Sunday, December 17, 2006

TIME Magazine's Person Of The Year? You (And The YouTube Guys Chad Hurley and Steve Chen)

There has been much speculation of who or what the TIME Magazine "Person Of The Year" was going to be. Al Gore, for his pathbreaking movie "An Inconvenient Truth"? Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat from San Francisco (Yeah!) and the first female majority leader? Or how about YouTube as the what?

Well, TIME tripped us up again. This time the Person Of The Year is you...and me too. It's me because in part of what I'm doing now, which is blogging. But it's also YouTube and its founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. What I mean is TIME decided to focus of them, but it seems like they went beyond just making Chad and Steve the selection, and with the logic that if no one used YouTube, there would be no popularity of it, no change in media, and no Chad and Steve to be considered as Persons Of The Year.

The video below features Chad and Steve talking about how YouTube started with Charlie Rose.