Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - New Hampshire CNN Presidential Poll - 83 Percent Still Undecided!

CNN keeps putting out these polls, but they don't tell you on air how many people are undecided in the Democratic race. This is the question that was asked in New Hampshire:

34. (DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS ONLY:) Have you definitely decided who you will vote for in the New Hampshire primary, are you leaning toward someone, or do have you considered some candidates but are still trying to decide?

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Well, here was the response for New Hampshire:

September 2007
Definitely decided 17%
Leaning toward someone 28%
Still trying to decide 55%

That's 83 percent of those polled who are still undecided! That's right. 83 percent. Let's put it this way, that means just 17 percent of the people CNN polled made up their mind.

Think that's bad, look at these results from earlier this year:

July 2007
Definitely decided 10%
Leaning toward someone 26%
Still trying to decide 64%

That means just 10 percent knew who they were voting for in July and the number has increased just seven percent. That means this is a wide open race.