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Blogging: The State Of - Salon's Scott Rosenberg, Author, "Say Everything"

This video is an interview with the author of "Say Everything," the best book on the history of blogs and blogging written to date, and someone who's start as an Internet-based journalist goes back to 1994. He is Scott Rosenberg of

(As a note, if you're seeing this and the video has a white space icon in front of it, it's because it's a new upload and you're among the first to view it. Give it a few minutes to finish compressing. It's a huge video file.)

Scott Rosenberg, who's one of the founding editors of, and this blogger sat down for a talk that lasted 45 minutes, making this the longest video interview done for this channel to date.

Rosenberg and I talked about everything from how got started, to the State of Blogging, journalists versus bloggers, The Huffington Post, The Daily for the iPad, the impact of Twitter, what happened to Salon, blogging for profit and reaching the market versus not doing so, James O'Keffe and his video ambush that led to the resignation of NPR's Executive Director, and a host of other topics.

And that was just the first 30 minutes of the video interview.

But mostly, we talked about The State Of Blogging. While some Old Media publications like The New York Times think blogging activity is decreasing, Scott disagrees, explaining that we have more blogs than ever and the number continues to grow. In fact, BlogPulse reports there are 157,828,245 blogs, with 79,327 established over the last 24 hours as of this writing.

No wonder the New York Times is threatened. That's a lot of media being created at a rapid pace. So sweet.

You can also check out Scott's blog at

99ers: Plan to attend the "We Are One" Rally near you - April 4, 2011

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, where he had gone to stand with sanitation workers demanding their dream: The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life. The workers were trying to form a union with AFSCME.

Beginning with worship services over the April 1 weekend, and continuing through the week of April 4, unions, people of faith, civil and human rights activists, students and other progressive allies will host a range of community and workplace-focused actions.

Join us in solidarity with working people in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and dozens of other states where well-funded, right-wing corporate politicians are trying to take away the rights Dr. King gave his life for. It’s a day to show movement. Teach-ins. Vigils. Faith events. A day to be creative, but clear: We are one.

Find your local event or create one by visiting:

AARP Fights to Repeal Discriminatory Unemployment Insurance Law

AARP Fights to Repeal Discriminatory Unemployment Insurance Law. Bipartisan Bill Would Repeal Law that Reduces Unemployment Benefits to Social Security Recipients :

As if 99ers and soon to be UI exhaustees needed anymore impediments to their very survival or rejoining the work force, every year in Illinois, thousands of unemployed older workers face age and economic discrimination due to an outdated state law that unfairly reduces their unemployment benefits.

Illinois is one of only two states in the nation that still carry the law on their books, called the Social Security unemployment "offset" law. In a tight economy, this unfair law makes things worse for older, unemployed workers and AARP is fighting to repeal the law.

"Many older adults in Illinois are struggling to pay for basic necessities – and are working because they have to," said Nancy Funk, volunteer with AARP Illinois. "To penalize these workers after they become unemployed simply because of their age is unfair and clearly wrong."

Illinois is one of only two states in the nation, along with Louisiana, that has never taken action to repeal the offset and continues to penalize jobless older adults who receive Social Security. The offset law classifies one-half of an older adult's Social Security payment as disqualifying income for purposes of receiving unemployment benefits.

AARP is supporting legislation, Senate Bill 144 sponsored by Senator Heather Steans, House Bill 96 sponsored by Representative Karen May and House Bill 1115 sponsored by Representative Sidney Mathias, that would repeal the Social Security offset law in Illinois. Representative Mathias is also a chief co-sponsor on House Bill 96.

"We need to end this age discrimination right now," said Representative Karen May. "More and more seniors have to work to make ends meet, especially during this recession. Losing a job can be devastating to seniors as well as any citizen."

"It's time to repeal the unfair and discriminatory social security offset law that denies seniors unemployment benefits simply because of their age," said Senator Heather Steans. "We are one of only two states that has not already done so; this is simply wrong."

Employers are required to pay into the unemployment fund fully for each of their workers, regardless of age. Repealing the unemployment offset will ensure that all workers receive their full unemployment benefits, regardless of age as well.


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Seann William Scott Goes to Rehab

Seann William Scott also can be known as "Stifler" from American Pie (and more recently his memorable roles in Role Model, Cop Out, etc), but add to the list thing that he can now be known for: getting treatment.

CBS reports that the star has entered rehab as confirmed by his representatives on Tuesday.

E! Online was able to speak to the representatives and find out why the star checked himself in:

"Seann William Scott has voluntarily admitted himself for proactive treatment to address health and personal issues," his reps said in a statement to E! News. "He appreciates the support of his many fans at this time."

