Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adrienne Bailon Nude Photo Scandal Hoax!

Adrienne Bailon is a Disney Cheetah Girl who claimed nude photos of her were stolen, then put on the Internet. Well, it's all a hoax set up by her friend who's a Hollywood publicist. Watch my video to learn why and check out my newest sim game for the clasrooom:

Bailout The American Auto Industry - The Blog Report


If the American Auto Industry is allowed to collapse, the US will lose 7.8 million jobs, an economic impact of $349 billion and, increase an already high unemployment rate by another six percent. We can't let that happen. In this video I explain why.

President-Elect Barack Obama has a Mac

Barack has a Mac, originally uploaded by Stijn Vogels.

I found this on Flickr and had to post it. It seems all the progressive people use Macs: Steve Jobs (well, he created it), me, and President-Elect Barack Obama. Here's what the photo poster wrote:

Barack has a Mac

Apparently, America's president-elect is a Mac user, a Pac Man fan, and likes sticking stickers on one's laptop. I really dig the pac-man eating the Apple logo.

To help bridge the physical distance between father and daughters, Michelle recently bought two MacBook laptops, one for Barack and one for the kids, so they could have video chats over the Internet.

Senator Barbara Boxer Turns 68 - Help Us Raise $68,000 As A Gift

I got this email from Doug Boxer, California Senator Barbara Boxer's son and a friend:

Dear Zennie,

We've got less than $5,000 to go to reach our $68,000 goal in honor of my mom's 68th birthday. Join nearly 1,000 Boxer supporters and help put us over the top. Click here to contribute today!

Tuesday night, the Boxer family gathered to celebrate my mom's birthday -- and she was thrilled when I told her that, as a special gift, nearly 1,000 members of our community had come together to support her re-election campaign!

Now, we've got less than $5,000 to go to reach our $68,000 goal in honor of my mom's 68th birthday.  Will you join nearly 1,000 Boxer supporters and help put us over the top?

Please contribute today -- and help us reach our $68,000 grassroots fundraising goal, in honor of my mom's 68th birthday. Even $5 will make a huge difference!

We know that Barbara Boxer will be one of the right-wing's top targets in 2010.  In fact, two opponents officially launched their campaigns yesterday!  I know we just finished one election, but my mom needs your help now as she prepares for a tough campaign two short years from now.

Thanks to the wave of Democratic victories across the country last Tuesday, including President-elect Barack Obama's historic election, I know my mom will always remember her 68th birthday.

Now let's make her birthday celebration even more memorable.  Please contribute to my mom's re-election campaign today -- and help us reach our $68,000 grassroots goal!

Thank you for your help!


Doug Boxer

P.S. It's not too late!  Your contribution, today, will put a big, red bow on our grassroots fundraising drive to celebrate my mom's 68th birthday.  Please join nearly 1,000 supporters and contribute now.  Thanks!

Again, give the Senator a hand, just $5 will help, but whatever you can do.  Then pass on this blog post.  Senator Boxer has been a liberal friend to all of us, and especially in California.