Sunday, May 18, 2008

Barack Obama Draws A Record 75,000 In Portland, Oregon Today

I've seen 18,000 gather in Oakland's City Hall plaza to hear Senator Obama and I thought that was massive. Every part of the area was filled with people and I could not imagine a larger gathering.

Well, think of a crowd almost four times larger than that and you will have this photo and the massively attended Obama speech in Portland, Oregon today.

What this says is Barack should not only do well in Oregon, he should clinch the number of delegates he needs to claim a majority of pledged delegates. But this also sends a message to Superdelegates that he's got a massive base of donors giving below $200, which means the Obama campaign does not have to share the names on their mailing lists.

If you want to be a part of Obama's action, you've got to back him.

Ecuador's Oil Power Grab: Suing Chevron; Taking Over US Oil Company Production

The Chevron / Ecuador scandal is more complex after all.

The Government of Ecuador's on a mission to take over and run energy production previously owned by American Companies. And where it can't do that, it files a lawsuit of it's own against Chevron for an oil spill that's the fault of PetroEcuador, the state-owned oil company.

The latest news came this weekend, when President Rafael Correa made an offer to buy out companies that did not want to do business with the country in it's original deal to slash winfall profits to just one percent. Now, Correa says he's willing to give up to a 30 percent profit if those companies drop their lawsuits.

But that's not the real news for companies like Occidental Petroleum, based in America. Because of a long-running dispute, Ecuador took over Occidental's production and gave it to Petroecuador, the same company that is the real organization to blame for Ecuador's oil-spill problems of the past.

Ecuador's overall strategy is clear. Give winfall profits to non-American oil companies, but sue and punish American oil firms, from Occidental to Chevron, and make PetroEcuador richer in the process. The Government is playing two sides of the coin: trying to increase oil production, but keep the tribes, who are anti-American, appeased in the process.

Mike Huckabee Should Apologize To Barack Obama For Dumb Joke

There's no way to excuse what Governor Mike Huckabee said as he was joking about Senator Barack Obama having a gun pointed at him. What was more chilling was that the NRA people laughed at the joke.

I think Atomic Lemur's right: the NRA's mostly gun-toting jerks who laugh about shooting people. The irony is that Senator Obama actually supports many of the NRA's positions regarding the individual right to bear arms.

I wish the NRA people were smart enough to see past his skin color to know that. GRRRR!!!!

See the video:

Clinton Campaign: "It Is Over" - Andrea Mitchell Reports On NBC News

In this Brietbart video, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell said that Hillary Clinton's campaign representatives have agreed that it's over and there's no way she can win the Democratic Presidential Nomination over Senator Barack Obama.