Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tiger Woods Jesse James Sex Addicts? Is Sex Addiction like Big Foot? post by Suzannah B. Troy

Dr. Oz, Oprah's TV star doctor does believes that sex addiction exists although he concedes some people use it as an excuse for sexually pigging out (my term not his).  In the case of Jesse James and Tiger Woods, Dr. Oz does believes it is sex addiction because these guys had so much and they threw it away which sure sounds like addictive behavior -- maybe more than one addiction in play causing a lot of destruction along the way.

I have seen many men interviewed that treat the term "sex addiction" like Big Foot or The Loch Ness Monster meaning it doesn't exist but simply said "it is a guy just being a guy".  Of course it is mainly bad boys or bad boy wannabes stating sex addiction doesn't exist.

Guys have their locker room talk and so do women.  The women I speak to are deeply repulsed and would have no interest in spending any time with these guys.  They are also repulsed by Rachel what's her name that Tiger Woods paid 10 million dollars not to talk to the media about him.   What could she share that so many of his mistresses have not already shared and some how the Derek Jeter bad dream Tiger had was already leaked, so who cares and why dole out  10 million dollars to a mistress?  I think Tiger Woods took perverse pleasure in paying such a huge amount of money for silence which seems like more of the addiction in play.

Great sex is like a really good conversation you don't want to end.  When you are thinking only of yourself or how much money the person has, it doesn't seem like it is about sex at all but about power....power tripping and addiction.

As much as most people may tune in to hear a sound byte on celebrity sex addicts, most people really don't care because they don't marry sex addicts.  Most of us sigh with relief and say, thank goodness we aren't married to them.   Despite all their sexual conquest and sex texting, they sound like some of the loneliness guys in the world.

Caleb Campbell, 2008 NFL Draft hit, returns to Detroit Lions

Viewers of this bloggers videos from the NFL Draft will remember the All-American hit Caleb Campbell, from the 2008 NFL Draft.

Campbell's an Army 1st Lt. a 7th round pick of the Detroit Lions who the U.S. Army originally allowed to delay his entry in the Army to play in the NFL, much to the delight of NFL fans at Radio City Music Hall in 2008 as the video shows.

But in July 2008 The Army reversed field and said Caleb Campbell could not as a soldier play in the NFL.

But now, Caleb's getting his chance to play in the NFL according to The Detroit Free Press. Awesome. And because Caleb's a nice very respectful person this blogger had the pleasure of meeting at the NFL Draft in 2008. The whole room at Radio City gave Caleb a standing ovation, making one of the most moving moments I've ever witnessed at The NFL Draft.

Caleb's attending the Lions Minicamp, and signed a contract with the team this week according to Pro Football

Best of luck to him.

Annette Edwards as Jessica Rabbit? Edwards has a long way to go

Annette Edwards is a British 57-year old great-grandmother who wants to look just like Jessica Rabbit. Who's Jessica Rabbit? She's the animated character from the 1988 hit movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

For some reason, Ms. Edwards wants to look like her favorite cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. So much so that she spent $16,000 on an effort to look just like her, including "curves in the right places" as she explained in the video above.

This corner says "Right on! Go for it." It's just that Annette Edwards is not quite there in her path to be the real-life Jessica Rabbit. Plus, she thinks she's got to eat like a rabbit to look like Jessica Rabbit, who's a cartoon of a human, not a rabbit.

That's the head twister.

But rather than just diet, Annette Edwards should work out to reduce the flab along her arms and get toned in that area. She should also bench press so she can have more uplifted breasts. That would go a long way toward her overall objective of looking like Jessica Rabbit.

Rock the Casbah!

Sandra Bullock Angelina Jolie adoption than divorce by Suzannah B. Troy

I had written an earlier piece questioning is Sandra Bullock becoming Angelina Jolie or something like that and now  TMZ points out that both women were married to their  (I injected the bad) bad boys spouses and both where  in the midst of adopting when their marriages broke up and they took the single parent adoption route.  I am guessing that Sandra will adopt another child ...just a guess.

Harry Levin of TMZ also pointed out,  The People magazine scoop on Sandra Bullock and baby Louis shows the power of the publicist is back.

In "old" Hollywood, the studio heads controlled the stars, how they were perceived and just about everything else.  There were strong actresses that were able to wrestle some control from the powerful men that ran Hollywood but now many actresses run the show,  These actresses also run their own studios and do their best to control how the public perceives them.   Behind Sandra's publicist is Sandra Bullock very smartly engineering her way back from a Hollywood marriage disaster where if they were giving out the Razzie Award for worst Hollywood marriage, Sandra would have won that trophy.  Sandra's nightmare, other than the one she was unknowingly living with Jesse James (and I have no doubt that he was also "the Jesse Sandra knew")  would be a montage of clips of Sandra praising him and images of his mistresses and unflattering photos of James in Nazi garb playing at the same time. It is shocking the disconnect between Sandra's  "movie script" of  her marriage to James and the truth like a special category for  bad reality flicks for the AVN adult award show (and Tiger Woods would give stiff competition) ....but that is now washed away.

The public awaits the People magazine exclusive and Sandra Bullock's up coming interview later this year with her friend George Lopez.

