Saturday, March 24, 2007

Apply Iraq War Expenses To Heath Care Here

I'm watching the "New Leadership Health Care 2008 Presidential Forum" in Las Vegas. Senator Obama just made his presentation and did very well. Now Senator Clinton is speaking and it's obvious that this is where her heart is. But the matter of how we should pay for a new health care system has not been adressed in a way that avoids taxes or at least is less likely to cause an increase in taxes.

I have a suggestion for Senator Obama, because he opposes the War In Iraq. Because Senator Clinton does support the war, this idea does not apply to her.

Currenly, the War On Iraq costs $411 billion. That's a half trillion dollars and the cost is going up each second. According to the National Priorities Project, we could have insured 246 million kids for one year. Now, get this, we don't have that many kids in America. So one could argue that we could insure kids for up to three years!

The Senator needs to make this link between what we need to pay for heath care and what we spend on the War on Iraq.