Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christina Romer explains a new report about job creation

Chair-designate for the Council of Economic Advisers, UC Berkeley's Christina Romer explains how President-Elect Barack Obama's American Recovery Act of 2009 will create or retain over 3 million jobs.

Zennie Abraham Takes On CNN's Ali Velshi On Economic Stimulus

For me this was a ton of fun to do. But it's even better when someone takes time to let folks know you did a great job. Such was the case with the CNN iReport and, who contacted me regarding my question for CNN's Ali Velshi on what he thought of giving $3,500 to each American taxpayer under $100,000.

Here's the video:

This is what CNN iReport's Rachel8 wrote:

Would you go head-to-head with CNN's top economic expert on an economic stimulus plan? How about live on the air?

Fearless iReport superstar Zennie Abraham did. After submitting an iReport suggesting a taxpayer stimulus package, he discussed his plan with CNN chief business correspondent Ali Velshi on Velshi said the plan -- which calls for a $3,500 stimulus check to those making less than $100,000 a year -- was not targeted enough to work. But Zennie courageously defended his idea.

"I disagree, with all due respect," he said to Velshi. "$3,500, particularly for college students or their parents, can help pay for their housing. For a person who's older, that could help pay their mortgage. ...You have to have time for the other aspects of President Obama's programs to work. The idea with this proposal is to buy time for those programs to kick in. I'm not saying that this is a cure-all. It works as part of a package."

And, after hearing the explanation, Velshi started to agree.

"In that context, I can understand that. If we are creating jobs, and we are helping people out with their mortgages, as an added extra, that could work," he said.

Nicely done, Zennie! You really held your own

Thanks Rachel! It was a lot of fun and I hope I get the chance to do something like that, again.