Like the film Sandra Bullock starred in with Ben Affleck, clearly she is a "Force of Nature" and indestructible.  She remains "the girl next door" and is protected writes Joanna Molloy.  I do want to say "the girl next door image" always evokes  Doris Day who got involved with one bad boy after another and it really took a toll on her life.  No woman can live up to that "girl next door" fantasy or maybe with it comes the fantasy and reality  of the "girl" being all to human.  My dear friend writer and theatre critic David Kaufman, wrote the new biography on Doris Day: The Untold Story of the Girl Next Door and  no other  book could be written more lovingly put proves in my mind "the girl next door" is a Hollywood fantasy conjured up by movie moguls.

Doris Day is one of the most under rated superstars of the Hollywood machine with a stunning contribution that still entertains audiences around the world now and greatly influences the most famous celebrities in their acting and singing careers including such stars as Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Britney Spears and perhaps Sandra Bullock who is often described with the very same phrase as Doris Day, "the girl next door".   Also note that although Doris Day did not turn to adopting babies as so many celebrities.  Doris did want to adopt a little boy who played a cub scout in the film, "It Happened to Jane" with co-star Jack Lemon but her husband Marty Melcher said no to the adoption.   Doris  turned her energies to rescuing animals.   She was and remains an outstanding animal activist with her own organization to help animals to this very day!

The New York Daily News has a visual montage of celebrities adopting babies  that you can flip through starting with Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock made a very smart move giving People Magazine the world wide scoop with a cover that will be unforgettable with Sandra's own best kept secret and this means big sales for People.  Is it any coincidence that in the top right hand corner is a small picture of Julia Roberts, the actress that turned down the role "In the Blind Side",  a role that Sandra took and it won her an Oscar?  Sandra Bullock has come out on top and this cover was a winner for Bullock.

Sandra's career remains intact and will be even bigger.  I do not believe Jesse James career will be hurt in anyway because it falls under the mystic of his bad boy brand.  I do see him married in a few years with a wife and an understanding.  I see Sandra single and an adopting another child so Louis has a younger sibling.   Sandra Bullock has landed on her feet and she couldn't have a more positive loving  focus with Louis named for New Orleans very own, Louis Armstrong and his song, "What a wonderful world".

Harry, I don't think it was a publicist calling the shots.

Donald Trump on CNN backs Arizona's racist illegal immigration law

As a business man the legendary Donald Trump is very well-respected in this space, but his appearance on CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday night was most disappointing.

Trump basically went for the racist route in backing Arizona's illegal immigration law, saying that what people aren't saying is there "aren't a lot of blondes in Mexico" so it's OK to stop someone who's in Arizona who might look like they're Mexican.

This is directed to Donald Trump:

Mr. Trump. Think. Arizona's population's 30 percent Latino. What the heck is going on in your head that you think it's OK to essentially embargo one-third of a state's population? Moreover you just gave license to anyone who's blonde yet working illegally in Arizona because, well, they're blonde.

That's racist.

You say 'What to do?' Easy. If a person breaks the laws of the state, the basic ones, you take action. But let the person alone. If people want to come here, make fast track citizenship systems that take advantage of Internet technology. But this business of racial profiling must stop. Moreover, Donald, you should be smarter in your consideration of the problem.

This blogger is very disappointed in Donald Trump and sad that Trump did not exhibit more enlightened thinking.

Stay tuned.

Chevron and Richmond need to kiss, make up, and think

Chevron's part of Richmond in that it's the city's largest employer. Richmond needs Chevron to provide not just jobs but help for the many non-profit community service programs that Chevron's in position to help with. Chevron lost a court battle regarding its environmental impact report. What Chevron must do and reportedly will do is comply with the courts request to the letter.

Chevron should also stop making noises that it will leave Richmond in the city's time of need.

What certain Richmond elected officials and so-called activists need to do is stop with the emotional saber-rattling that reads like a Fox News Cable program but from the left, and start with smart deal-making that gets to a win-win for both the City of Richmond and Chevron.

That has not happened under the current political leadership in Richmond. Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, while being a very nice person, is more of an activist than a deal-maker. The good Mayor does not seem interested in "getting to yes" with Richmond business.

While that's the case, Chevron has not worked to win the hearts and minds of the people Richmond at a time when such can be done. Doing so requires that Chevron continue to get personally involved in Richmond, but going a step further and working to prevent black-on-black crime, and providing business leadership for Richmond's youth.

Where Chevron does do this, it explains it on its website, but given Richmond's enormous problems, Chevron needs to talk as if it's the real Mayor of Richmond. Chevron needs to fill Richmond's leadership void and not wait to be called on. Chevron, in effect, needs to pound its giant fist and say "Enough! We're going to make this city better, and this is what we're going to do," then present and enact a business plan for Richmond.

That's what businesses do when they're sick and tired of a lack of civic direction. That's what Chicago's business leaders did in the 70s with the Chicago 21 Plan. They created the downtown Chicago of today. I know because as a small boy I wanted to be part of it. Chicago 21 was one reason why I became interested in City Planning.

Richmond activists needs to stop playing emotional games. You can't on the one hand want to support an increase in or maintenance of high utility tax rates proposed by Chevron, but then want to oppose an increase in charges for the sewer rates. It looks like emotionalism. Charge Chevron and other businesses, well, because they're business, but don't charge if it's not an obvious Chevron issue.

What good does that do?

Chevron and Richmond need to kiss, make-up, and think. Then Chevron need to take charge in Richmond.