It is great that he got treatment before it was too late and before any of his behaviors were publicly exposed.

Alexandra Wallace Cappie Pondexter Racist Anti-Asian Rants Show Racism Still Alive

We all like to think 21st Century America's advanced, but when I see how some people chose their friends by race, I wonder if, in their worst moments, they are really like UCLA student Alexandra Wallace and WNBA Player Cappie Pondexter.

For some reason best known to Ms. Wallace, she made a video that's on YouTube and features her ranting on in a racist way about Asian students at UCLA's library. And Cappie Pondexter decided to go to Twitter to spew her racism about Japanese right after the Japan Earthquake.

Here's the Wallace video:

Frankly, Anti-Asian racism is something I've heard before, and from white students at Cal Berkeley, both when I was a grad student, and still within recent years. I always thought "Ok, and how do you feel about black folks?" And it's something I've heard from blacks, mostly in the South, but frankly only from those who tend to have all-black friends and associations.

Geez. If you see anyone in a diverse urban society and all of their friends are one color, be it white, black, or whatever, you can bet there's racist conversation that takes place among them.

But what's up with women making these racist rants, today? Is it some expression of frustration with men being more interracial in their selection of mates than ever before? Is it that they can't stand seeing white guys with Asian girls?

Those of you who regularly follow this space recall this video where Reality TV Show Star Josie Goldberg went off on "Jewish men" who seem to want "Chinese Girls," and not white Jewish women:

Is Alexandra Wallace pissed off about that, too? I wonder because both Wallace and Goldberg live down in UCLA and Hollywood, not far from each other.

And Cappie Pondexter, again for some reason best known only to her, decided to use Twitter to express her own racism, directed specifically at Japanese citizens suffering from one of the worst disasters in recorded history. Yep. The same Rutgers University Basketball Player Cappie Pondexter who was called a "nappy headed ho," by Radio Talk Show Host Don Imus, and said that was "unacceptable and inappropriate," got on Twitter a few days ago and said:

First: "maybe god was tired of the way they treated there own people"
Then: "u just never knw! They did pearl harbor so u can't expect anything less"
Are we seeing women as the new racists? Is it all because they can't find a guy of a certain color? What's the deal here with this spewing of female racism? Not only that, it oddly underscores the point that the best man out there for a woman doesn't always have the same skin color, so they should get over it.

Alexandra Wallace Gets Death Threats For Comments

But expressing racism doesn't mean anyone like Alexandra Wallace should get death threats, yet, according to The Daily Bruin, that's what's happening to her. The third-year political science student is trying to figure out where she's going to study for finals. (The library's definitely out of the question.)

The Wallace video, called repugnant by UCLA's Administration, has went viral.  And even though Wallace took the original version of the video down, in today's fast-moving New Media World, copies were already made of it, and one of them, the one above, has been seen 3 million times as of this writing.

Wallace, Pondexter, and Gilbert Gottfried Shed New Light On Racism

After the last five days, and in the wake of the Japan Earthquake, we sadly find racism to be alive and well, and in this case directed at Asians and specifically Japanese, and at their greatest time of need.  We have Wallace, Pondexter, and Gilbert Gottfried expressing their racism against Asians.  Gilbert's just an angry guy, period.  It's no surprise Gottfrield would make stupid, racist Twitter tweets with a preamble that goes "I just broke up with my girlfriend."

I can guess why.

What Can You Do?

Get your head out of the sand and correct anyone who makes racist statements, that's what you can do. And if you're in a group who's doing it, have enough common sense to correct the group. Stand up and be counted among the ranks of good people in this World.

And help Japan.

Stay tuned and follow Zennie62 on Twitter.

Michigan UI Exhaustees Increase as US Aids Every Country but Its Own

Michigan UI exhaustees may increase meanwhile US aids every country but it’s own.

According to CBS News in Detroit, the U.S. Department of Labor has some bad news for 35,000 jobless people in Michigan.

The federal government said that Michigan no longer meets all the criteria for the extended benefit program. Cutting the program would leave about 35,000 people without benefits, as of April 2, and could eventually affect another 150,000 people receiving extended benefits.

In order to be in compliance, officials in Lansing will have to pass enabling legislation. Governor Rick Snyder, along with a statewide business-labor coalition, is in support of the needed legislation. If the enabling legislation is passed, it would extend the payments through the end of 2011.

FROM THE TRENCHES WORLD REPORT article today: 99ers HR 589 Supporters Do Not Tolerate the Green Weenies

Well our so called government has sent warships to aid the Japanese and also, through the Suez Canal, to anchor off the coast of Libya. You see the people in Libya are being oppressed. They are not being allowed their pursuit of happiness. Therefore, our politicians are chomping at the bit to rush to their aid. Wouldn’t it be nice if the 99ers’ lives were thought worthy of salvation by our so called government?

