nearby, head his way--the man is fireproof.

32. Raiders. To paraphrase the Wizard's guard: Not no way, not no how.