Friday, December 23, 2005

Paris Hilton gets new dogs to fight title of "World's Worst Dog Owner'

From Ireland Online - Paris Hilton is hoping to distance herself from her newfound title as the world's worst dog owner, by purchasing two new puppies.

The hotel heiress recently acquired the undesirable title from magazines The New York Dog and Hollywood Dog, days before the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals named her as the worst dressed celebrity for her love of wearing fur.

But 24-year-old Hilton, who counts a ferret, a kinkajou monkey and a goat among her list of pets, is undeterred and recently took ownership of Chihuahua puppies Tokyo Blue and Harajuku Bitch during a trip to Japan.

She says: "That's it, no more pets for now."

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Britney Spears back on top!

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Britney Spears reclaimed the top spot on Yahoo!'s annual list of the most searched-for terms on the Internet, with all of the top 10 coming from the world of entertainment, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Spears has been No. 1 for three of the past four years (outpaced last year by "American Idol").

Rounding out the list, in order, are 50 Cent, Cartoon Network (specifically its "Adult Swim" lineup), Mariah Carey, Green Day, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Eminem, Ciara and Lindsay Lohan.

But Britney...woo, those legs!

Tony Dungy - A great man who will prevail

I've never met Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy, but I feel like he's my brother. I have always been a fan. When I was invited to the Octagon party at the Houston Super Bowl, I has hoped Dungy, an Octagon client, would be there. I had a new defensive front idea I wanted to share with him. So, paper and diagram in hand, I went. Unfortunately, he didn't come to the event. I was sad, but eventually had a good time.

Still, I felt it was less without the attendance of the most respected coach in the NFL, and someone America seems to have adopted.

From one perspective, since we share what some call the "Black Experience" in America, I suppose he is. So, I, like others and really regardless of color, root for Tony.

We cheer for him not just because of his success, and how it contributes to the erosion of social racism, but because we like the man he is: steady, determined, faithful -- decent. To me Tony is untouchable. I couldn't -- and still can't -- understand why the Tampa Bay Bucaneers let go of this man. But he landed in a better place: Indy.

His son, James Dungy, in the best place one can be: Heaven. The Lord only knows what was happening to him in the last moments of his life. But the Lord will also take care of him. God will take care of Tony, too.

No, Tony's team will not go undefeated. The Colts will be in the playoffs with home field advantage, and a new resolve, as if they didn't have one already. And now it seems as if everyone in sports is rooting for them and him. They deserve it. Tony deserves it.

But even if it doesn't happen that he is able to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy in February 2006, Tony Dungy will always be high on the mantle of great people in sports and in life.