Friday, November 19, 2010

Wesley Snipes Goes to Jail

TMZ reports that Wesley Snipes has been taken into custody and will begin his 3-year sentence at a federal prison.

The 48-year-old actor is serving time for tax related crimes for which he was convicted of in 2008 on three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file his income tax returns according to

CNN reports that the prosecutors argued that for almost a decade Snipes avoided paying income taxes - which resulted in over a million dollars.

The judge of the trial wrote:

"The Defendant Snipes had a fair trial; he has had a full, fair, and thorough review of his conviction and sentence by the Court of Appeals; and he has had a full, fair, and thorough review of his present claims, during all of which he has remained at liberty. The time has come for the judgment to be enforced."

This story is still developing and another post will be made once more information is released.

Tiger Woods Cursed At 2009 Cal Stanford Big Game

Tiger Woods, on a new PR-friendly media tour, said he's a better man after the incident on Thanksgiving 2009. On that evening, he drove his Cadillac SUV into a tree, his wife tried to free him using a golf club, and it was revealed that he had a mistress. And we all know where that led Tiger Woods and pop culture.

But Tiger Woods trouble really started the weekend before Thanksgiving, at the 2009 Cal Stanford Big Game. Newly inducted into the Stanford Sports Hall of Fame and feeling his oats, Tiger Woods got up to the mic and famously said "The second half is ours."

And got booed by Cal fans. I don't care what anyone says, Tiger got it coming to him for that.

Stanford proceeded to lose, 34 to 28.

If Tiger had just accepted his induction with class and left Cal out of his comments, Cal fans would not have cursed his mojo by booing him. But he did, and we did, and we know what happened after that.

Tiger, this year just zip it and you'll do fine. Well, on second thought..


Nick and Jessica are Engaged

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are engaged, again. This time they are both engaged to different people. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's engagement was previously blogged about, but it's strange that within the next week Jessica Simpson is also married. That's a strange irony or coincidence.

(Drunk?) Harrison Ford on Conan Says Shit and Die

Morning Glory star Harrison Ford, better known as Han Solo in the Star Wars series and as Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones movie series, appeared on TBS's Conan show Tuesday night, and looked completely either hammered or high. Or maybe just drunk.

Whatever the case, Ford was out of it.

Conan asked Harrison if it was true he'd developed a friendship with Captain Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger, the hero of the US Airways Flight that crash landed in the Hudson River in New York City, Ford said "I've met him. Spent some time with him. Very. Very nice man."

Then Conan asked what Ford would have done if he were in that situation, on the same US Airways Flight that wound up in the Hudson River. Ford said he would "shit and die," bringing the house down.

What was wrong with Harrison Ford?  Given his stature, it probably doesn't matter; he probably was both drunk and high, and knew it would give Conan more publicity for his show.  It did.

Maybe it's a sign that, at 68, Ford has mellowed and figured, you know, why not?   Who cares.  What the fuck?

And so he did.  Allegedly.  Get.  Drunk.  Stoned.  Or something.

JFK Assassination Deathbed Confession to be Aired

According to TruTv's television show Conspiracy Theory will feature former Governor Jesse Ventura who will be discussing John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination.

The site reports that for the first time ever on television viewers will withness a confession in one of the most controversial murders:

"In the course of the episode, Jesse Ventura, a former Navy SEAL and Underwater Demolitions expert, attempts to recreate Oswald’s alleged shooting that day. He tracked down the exact make and model, as well as ammunition stock that the Warren Commission claims Oswald used. But despite the fact that Ventura qualified as an expert shot while in naval special forces training, and qualified again as an expert during his term as Governor in Minnesota, he could not duplicate the time and accuracy of Oswald’s fateful shots. Yet Lee Harvey Oswald only qualified as a “marksman,” two grades lower than Ventura. (Witnesses who shot with Oswald have said for years that he had “Maggie’s drawers”—that he frequently missed the target and generally did not meet the high standards of a serviceman.)"

The program will air November 19, 2010 at 10 PM/EST on TruTv.

5 Reasons why the Mighty Cal Bears will beat Stanford Again

Tomorrow the Might Cal Bears.. aka UC Berekely aka my alma mater play the silver spoon kids from Stanfurd University in our annual Big Game. It will be the 113th time these two teams meet and tomorrow promoises to be huge.

Yes, I’m well aware Stanfurd is 9-1 and ranked number 6.. but Cal routinely beats the tar nickens out of this team of spoiled misfits who attend a school where students pay 200 thousand dollars a year in tuition. This is why you never saw Stanfurd students protesting student fee hikes. Cal students have long ways to go to catch up with the boys on the farm in terms of fees..All I know is when I graduated I owed like 500 bucks in student loans. My homeboy Kevvy Kevowed 378 thousand.

Anyway we play Stanfurd tomorrow and here’s

5 Reasons why Cal Will Beat Stanfurd Again

Condi Rice

1-Condi ‘Yes I lied about the War’ Rice was provost there.. Not a good look. This why we are at war in Iraq spending millions on our military effort and not education.. Who do we blame? Yes you guessed it-Stanfurd University

2-The Hoover Institute is located there.. Wanna know where places like Fox News and all these right wing nut jobs get their over the top talking points? Yes down on the farm

3-The team is called the Cardinal.. and its mascot is a tree.. How confusing. Most people think the team is named after the nice bird..but alas its named after a color that you can’t find in any crayon box.. To top it off there’s no such thing as a Cardinal Tree.. These folks spend all that money on education and can’t figure out a team name that co-ordinates with its mascots..

4-Tiger Woods is from Stanfurd.. He was a cool guy until he tried to be Mr Gigilo and run around with every single waitress who worked at Dennys or I-Hop. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but his game was super weak and he got caught and got a serious beat down from his wife who looked 10 times a good as the people he was hollaring at..

The US Gigilo/ Playas Association was upset with Tiger. They felt he gave their profession a bad name. Tiger not being a good player solidly aligns itself with the MO of the football team.. They are not good playas..Nuff said..

Rachel Maddow is more Cal bear than Stanfurd Cardinal

5-The best thing about Stanfurd is Rachel Maddow. She went to school there.. But really her swag and politics is more aligned with Cal Berekely..You never see Stanfurd brag about this incredible journalist.. They don’t even have a statue or plague giving her props.. That’s a big fail on their part..

Let the record showCal always acknowledges its famous alumini. We should also mention Taje of Hiero/ Souls of Mischief went to Stanfurd as well as DJ Kevvy Kev..None of them are honored by their school…In fact true fact.. Hiero and Souls have done more shows at Cal than Stanfurd.. Need I say more?

Finally here’s the real reason why Stanfurd will lose to Cal

Fire the TSA? Don't Believe the Hype Behind the Fake Body Scan Protests

With each day the drama around TSA body scans takes on new twists and turns. Earlier this week I penned an article pointing out the hypocrisy displayed by many who are seemingly up in arms about their ‘junk being touched during pat downs or pictures of their privates from the scans being posted on the internet. It was just two or three months ago many of these same people were insisting that Muslims be searched from head to toe. They wanted religious garb removed and searched. They wanted people profiled. They wanted no stone unturned in the pursuit of safety and our fight against terror.

I found the whole thing laughable and those who were complaining a bit self centered. We’re looking at folks, both men and women who are sagging in all the wrong places shouting on local newscasts that TSA agents better not post their private parts on the Internet. Your looking and saying..Are you kidding me? Yeah right? Maybe if the machines actually kept and stored pictures. They don’t. But seriously folks.. please just stop. This is not about grandma and grandpa having their body parts on youtube. And trust, nobody’s trying to sexualize you on a pat down. That’s the distraction from a much deeper story.

To see this nationwide turn around where everyone is willing to forgo safety concerns to maintain their vanity had a foul stench that was hard to pin down. Something about this ‘outraged’ reeked of an orchestrated campaign, similar to the ones we saw last summer when folks were up in arms about healthcare. Y’all remember those days when this new crop of activists would show up at townhalls and disrupt them. At first it seemed genuine and spontaneous but after seeing them for a while you came to realize there was a pattern to them. For starters it wasnt as many as you’d thought. Folks would spread themselves out in a room to create the illusion of having large numbers. Second many of the folks were actually pretty well off and not in any sort of financial jeopardy as they suggested. I know one of the protests I went to in nearby Danville, organizer oblivious to the fact I’m a journalist, handed me their cards. Two of the loudest people there were executives at healthcare facilities. They had a financial interest in keeping the drama kicking.

Not to digress, But I bring all this up because I recall how so many of us were initially taken back and fooled. Many of us got caught up and believed that some sort of large-scale mass revolt against healthcare was occurring. It wasnt. What we witnessed was a well-funded highly organized stealth campaign. This current call to action against the TSA (transportation security agency) seems to be the same thing.

What really underscored this for me was hearing something said in passing on one of the local newscasts. It’s too bad there was no follow-up, but it was revealed that there’s a push to Fire the TSA and replace them with ‘professional’ private security firms..Say what you will, but this is another step at corporate dominance. It’s a push to privatize everything. Just like the so-called healthcare protestors. They wanted to get rid of the pubic option. Here we have the government-run TSA and a push to put the operation under private, corporate control.

The one leading this charge is Republican Congressman John Mica out of Florida. For those who don’t know Mica is a ranking member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He will head that committee when the new congress convenes in January and the Republicans take charge.

Mica has made the usual GOP talking points. He asserts the TSA is a bloated bureaucracy and needs to be streamlined. Sounds kind of funny when you take into account that Mica was one the chief co-sponsors of the Airport Security Federalization Act of 2001 that help put the TSA on the map in the aftermath of 9-11.

Congressman John Mica

When then President George Bush was insisting that we give him blank checks to fight the war on terror, Mica was right there supporting him. If folks recall it was seen as being ‘unpatriotic’ to not support any and all moves to make our airports safe. The TSA which is under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security was pointed out to be a key frontline agency to help combat the war on terror. Mica was a supporter.

When it was time to cut budgets and pare down so called bloated agencies, Mica introduced bills that cut welfare and student loans etc. he was up in arms about the TSA. But nowadays he’s running around saying we need to get rid of the TSA because the lines are too long??? Weren’t people like Mca telling us from day one after 9-11 to show up for our flights 2 hours a head of time so we could be safetly checked in??

Also folks should keep in mind there’s call for travelers to opt out of getting full body scans this Wednesday. The plan as stated is to slow down the lines and make folks call for sweeping changes with the TSA.

So now we have high ranking congressman smashing on a government agency that he help star and generously fund complaining the lines are too long and we would be better off with private security guards. Mica has already written letters to 100 airport heads urging them to get rid of the TSA.. He’s already gotten the Orlando airport which is in his district to get rid of the TSA.

Really? What private firms would that be you ask? Well according to a recent ABC news article, over the past 13 years,Mica has received almost $81,000 in campaign donations from political action committees and executives connected to some of the private contractors already at 16 U.S. airports. Once again its all about the money, the shadiness of a corporatist congressman and the manipulation of a public thats getting wall to wall coverage on the evening news about Price William getting married and not some simple investigative reporting about why we’re having protests against a screening process we all insisted we needed

Finally lets take this to its final conclusion. Why else are people like Congressman Mica pushing to fire the TSA? Because the TSA like most first responders including police and firemen had been fighting to unionize. It was something President Obama said he would help them do back in 2008. It was something vigorously opposed by South CarolinaSenator Jim Demint who said that if the TSA were to join a union it would increase terrorism.

So what this boils down to is union busting and political kickbacks and favors. What folks also don’t know is that any private security firm would have to follow the same exact procedures as the TSA except they would get paid less. Its not like the TSA employers are making tons of money. They’re our fellow citizens doing a job thats important . They’re our neighbors, family and friends who upon getting their pay check probably show up at your local coffee shop and grocery store and contribute to the local economy.

Michael Chertoff

Mica is one of those breeds of Congressman who is on the haterism tip on behalf of corporate security firms. Him and his croonies yearn for the days when we are the oppressive beck and call of a handful of corporate barons who want to work you for long hours and pay you substantially less. This means you as a worker will forever be economically beholden to the whims of your employer. In other words you may wind up with a dead end job that you have to keep because you can barely get buy.

We can’t end this off without talking about former Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff, remember him? Well during his reign under george Bush, he’s the one who pushed for these full body scanners that we are supposed to be objecting to. When he was advocating, very few pointed out that Chertoff had a business relationship with the manufacture Rapiscan Systems. Even now as folks are being critical, few people are calling Chertoff to the carpet for subjecting us to this invasive machine.

So Chertoff got paid and now Mica wants to get paid.. and they say the music industry is shady

Something to ponder

-Davey D-

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Eva Longoria, Tony Parker & Erin Barry face health consequences of divorce by Dr. Christina Villarreal

Very few studies have examined the long term health consequences for people who divorce. According to Dr. Gerald F. Jacobson, director of the Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center in Culver City, Calif., author of 'The Multiple Crises of Marital Separation and Divorce "there has been a 'disproportionate emphasis on the impact of divorce on children, and not enough attention to how divorce affects the former spouses." Celebrities like Hollywood actress Eva Longoria and NBA player Tony Parker, who have recently made international news by filing for divorce after 7 years together, are not immune to the long term health consequences of divorce, as seen below. Erin Barry, San Antonio Spurs former player Brent Barry's wife has also recently filed for divorce, and has admitted to sexting with Tony Parker for months, perhaps leading to the demise of both marriages.

Both Dr. Gerald F. Jacobson and Dr. James J. Lynch, a psychologist at the University of Maryland, author of ''The Broken Heart: The Medical Consequences of Loneliness'', suggest that people's reaction to divorce is similar to experiencing the death of a spouse. Feelings of anger, guilt and depression often become overwhelming. However unlike in bereavement, the former spouse continues on with their life, making it difficult to gain closure following a divorce.

Scientific research has long established the biological connection between emotional stress, and the development of physical illness. Untreated stress can lead to abnormal immunological functioning in those who have divorced, making them more vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses, including cancer. A study examining the health effects of divorce reveal that after a diagnosis of cancer, married people are most likely to recover, while the divorced are least likely to recover, indicating that the emotional trauma of divorce has a long-term impact on the physical health of the body.

Dr. Robert Segraves, a psychiatrist and marriage and divorce counselor at the University of Chicago Medical Center, points out that divorced people not only have higher suicide rates, but also higher rates of admission to psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics, more visits to non-psychiatric physicians than people who were married, single or widowed. Dr. Segraves points out ''There's a lot of evidence that divorce is an overwhelming stress for most people, even if they are getting divorced for the right reasons. There's tremendous internal and external reorganization required after a divorce. And the effects are not just short-term. We see a lot of people years later who are having trouble reconnecting with the opposite sex. Men, for instance, often have problems with impotence four or five years later because they're scared to death to be reconnected.''

In a study of 79 men and 159 women who were separated or divorced and who went to a psychiatric crisis clinic, Dr. Jacobson found that time did not necessarily heal the wounds of divorce. While depression peaks immediately after the initial separation and then subsides, Dr. Jacobson found that those who are separated 14 months or more, whether or not they have filed for divorce, ''do not tend to improve further and may even worsen.'' He also found that while women were most disturbed just before separation, ''men tend to be more depressed, anxious and suicidal after separation.''

Should you remain 'friends with your ex" when no children are involved, such as in the marriage of Eva Longoria & Tony Parker?

While many mental health professionals purport that divorced spouses can continue to be valuable resources for one another, Dr. Jacobson found that ''more often than not, continued reliance may not be associated with better levels of mental health, particularly in women.'' Results from this study suggest that ''disturbance will be less when there is a moderate amount of contact between the spouses and when emotional reliance is acknowledged when it exists.''

In spite of the negative impact divorce can have upon one's health, divorce can also be an opportunity for positive growth. By learning and growing from the divorce experience, you will be better equipped to develop a healthy romantic relationship in the future. For more advice on how to move on and manage stress following a divorce, visit this article featured on Dr.

Dr. Christina Villarreal is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Oakland, CA. Please visit her website at or email her at for professional referrals.

Will Sarah Palin Ever Shut Up?

Former Alaska Governor and Fox News Analyst Sarah Palin has gained a lot of fame and wealth from what this blogger contends is a massively high level of anger over how the GOP, and the political establishment, attempted to cast her aside after her unsuccessful bid for Vice President, running with 2008 Presidential Candidate Arizona Senator John McCain.

The pair lost to now President Obama and Veep Joe Biden, but still, all we keep hearing about is Sarah Palin.

Fox News hosts Palin.  CNN, for some reason that prompts a conspiracy theory, keeps promoting Palin. But the American public is growing tired of Palin.

Now, with her claim that she can beat Obama in 2012, her classless blasts at First Lady Michelle Obama, and her daughter's anti-Gay flaming of a classmate, it's time to ask when will Sarah Palin and her family ever shut up?

The idea of Sarah Palin as political celebrity, once interesting, has now ran its course, and simply because Governor Palin has become too big for her own britches.   Let the record show, Palin's not done squat.

The last time this blogger checked, Governor Palin not only hasn't won an election since 2006, and over that time Palin proved she doesn't have the stomach to maintain elected office. Remember, she quit being Governor of Alaska on June 26, 2009.  Palin jumped ship before she could be booted out of office by Alaskan voters in the next election.

But somehow, all that was twisted into the improbable idea that Palin's ready to be President of The United States. This, even as Palin recently said she didn't want to be in a political office and preferred the outdoors of Alaska. Great, stay there.

Palin's Daughters Not White House Material

The idea that Sarah Palin is ready to be President is countered by the recent behavior of her daughters. Bristol and Willow Palin were caught by writing homophobic slurs against a classmate on Facebook. One commenter at tried to pass that off as "teen flaming," but we never saw Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls do that, or anything close to it.

There's a standard of act and of expectations that come with being in the White House or even to ask the American Public to consider a family for it. Governor Palin' asking too much of America to even think of having her and her family in the White House. The idea is now a joke. The bottom line is Sarah Palin's a TV star, not a serious presidential contender.

And even TV's getting tired of her; not even her Fox colleagues back her new show on TLC Network:

That should be Palin's clue her star's fading. But if it's not, look at the negative reaction to Bristol Palin's advance on Dancing With The Stars. Personally, this blogger has nothing against Bristol Palin, but it's starting to look like she, like everything else Palin, is being pushed on America, against our will.

When will all of this stop.

When will Sarah Palin ever shut up?

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Top Ten Reasons Why Black Leaders Are Ignoring President Obama’s Attack on Social Security

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 09:14 AM PST

After a decades-long drumbeat led by the Peterson Foundation, corporate media, Wall Street and their minions of both parties, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are under attack. The current raid...

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TSA Full Body Searches: The People Crying are Hypocritical

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:15 AM PST

I find it funny that all these people are upset about full body searches and pat downs at the airport when just two months ago many of these same folks didn’t seem to mind when Muslim-Americans...

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