Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dexter Season 5 - what's Dexter anyway?

Dexter is not a Tiger Woods update or an NFL football player. For that, you may say "Thank God", but look; what's Dexter anyway? More like who's Dexter anyway? Dexter Season 5 has got people talking include me, and I've never heard of Dexter. Showtime calls him "America's favorite serial killer."


is a Showtime Original Series about a man who works within the bowls of the criminal justice system, but goes out and kills those people already suspected of being guilty of a crime, making him a kind of serial killer.

My first response in considering this television series was "I can't believe someone made a show like this, and that people are watching it."

My second take was "What the hell is wrong with society?"

I ask because, thousands of people lined up for at least four hours to see a special screening of the show's Season 5 finale Sunday in New York City, leading to this tweet:

At the Dexter finale party in NYC and fans have been lined up since 4:30 this afternoon. That's Dextication! about 6 hours ago from Echofon

And "Dextication"? Oh man. What's going on? And I have to ask, why is Dexter white? Would the show be as popular if he were black? I ask because once again we're thrown images to consume without asking why we're supposed to do so. You know? Is this a way of saying that it's OK for a white man to be a celebrated serial killer? Now, maybe I should rethink that, because who in blazes wants to be fawned all over because they're a serial killer?

But the point is, does Dexter reflect a racial double standard, such that in reality a white person is more likely to get away with such crimes than someone black? It's worthy of discussion.

Well, here's a video from the show; maybe you can clue me in:

Stay tuned.

Giants Drop a Tough One to the Hated Eagles

Giants Drop a Tough One to the Hated Eagles

The NY Giants came into this game tonight needing a win over the Eagles in the worst way. They couldn't come up with one, and so goes their season. In dropping the second game of the year to the birds, NY has no chance to win the NFC eastern Division, and must now win the final three games against the Redskins, Panthers, and Vikings just to win 10 games and get into post season play. We will have a full recap, but three players who had tough days for NY on Offense were Brandon Jacobs, Eli Manning, and Mario Manningham. This was their last game against the Eagles in Giants Stadium, with all the motivation in the world, and while they never gave up, they made plenty of mistakes in the loss. Including a sack and fumble on the very last play on offense. the Giants allowed 4 turnovers and several big plays, including a defensive touchdown, a punt return for a touchdown, and a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. The Giants drop to a 7-6 record and are once again hanging by a thread in the playoff race. No joy in "wetville" tonight folks.

Lady GaGa in San Francisco: fans wait in line

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