The article goes on to say: As for you 99ers out there, we need to get the Easter Project into high gear. And who knows, maybe some of these green weenie tough guys will try to stop us and we can have the pleasure of knocking a few knots on their heads. Personally I would hitchhike to get to that fight.

And don’t forget April 2nd and the Nationwide Protests that are planned. We must start becoming active before it is too late.

I received a powerful email from 99er Randy Moe yesterday after he attended a rally in the Chicago area yesterday that he allowed me to share with you here. When we last featured Randy in July 2010, He was attempting to sell 99er T-shirts to stay afloat as Washington refused to pass a badly needed Tier 5 for the 99ers.

Participating in’s series of protests yesterday called ““Defend the Dream - We're taking it back!” - Randy chronicled his personal experience in the following email yesterday:

Just got back from the MoveOn “Defend the Dream - We're taking it back!” rally at the James R. Thompson Center, downtown Chicago, there was a modest turnout of about 300 people. I ran into several old friends, one I used to work with until he found a Union job with the City of Chicago, good for him, sad for me.

What struck me was, almost the entire crowd appeared to be still-employed Union men, and I do mean men there were few women in attendance. There were no students, no young people, no 99ers, no homeless, no major media, no anger, and nobody I could relate to.

The first speaker roused the crowd with a PA system that gave his voice strength, a woman handed me a song and chant sheet. I started retreating. The cheers and words rang hollow upon my tired ears. The speaker demanded we all need a good paying job, health care, and the dream of our own home. The Union men roared. I turned and walked away.

My emotions overcame me, I nearly cried. I was sad that I see no way of ever joining a Union or ever getting another good job. The Dream is over. The 80% still working see us not, we are invisible and worthless. We (are), no - I am forgotten.

The 99er Nation feels invisible and at times worthless, especially in the eyes of Washington law makers, Obama, employers and the media. Exactly when will the US Government see clearly that their responsibility lies with FIRST with helping their own citizens survive and fend off oppression.... Oh wait.... it is the US Government oppressing the 99ers and the middle class to boot. Well then I suppose unless or until we show the “Deaf, Dumb & Blind” in Congress and the White House that we mean business - they never will have the motivation to change the status quo. It is really that simple. It is up to us to take to the streets and take back our country

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Donald Trump Roasted on Comedy Central and Situation Bombs

After watching the Roast of Donald Trump on Comedy Central over four times (hey, reruns on Comedy Central are worth watching when something is this entertaining) it is safe to say that this roast is probably one of the best - although it was a bit upsetting that Greg Giraldo was unable to be there, but they paid homage to him and Jeff Ross even said, "Roast In Peace."

The roasters included Marlee Matlin, who is currently on Celebrity Apprentice, the woman who won an Oscar and is an amazing woman who although being deaf is able to show that she isn't any different. Her best line was:

"Because like the Situation I have also never heard the sound of laughter."

She was later interrupted by Gilbert Godfried once her signer refused to be part of this anymore - she was poked fun at by the roasters, but she was a good sport about it.

Larry King did a hilarious job and so did Snoop Dogg - the two were definitely hilarious. It makes sense for why Larry King was there, but is there some connection between Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg?

An even bigger confusion is where is the connection between Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Mr. Trump? Why would he even be chosen to appear on Comedy Central to begin with? The Situation's act was hard to watch, he really should stick with reality tv, because he is most funny when he is being real and unrehearsed - it really shows that he is not an actor and gives more credit to the reality of Jersey Shore. He took a lot of hits from the other roasters like a champ, but the biggest hit was when the crowd went completely silent during his act - which later led to booing. It was a bombing disaster, but Jeff Ross came up on stage to relieve him and save the day. He should have just been himself - he made a joke about newcomer Anthony Jeselnik saying that he used one of Jeselnik's jokes so that he could bang models in his mansion and then talked about how much money he has. He kept comparing himself to them and took a stab at Whitney Cummings which was not well received. Saying she wasn't worthy of being called a "grenade" because she wasn't blowing up anytime soon - aren't the fat girls called grenades? Thought that the skinny ones were called landmines? Guess it's time to re-evaluate the Jersey Shore lingo. Ironically, after that happened Vinny tweeted about how beautiful Whitney looked.

Oddly, Vinny didn't stick up for Situation at all. Jeff Ross joked that maybe the filming in Italy is a fancy way of deporting the cast.

Whitney Cummings did a hilarious job on stage as did newcomer Anthony Jeselnik, although Jeselnik was not very well known - Lisa Lampanelli jokingly paused as she gave viewers at home the opportunity to "Wikipedia" him.

Jeff Ross of course was there and did his great job.

Seth McFarland hosted and he did a great job as always; taking lots of punches. The Family Guy creator was given lots of flack for Stewie, ha.

Trump's new love Melania was there as was his daughter Ivanka.

Trump's upcoming decision on whether or not to run for President was brought up - Snoop Dogg said it best, "It wouldn't be the first time you kicked a black family out of their home." Hilarious.

Trump's rebuttle was like that of a Presidential Campaign Speech - but he had some good comebacks.

There is so much more to say about it, but really it's much better watching it first hand. It's worth it - and watching it more than once is something that is will be expected; it is THAT good.

The Roast of Donald TrumpMarch 15 10:30/9:30c
Seth MacFarlane - Turns to Gold
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Videos and photos taken from Comedy Central.

The Source Code Snarked By TechCrunch; Tech Press Slams Hollywood Again

In an effort to reach out to a nerd demographic, a continuation of marketing and PR work that started with Comic Con, Hollywood is now directly reaching out to the tech press and getting slammed in the process.

The PR effort for The Source Code, the movie starring Duncan Jones and Jake Gyllenhaal, is the latest example. A TechCrunch blogger named Alexia Tsotsis was attacked by the movie's producer Summit Entertainment for being too snarky in a blog post she wrote about the movie during SXSW. Moreover, the person connected with Summit Entertainment felt it necessary to go to her new bosses at AOL and complain about Alexia's work. Sad.

Sad for Summit Entertainment, that is.

Hollywood studios are making the same mistake The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made in reaching out to the tech press to present it's new social media effort for the 83rd Academy Awards: it's avoiding its media friends and fans, none of which are in the tech press.

Once again, Hollywood's segregationist, non-systemic, Old Media thinking, is getting it into major trouble. The problem is that Hollywood thinks the culture of tech is confined to the tech press and that just because some movie purports to "speak tech," the tech press is going to embrace it. Forgetting what happens when that movie's "tech speak" falls short of any smell test: it gets panned.

Rather than target the tech press, then whine about the result, Summit Entertainment should have went to its normal set of press contacts and expanded it to include fan blogs. Why? Because those bloggers, who in many cases have made their own blogs from scratch, know just enough tech to be sympathetic to the movie maker's message and not throw them under the bus.

But that didn't happen in the case of TechCrunch and Alexia (cool name, by the way). And the fact that AOL chose to insert itself into a blogger's work is a little scary and doesn't bode well for the future of AOL's relationship with TechCrunch or any of its blogs that it bought. Check out this email that AOL sent to Alexia:

Hey Alexia,

Hope you’re having a good time at SxSW and that it’s not been too crazy busy for you!

First wanted to thank you for covering Source Code/attending the party, etc. But also wanted to raise a concern that Summit had about the piece that ran. They felt it was a little snarky and wondered if any of the snark can be toned down? I wasn’t able to view the video interviews but I think their issue is just with some of the text. Let me know if you’re able to take another look at it and make any edits. I know of course that TechCrunch has its own voice and editorial standards, so if you have good reasons not to change anything that’s fine, I just need to get back to Summit with some sort of information. Let me know.


What happened in both examples is that The Academy and Summit Entertainment isn't experienced with the tech press, which reacts to any effort that's, well, "fake." Let's face it, The Source Code isn't an iPad or a new computer, or a Twitter-beater. It's a movie. And the press outreach effort isn't about some real word tech innovation used in the movie, it's about the movie. Period.

As I said before, and will say again, Hollywood needs to stop this silly way of thinking and come back to its media base. It's just as tech savvy, more friendly, and certainly less snarky, than the tech press.

As for Alexia, TechCrunch, and AOL, that email was shameful on AOL's part and makes this blogger think it's time for a countdown clock for AOL. A countdown to merger failure because the culture of AOL doesn't seem to be meshing with the cultures of the properties they bought.

Stay tuned.

Seattle Twestival March 24th - A Gathering Of Twitter Folks

The Seattle Twestival, sponsored by the Microsoft Alumni Association, is billed as the "biggest grassroots social media fundraising event on the planet."

Held this March 24th from 6 PM to 9:30 PM at Ray's Boat House at 6049 Seaview Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107, it's a meetup that's a tweetup that makes a difference. And the deserving charity this year is FareStart.

FareStart is a Seattle non-profit that advocates say "changes lives through culinary training and job placement for Seattle's homeless and disadvantaged individuals." The best news is 100 percent of all ticket donations from the The Seattle Twestival will go to FareStart.

For more information on The Seattle Twestival, visit: